Steve Perry’s Capital Prep Bridgeport Charter School management fee for initial five years – $2.7 million

The Hartford Bridgeport Board of Education is paying Steve Perry a large salary to serve as the Principal of its Capital Prep Magnet School.  Perry has a twelve month contract so he is supposed to be “on duty” year around.

Although Perry has missed 20 percent of the Capital Prep school days this year, he has been paid for those missed time thanks to banked vacation days, sick days and personal days.

But he actually spent those days traveling around the country giving speeches for hire.

Most recently, the news is that Steve Perry has submitted an application to open up a Steve Perry Capital Prep Charter School in Bridgeport.

Perry intends to use the charter school management company that he set up a few years ago.

According to the official documents filed at the Connecticut Secretary of State, Perry’s private company is housed at his home in Middletown and he is the sole owner of the entity.

However, Perry filed documents with the Internal Revenue Service claiming that his company is really housed at the same address as the Hartford public school that he runs.

The immediate question that arises is that although he was being paid by the taxpayers of Hartford for his full full-time job with the Hartford Board of Education and making far more money thanks to his speaking business, Perry had time over the past few months to create a 600 page Charter School Application and meet with state and local officials to lobby for their help and support.

It certainly isn’t clear who paid for the development of the application or how he managed to hold down two jobs and still develop his Steve Perry Capital Prep Charter School plan.

What is clear is that Perry expects to make a huge windfall from his Charter School Project.

According to the application Perry submitted, the Hartford Board of Education employee is demanding that Governor Malloy’s Commissioner of Education, Stefan Pryor, approve a management fee of at least $2.6 million dollars over the first five years of his Charter School project.

In addition, he apparently expects the City of Bridgeport to pay for the following costs:

  • Rent for the Steve Perry Capital Prep Charter School 
  • Utilities for the Steve Perry Capital Prep Charter School 
  • Custodial Costs for the Steve Perry Capital Prep Charter School.

And all that money comes on top of the state subsidy that he would be getting.

With Commissioner Pryor’s support, Steve Perry would not only receive a major “startup” grant, but Connecticut taxpayers would hand over approximately $34 million to Perry’s company over the first five years that the school is in operation.  By the fifth year, Perry would be expecting a public subsidy in excess of $11.5 million dollars a year to run his charter school.

These funds would be on top of his management fee and the taxpayer support doesn’t even count the millions of dollars Perry would be getting from the taxpayers of Bridgeport to subsidize his school transportation costs and pay for the special education services of the students who would be attending his Charter School.

Putting aside the massive cost and the myriad of problems associated with Perry’s erratic and dysfunctional management style, the ultimate insult to Bridgeport and Connecticut is that Perry claims that his school will provide educational opportunities to the full range of students who attend Bridgeport’s school system.

Perry’s application reports that;

13% of the student body will be for students who need special education services, 6% of the students will be those face English Language barriers and 90% of the students will come from families that are so poor that they qualify for Free/Reduced lunch .

Compare those numbers to the reality of Steve Perry’s Capital Prep School in Hartford.

Instead of a special education population of 13%, Perry’s Hartford school only 6.3% of the students served have special education needs and most of those are not getting the services they need, deserve and are legally entitled too.

Instead of an ELL/Bilingual population of 6% that he is promising Bridgeport, only 3.4% of the students in Perry’s Hartford school face English Language challenges.

And instead of 90% of the children coming from low income households, only 51.4% of his students in Hartford qualifying for Free/Reduced lunches

The truth is that despite the fact that his application is in excess of 600 pages, Steve Perry’s Bridgeport Charter School application appears to be nothing more than a sham.

Oh, and one last extremely revealing note about Steve Perry’s unwillingness to provide equal education opportunities to Latinos and those who face language barriers…

Perry’s Bridgeport Charter School application brags that 6% of the student in his Charter School will be reserved for children who need English Language help.  But of course, as the State Department of Education reports, the number of Bridgeport students who need English Language Services is at least 12% and growing.  That number that is more than double the percentage that Perry says he will accept in his proposed Bridgeport Charter school and four times the number he allows into Hartford’s Capital Prep School.

The State Department of Education is rushing the approval process through.  Check back for more information about when any public hearings on Perry’s Charter School proposal will be held.

  • Mary Gallucci

    Jonathan, is the application available online?
    I would also like to see the Windham “local” charter school one; somebody ponied up $30,000 so that CREC could help write the application… or so it is rumored. Since no one will answer questions on this local endeavor, I can’t find out.
    I wonder if Perry has paid anyone for the 600 page application? if it is anything like the one Nate Snow filed last spring (as a local Montessori charter school in B’port–luckily that one was shot down by the public, go Bridgeport!), most of the application will be cut and paste and plagiarized documents easily available online, such as Montessori boilerplate and promotional materials. How ethical, right?
    I recommend putting these applications through “turn-it-in”, just as school kids supposedly do nowadays. I’m sure the applications are 90% post-consumer waste.

    • Lee Barrios

      Public information request.

      • Mary Gallucci

        I have FOI’d people involved, including a BoE member–to no avail!

    • Mary Gallucci

      Well, the Windham board of education, under a new chair, has taken steps to limit or at least clarify publicly what Adamowski’s role is. Because Adamowski was instrumental in forcing out the current superintendent (despite his attempts to distance himself–he likes to stay in the shadows), there is now a search for a new superintendent. According to the local paper, the BoE wanted written confirmation from CABE, the organization “helping” with the search, that Adamowski would have no say in the hiring of the next superintendent. This is a pretty good start, I thought. Then, this week, the board of ed apparently got the message from on high that, in order for Windham to be rid of Adamowski by September (funny, when they last renewed his special master deal, they insisted that it would only be until June), the BoE would have to allow the Commissioner to “help” find the next superintendent (uh, oh, why do I think this means Kishimoto?). It’s all very nebulous right now, with the commissioner claiming veto power and the board saying that they hoped everyone would play nice.
      And there is something in the air about $750,000 dollars of special master money (sounds like the million per year reduced by Adamowski’s salary and pension contributions) that Windham is supposed to get for the next few years, aside from ECS money–and, presumably aside from commissioner’s network money which we have not seen yet.
      10-20% of that 750,000 could easily go to the illegal “choice” programs Adamowski instituted ON HIS OWN. also, we again have the situation of Pryor claiming to act on his own or through a designee…
      Let’s hope Pryor is ousted soon. I have no idea where this leaves New London.

      • R.L.

        Prior behind the scenes

        • R.L.

          Sorry Pryor not prior, and almost every state in the country can be substituted for NY.

  • ReTired

    What a travesty and all in the name of improving student performance. The only commodity that improved was Perry’s bottom line- and substantially so. Gold diggers! All of them!

  • educationmatters

    If Perry is getting a management fee of nearly $500K a year to run the school….doesn’t he need to be managing it in order to earn the fee? Can he really double dip, with a Hartford salary and a private salary?? Run two schools at the same time? Drop his attendance to 40% at each?

    CPH – 40%, CPB – 40%, – Speaking – 20%

    So his estimated income would be…what…$540K for managing B, $150K as principal of H, speaking (10 x15K) 150K…

    $840,000 a year. It’s good to be a snake oil salesman!,

  • Sleepless in bridgeport

    We get all the “celebrities” Stevie Wonder, Paul Vallas, Michelle Rhee and her pervert basketball playing husband, Adamwowski, Kishihaha, Holy Moly, Finchy Bird (the 400 foot driveway man), Morgan Barf,

  • Sleepless in bridgeport

    You realize the only FOI the public sees is Perry’s public attempt at embezzlement. How bizarre. You know that soon Hartford will turn Capital Prep over to his sham corporation so that he could run Hartford and Bridgeport from his car phone and spend 100% of his time selling snake oil

  • buygoldandprosper

    Steve “OJ” Perry, the ticking time bomb, now reminds me of Bernie Madoff instead of Earl O’Garro as the numbers increase.
    What a bad joke to play on Bridgeport.

    • Sad in Bridgeport

      Dude, I don’t think we need to call him “OJ,” mmmmkay?

      • buygoldandprosper

        Why not? If the shoe fits, you can’t a acquit!
        Don’t make me strap up and hunt you down…your political correctness pisses me off!

        • Charlie Puffers

          Since Perry is a huge football fan he probably considers the OJ reference a compliment,

  • Rafael G

    Truly incredible

  • Castles Burning

    OUTRAGEOUS. On so many levels.

    I hope (futile I know) that the mainstream media who relayed the political-motivation of John McKinney’s request for Pryor’s dismissal will pick up on this story and report it.

    Of course, Bridgeport is not being consulted. They will just, once again, be the “winners” in decisions from Hartford (new BOE, Vallas, bailout education payments so V can claim he balanced the budget and so much more that we probably do not know about . . )

    Midnight in CT??

  • Sad in Bridgeport

    Scary as hell. I do not want this man in our city.

  • jrp1900

    Somebody up there likes Steve Perry. Steve is inclined to think that that “somebody” is God Almighty. It’s more likely that the Supreme Being in question is someone like Bill Gates, who does his work by leave of thousands of well-paid minions throughout “education reform.” The minions are the ones protecting the reign of Dr. Perry. Bill Gates, and his kind are powerful, but they aren’t all-powerful. The fates lie in wait for those who challenge the gods. There is still time for Steve Perry to crash and burn his ascendency. Dr. Perry is his own worst enemy. Give him the rope and he will hang himself. You are giving him the rope when you give him more power…!

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  • Rondale Williams

    I was a graduate of Perry’s Capital Prep school in 2006, the first year the school opened and I can tell you his numbers are a lie. We had so many kids drop out while I was there. We started with about 13 seniors and at the end of the school year we only had five. I was the only male that graduated that year too. I also didn’t go to a 4 year university straight after graduating from there.