Jonathan Pelto has been actively involved in Connecticut public policy, advocacy and electoral politics for 40 years.

Presently, an investigative blogger and citizen journalist, Pelto uses blogging and social media as advocacy tools to educate, persuade and mobilize people with a focus on issues related to public education and the Corporate Education Reform Industry’s growing efforts to undermine and privatize public education in the United States.

In addition to writing a daily blog, which has become the most read commentary site in Connecticut, he has also written a number of articles about education reform issues for media outlets including The Progressive Magazine and Truthout.

In conjunction with education advocate Diane Ravitch, Pelto created and continue to manage the Education Bloggers Network, a confederation of over 238 bloggers and commentators from around the country who share a belief in public education and a willingness to use their time and energy fighting against the Corporate Education Reform Industry.

In 1984, Pelto was elected to the Connecticut House of Representatives as a senior at the University of Connecticut and, over five terms, rose to the level of Deputy Majority Leader.  Pelto was a long-time member of the Appropriations and Education Committee and chaired the Appropriations Sub-Committee on Higher Education.

Since leaving the Legislature in 1993, he’s worked as a communications strategist developing and implementing sophisticated public relations, media relations and advocacy programs aimed at educating, persuading and mobilizing targeted audiences.  His clients have included many of Connecticut’s most significant non-profit organizations, corporations, associations and unions, as well as Native American Tribes.

Over the years he’s also managed or worked on numerous political campaigns at the federal, state and local levels including campaigns Chris Dodd, Gary Hart, Connecticut gubernatorial and congressional campaigns and many state legislative races.

In 2014, Pelto was a petitioning candidate for governor in Connecticut running as the nominee of the newly created Education and Democracy Party.  Pelto’s running mate was Hartford Connecticut educator and policy activist, Ebony Murphy.  Pelto and Murphy were not able to collect the necessary signatures to get on the November 2014 ballot.

  • Welcome to the ‘Sphere, Jon. Just saw the link at Rick Green’s. I’ll put you in my Google Reader.

    Left unsaid is whether that nasty FB comment prodded you into starting this blog?

  • Keep up the fight. Malloy’s concessions are not about “shared sacrifice” but an agenda of deceit and lies. Its called Susinet. Even Inthistogetherct has censored messages. As state employees we want to help but socialized health care is not the way.


  • Joe Smith

    Having trouble posting a comment. This is a test!

    • jonpelto

      Weird — a couple of others have reported problems as well today. I’ll try to figure out why.

  • Ken N.

    Pelto was instrumental in passing the Income Tax in Connecticut. He has absolutely
    NO CREDIBILITY. Not now, not ever. He and Lowell P.
    Weicker, Jr. can both rot in hell.

    • jonpelto

      Sent from my BlackBerry please excuss typos

  • Georgette

    Please keep advocating on everyone’s behalf. I am a teacher in Bridgeport and I thank you for all that you do.

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  • Danette Morganti

    I know Jonathan Pelto and I can assure you he cares about nobody but himself. This campaign is a sham meant to generate publicity for himself, not to help anyone.

    I haven’t seen him in years, thankfully, but I wonder if he is still married as he used to fawn over another woman who was his ‘assistant.’

    I guess things never change Jonathan.

  • Blonde girl

    The union has already been spreading the word that job security is off the table. We need to face the facts Malloy is going to come back around looking for BIG give backs. Where else is the money going to come from? There is no way the State can afford repairs to infrastructure and balance education reform without State employee contributions. At a minimum we need to be told the truth and not lie after lie. I too just attended yet another farewell party for folks relocating out of state. Pelto Murphy 2014!!!!

    • Scott

      Mr. Pelto sounds facinating. is he running?…scott

  • Robert Rendo

    Why not tax all those making over a millions dollars in Greenwich?

    • mario

      what a stupid comment, as if those people don’t already pay plenty of taxes.

      • Guest

        It’s not a stupid comment, because they do not pay enough in taxes. It’s only a stupid comment if you are happy and befitting from our oligarchy.

    • catorenasci

      You realize, of course, that you would probably end up with a net loss in tax revenue if you attempted that – Greenwich is nice enough, but when taxes rise to unacceptable levels, the wealthy will simply take their money and other personal property assets elsewhere. And, they will sell their real estate holdings, even at a loss. So, soon there won’t be any residents of Greenwich (or the rest of CT, for that matter) making the magic million. And, with property values falling, the Grand List will drop, causing local property taxes to rise and/or local government to lay people off. As local taxes rise, property values will fall even further, in a vicious cycle. Meanwhile, the people you figured would be your golden geese are laughing at you from Florida or elsewhere.

  • howarde

    If I lived in Connecticut I would be voting for Pelto. He sounds more real and authentic then the other candidates.