Reverend Kenneth Moales Jr. – Mayor Bill Finch’s campaign treasurer is classless to the end

Tonight, the Bridgeport Board of Education has selected a new chairperson for the Bridgeport Board of Education.

Reverend Kenneth Moales, Jr., corporate education reform champion, Mayor Bill Finch campaign treasurer and Governor Malloy ally has proven yet again why he is incapable of serving as a representative of the people of Bridgeport.

As if to prove the point, Moales lashed out at the Connecticut Post in one last classless act of defiance.

The full story can be found in a Connecticut Post article written by Brian Lockhart.

In an article entitled, “Rev. Moales refuses Post’s ? until reporter who visited home says sorryLockhart writes;

“As the outgoing chairman of Bridgeport’s Board of Education, Kenneth Moales Jr. is a high-profile public official.

That means he should expect to be approached by members of the press by phone, email and, depending on the circumstances, perhaps at work or even at home. Newspaper editors demand it.

“Reporters knock on doors all the time,” said Richard Hanley, an associate professor of journalism and director of the graduate journalism program at Quinnipiac University.

Until recently Moales had an outstanding state police warrant hanging over his head.

Before publishing that late October story, Hearst Connecticut Newspapers/The Connecticut Post attempted to contact Moales by phone, with no success. A reporter did speak by phone to his wife and asked her to pass along a message to her husband.

Then later in the day reporters – in an effort to give Moales every opportunity to explain the warrant  – tried his office in the early evening and, finally, knocked on the front door of his home around 7 p.m.

From behind their closed front door Moales’ angry wife told a reporter to go away. The reporter calmly asked if her husband had received the message to contact the newspaper and she said he had. The reporter left without incident.

That was Oct. 21. Since then Moales – who because of a shift in power on the school board will chair his final meeting Dec. 9 – has refused to respond to any questions from Hearst until the newspaper provides him the identity of the journalist who visited his home and also an apology.

Moales is also Mayor Bill Finch’s campaign treasurer.

Here are a few of Moales’ emails to reporter Linda Lambeck, who covers education. They are copied below as sent, errors included, with any clarifications in parenthesis:

From Friday, Nov. 1: “I am still waiting for an apology from the CT Post for attacking my wife at the home!!!”and “You (Lambeck) are a very good reporter…and I am certain that you know who attacked my wife at our private residence!  Send me their name and contact information and have the CT Post send my wife and family an apology for such disrespectful behavior and harrassment at our place of residence!  Until then…NO COMMENT!!!


In response to the above email Lambeck wrote back: “If someone ‘raided’ your house you should have called the police. Someone knocked on your door after dark. Big difference.”

Moales responded: “If it is not such a big des (deal) how about you provide me with the man’s name and full address and I will make certain to send a stranger to his door!!!  And while you are at it, how about you give me your address as well I am certain there are a few people that would love to come knock at your door to ask you a few questions…since your colleague’s actions were so appropriate please forward me the aforementioned addresses!!!  YOU KNOW HE WAS WRONG & INAPPROPRIATE!”

“Wow,” said Hanley when read Moales’ emails. “As a public figure his level of immaturity is startling … Given the fact he’s an official representing that town, that invites public scrutiny, which is the role of the press. He ought to understand that and ought not to be playing what amounts to an email war against a news organization … The reporter’s action is to benefit him to give him an opportunity to comment on something, and he in turn has inflamed the situation.”

Hanley noted that Moales has every right to ask the press not to return to his home.

“It’s within the rights of public officials to tell people to get off their lawn, whether they’re media or not,” Hanley said. “And it’s perfectly within his right to do that. But it seems to have escalated beyond a simple request, and that’s what I find startling. Just a simple, ‘Please don’t come to my house ever again’ is sufficient. You don’t need to get into that sort of tirade in the email.”

Hanley added reporters generally don’t enjoy visiting someone’s residence unannounced.

“No journalist I know is interested in surprising someone at home, interrupting dinner or family time,” Hanley said. “But when you need a comment on a story of this kind (an arrest warrant for a public official), you need a comment.”

Moales, whose church and all its properties, including Moales’ home and automobiles, are presently facing final foreclosure proceedings.  He is a sad reminder of the sense of entitlement that surrounds some of those who hold political positions in the country today.

You can read the full CT Post article at: