Big Money flowing through Bronin’s New York to Hartford pipeline

Forget the notion of a high-speed train from New York to New Haven to Hartford, there is already a big money pipeline that is carrying unprecedented amounts of campaign cash from New York to Hartford.

In fact, Luke Bronin’s audacious plan of moving to Hartford and defeating the nation’s only major city Latino mayor has been getting a huge boost thanks to that flow of campaign funds from New York.

In just his first two campaign finance reporting periods, Bronin has collected $84,210 from New Yorkers including 55 individual who made out checks for $1,000, the maximum contribution allowed by law, and another 30 New Yorkers who wrote out $500 checks to the mayoral wannabee.

Bronin’s hometown of Greenwich (See Luke Bronin – Buying Hartford with the help of Greenwich money) and the money he has raised from New York has padded Bronin mayoral campaign war chest by nearly $140,000.

Considering Hartford’s population is about 125,000, there are less than 50,000 voters, fewer than 35,000 Democrats and the total number of participants in the September Democratic primary may not even exceed 5,000, Bronin has already collected about $28 per primary voter from New York and Greenwich residents alone, and over $132 per primary voter in total… and his fundraising operation remains in full swing.

Headed into the September Democratic Primary, incumbent Mayor Pedro Segarra has about $110,000 available for his campaign activities, according to his most recent campaign finance report, which is far less than Bronin has collected just from Greenwich and New York.

In total, Bronin raised over $660,000 since he announced his campaign in January 2015 and reported that he had more than $500,000 on hand as of July 1.

As of July 1, Bronin had already held fundraisers in New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and Providence.

Luke Bronin – Buying Hartford with the help of Greenwich money

Bronin turns to his hometown of Greenwich to fund his campaign to become Hartford’s mayor.

As of a month ago, Greenwich native Luke Bronin was already in record territory when it came to raising money for a Connecticut mayoral campaign.

Having never run for office or been substantively involved in local government, the recent transfer to the City of Hartford had raised over $661,000 to fund his campaign to unseat Latino Mayor Pedro Segarra.

Backed by Governor Dannel Malloy’s political operatives and key players among Hartford’s elite, Bronin was recently crowned the Hartford Democratic Party’s nominee for mayor.

The massive influx of cash to fund Bronin’s neocolonial aspirations can, perhaps, be best seen in the incredible amount of money that Greenwich, Connecticut residents have donated to their  hometown kid’s aspiration to become Hartford’s mayor

In the first 150 days of the campaign, Bronin has raised a stunning $54,525 from Greenwich residents

Bronin, who was raised in Greenwich and attended the exclusive Greenwich Day School, where the kindergarten tuition is more than twice the per capital income of Hartford residents, was hired as Governor Dannel Malloy’s legal counsel in January 2013.

Two years later, he left that position to become a partner with a major Hartford law firm and run for mayor.

Greenwich, with a per capita income that is pushing $100,000 per person is one of the wealthiest cities in the country with a population over 50,000 people (1st or 3rd depending on how you count it), Hartford, with a per capita income of just over $16,000, is among the poorest.

Money is said to be the “Mother’s Milk of Politics” …

A statement that has never been truer than the Greenwich money flowing to Luke Bronin.

Luke Bronin’s Law Firm – 131 White Lawyers, No Latino Lawyers

After serving for two years as Governor Dannel Malloy’s chief lawyer, Greenwich native Luke Bronin left his $160,000 a year state position to run for mayor of Hartford.  At the same time Bronin landed a lucrative position as a partner with the major law firm of Hinkley-Allen.

According to Law Firm Stats, the “world’s largest and most detailed source of information about law firms,” Hinkley Allen has 131 White Lawyers, 2 Asian Lawyers and 2 African American lawyers.

The law firm tracking company reports that when it comes to diversity – or the lack thereof – Hinkley Allen’s failure to hire Latino and African-American’s places it almost in the bottom 10 percent of all major law firms in the nation,

While Bronin’s law firm may lack diversity, lawyers with the firm have certainly been stepping up to support their colleague’s campaign.

In the first 120 days of Bronin’s campaign, there were at least 29 major contributions from attorneys with Hinkley Allen.  The amount of money pouring in from lawyers at the firm totaled $13,500 and that doesn’t even count the money that came in from their spouses.

Originally based in Rhode Island, Hinkley Allen has offices in Hartford, Boston, New York and elsewhere.

Hinkley Allen arrived in Connecticut in 2008 when it merged with the law firm of Tyler, Cooper & Alcorn.  In 2013, the politically connected law firm of Levy, Droney became part of Hinkley Allen.  John Droney, a co-founder of Levy, Droney is the former chairman of the Connecticut Democratic Party.

Hinkley Allen is perhaps best known for its representation of major contractors including a number that have contracts with the State of Connecticut and the City of Hartford.

Just don’t mention race, ethnicity or white privilege and everything will be okay.

Despite the angry remarks and heated denials, as the United States flirts with the potential of beginning a discussion about actually coming to grips with the rampant racism that undermines its egalitarian principles, the fact that the Hartford Democratic Town Committee handed its endorsement for mayor to a white, wealthy, privileged Greenwich native is, in fact, an appropriate issue to discuss.

For Democrats, who have traditionally supported the underlying value and necessity of affirmative action and recognized the critical importance of political self-determination, Luke Bronin’s rising candidacy could be called an example of neo-colonialism, in which the super elite and outsiders, claiming to “know best,” manipulate or corrupt the political process.

To others, Bronin’s arrival on the scene is being described as a way to save Hartford from itself.

As a suburban Democrat posted to Facebook yesterday,

“For when you consider Luke Bronin for Mayor‘s resume, its more like a top-notch major league pitching prospect choosing to start his career with a basement-dwelling single-A ball club that nobody goes to see play.”  He added, “Hartford is incredibly lucky that a man with Bronin’s ambition, strategic vision, and demonstrated ability to execute wants this job.”

However you see it, this political development pushes Hartford and Connecticut into the national debate about the role of race, ethnicity and white privilege in American politics.

The tone and tenor of the comments, Tweets and Facebook posts the followed the recent publication of the Wait, What? post Wealthy, White, privileged, male from Greenwich tells Hartford – Make me your leader also say a lot about how we grapple with the topic of race, ethnicity and power.

As we should all be keenly aware, racism, discrimination and the notion of white privilege goes well beyond the issue of shooting unarmed African American men in the back or dragging an African –American woman off to jail because she was not a “model person” when inappropriately stopped by a white police officer.

So “with all due respect” to the individuals who commented or Tweeted that I was a racist and a bigot for even discussing Luke Bronin’s rise to stardom, the facts themselves are pretty simple.

In a city in which half the residents are Latino, and more than 80 percent are “minority,” it is certainly newsworthy that Hartford’s Democratic elite have thrown their money, power, support and endorsement behind a White newcomer rather than go with the incumbent Latino mayor.

With Mayor Pedro Segarra calling the endorsement process corrupt and walking out of the Democratic Town Committee meeting last night, the final vote was 49 for Bronin with 23 members abstaining.

But more hidden from view, and far more consequential was the dance of the power-brokers who had successfully lined up considerable support for Bronin’s candidacy.

With significant guidance from William DiBella, the former State Senator and present Chairman of the influential Metropolitan District Commission, along with other key white political players at the state and local level, Bronin has been able to persuade many political and business leaders in Hartford to support him rather than support or seek out alternative African-American and Latino candidates.

In the world in which we live it would be unlikely, even unfathomable, that a young Latino or African-American would be able to move from Hartford to Greenwich and quickly line up the support to become the town’s first selectman.  For that matter, any person, no matter their color, would have a hard time moving from one town to another and then announcing that they are ready to be chosen as the community’s chief elected official in a matter of a few years.

However, the reality surrounding wealth and white privilege functions by its own set of rules – especially when it is inserted into the urban, minority politics of a major city.

Not only did the stars align early for Bronin’s quest to become Hartford’s mayor, but the evidence is clear that Governor Malloy, top Democratic state leaders and a number of the state’s corporate executives played a major role in giving life to Luke Bronin’s aspirations.

And leading the list of factors is harsh reality that money is “The Mother’s Milk” of politics.

According to his most recent campaign finance report, Luke Bronin raised a record-breaking $661,000 in the first six months of his campaign, leaving him with five or six times what Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra has to defend his position.

Bronin’s donor list turns out to be a who’s who in Connecticut government and politics including Malloy’s former Chief of Staff, Tim Bannon, and a lengthy list of major lobbyists, those who do business with the state and those who have benefited from Malloy’s corporate welfare programs.

The money trail also speaks volumes about Luke Bronin’s candidacy, modern politics and the state of our democracy.

In the opening weeks of the campaign, Bronin raised just over $381,000 including nearly 100 $1,000 donors – the maximum allowable contribution – from people who reside outside of Connecticut.

While this mayoral election is about who should lead the City of Hartford, Connecticut, a leading source of Bronin’s major donors is New York, where he collected $50,000 in 50 individual $1,000 checks in just the first sixty or so days of his campaign.

Additional maximum contributions came from people in Washington D.C., Florida, California, Texas, Massachusetts, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Michigan, Hawaii, Nebraska, Delaware, Missouri, Colorado, Wisconsin, Vermont, North Carolina and Nebraska.

During those early weeks, Bronin held two campaign fundraisers in Washington D.C., as well as fundraising events in Los Angeles and New York City.

Bronin was also able to cash in with donors from his hometown of Greenwich, where at least 31 people gave him the maximum allowable contribution of $1,000 per person.

As the first fundraising period ended, Bronin had nearly 120 people in suburban Connecticut donate the maximum $1,000 contribution.

Next to Greenwich, the most fertile ground was West Hartford were his donor list includes some of the biggest and most consistent donors to the Connecticut Democratic Party.

Whether measured by the influence of Connecticut political and business elite or by the massive amount of money that is pouring into Luke Bronin’s campaign, what is happening to the people of Hartford is indicative of something much bigger than simply a primary challenge between the community’s various political factions.

Self-determination is traditionally defined as the right of the people of a particular place to choose their government and leaders and where they have the freedom to make their own choices.”

Luke Bronin may very well get elected and be a fine mayor, but to pretend that race, ethnicity and white privilege is not a factor in the Hartford’s mayoral campaign is to deny reality and to deny the truth is a grave injustice to the people of Hartford.

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Wealthy, White, privileged, male from Greenwich tells Hartford – Make me your leader

UPDATED to include Bronin’s time in Hartford in when he served as aide to the President of Hartford Financial Services

Meet Luke Bronin.

Luke moved to Hartford from Washington just over two years ago.

[Luke had previously lived in Hartford for period in 2007-2008 when he had served as the top aide to the President of the Hartford Financial Services company]

Luke grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Luke attended the exclusive Greenwich Day School and then Philip Exeter Academy; the nation’s most elite preparatory boarding school.  Bronin went on to get degrees from Yale University, Oxford University and then returned to Yale School of Law for to get his law degree.

With no municipal or elected experience, Luke now says he is ready to “bring new leadership” to Harford, the poorest city of its size in the United States.

In a city in which more than 80% of the residents are “minority,” the notion that a White, privileged, wealthy, young man from Greenwich would move to Hartford, Connecticut and run for Mayor might raise some eyebrows.

So would the fact that Luke Bronin, who has never run for office, raised more than $660,000 in first six months of his campaign, a significant amount of that money coming from the white, business elite who may work in Hartford, but live far, far away from the city and its troubles.

But perhaps the most telling development of all is that with the Hartford Democratic Town Committee set to meet tomorrow, July 27, 2015 to select their nominee for mayor, Luke Bronin appears on the verge of getting enough support from Hartford’s leading political players that the Democratic Party will jettison its Hispanic, incumbent Mayor, Pedro Segarra, and hand the Democratic nomination to the newcomer.

Back on January 15, 2013, Governor Dannel Malloy named Luke A. Bronin to replace Andrew McDonald as the governor’s chief counsel.

At the time, Bronin announced that he was “happy to be moving back” to Connecticut and would be locating in Hartford.  Unmentioned was the news that Bronin and his wife had purchased a dilapidated Bushnell Park Brownstone seven months earlier and were part-way through renovating it.

Less than two years later, Malloy’s Office announced that Bronin was leaving the post as Malloy’s legal advisor.  As the Hartford Courant explained at the time, Luke Bronin, who is “strongly considering” a run for mayor of Hartford, will join the law firm Hinckley Allen.

On January 15, 2015 exactly two years from the date Malloy announced Bronin would leave Washington for Connecticut, Bronin announced that he would be challenging Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra for the mayor.

The move surprised many since Mayor Pedro Segarra has worked tirelessly on Governor Malloy’s behalf and not only had he appointed Bronin’s wife to serve on Hartford’s powerful Planning and Zoning Commissioner, but despite her being new to the City, made her the Chair of the PZC where she helped push through the new Hartford Stadium Project.

But Luke said he was running and compared to Hartford’s per capita income of $16,610, the Bronin’s income must place him among the wealthiest 1% in the Capital city.

Certainly his prestigious education background and golden-boy credentials put him in a league by himself.

Bronin’s state-of-the-art website, developed by a Washington D.C. consulting firm that built Governor Malloy’s campaign website and has also done work for the Connecticut Democratic Party, features a “Meet Luke” section in which the viewer will be informed by pictures of Luke Bronin on the steps of his Hartford Brownstone, a picture of Luke in full military battle attire and the ever-present picture of Luke surrounded by his attractive family.  (Mayor Segarra, whose spouse is male, has pictures that are somewhat different).

The Meet Luke bio explains;

Luke is a father, a husband, a veteran, an attorney, and a committed public servant — who is running for Mayor to get Hartford working again — for all of Hartford’s residents.

In this day and age when people often “pad their resumes” or go so far as to attempt to “change” their race or ethnicity to gain the upper hand, Luke Bronin’s website, interestedly, makes absolutely no mention, at all, of his educational background.

While dozens of Bronin bios on the Internet celebrate his elite educational achievements, there is not a single word on his campaign website biography about where he went to school or that he is new to Hartford.

While there is mention of his work fighting “Al Qaeda” and “rogue regimes like Iran and Syria, and international organized crime,” there is no mention that he graduated with a law degree from Yale University in 2006, or got a degree from England’s venerable Oxford University in 2003, or a Philosophy degree in 2001 from Yale.  He even fails to mention he graduated from Philips Exeter Academy, the most prestigious boarding school in the nation, or that he also graduated from the Greenwich Day School, the very same institutions that educated President George H.W. Bush.

Bronin’s pitch stays on the straight and narrow message that he is a “Man of the People” and simply arrived on this earth ready for battle for the “little people.”

While the Bronin website goes into great detail about his previous occupations, there is no mention of the Greenwich Day School (Tuition starts at $33,500 for kindergarten and rises to $37,500 a year for the higher grades), Phillips Exeter Academy (With a cost of $48,000 a year, although that does include the $180 “Linen Fee”) or that he spent ten years in the halls of Oxford and Yale.

In today’s dollars, the cost of an education like that would be far more than the vast majority of Hartford residents will ever make in their lifetime… In fact, it is more than all the residents of entire Hartford neighborhoods earn.

There is certainly one thing you can say for Luke Bronin…he has been planning for his rise to power and stardom for a very long time.

Long before Luke Bronin announced that he was planning to become Hartford next mayor in January 2015, he had already reserved a plethora of website names, including;

Along with other sites he might need such as,, and

All are now linked to his campaign website:

Most, if not all, of these sites were purchased when Bronin was still a kid at Yale University, where he collected the website names using his Yale University email and his Greenwich home address.

In total, Bronin appears to have reserved at least twenty three website names, the majority aimed at locking down any and all that he might want to use in his future political endeavors.

Although, at the time, it looks like he also purchased and, but one assumes that must have been for some unrelated project.

And then there is this…

While Bronin’s early effort to buy up every “ilikeluke” website reveals the drive of the young politician, the more noteworthy tidbit may be that on January 12, 2015 – three days before Bronin announced that he was running for mayor– some “entity” purchased and locked up:

And that secret entity?  PERFECT PRIVACY, LLC, using Network Solutions LLC

And what do does one discover when looking up the various Ilikeluke and his other Luke Bronin campaign websites?  They are all managed by PERFECT PRIVACY, LLC, using Network Solutions LLC.

Yup, looks like Luke Bronin is so “sophisticated” that not only did he buy up websites that he might need to promote his own name, but before he even announced that he was running against Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra, he bought up the websites Segarra might want to use.

Bronin’s calculated effort to become Hartford’s mayor is a powerful reminder that while hashtags like #blacklivesmatter continues to trending on Twitter,

#wealthywhiteprivilegedandmale is still a concept that is very much a part of the American political environment.

Stay tuned for the news from tomorrow’s Hartford Democratic Town Committee meeting.

Htfd mayoral candidate Luke Bronin says plow streets better!

In what would undoubtedly make a great segment on the Daily Show, Luke Bronin, Governor Dannel Malloy’s former top lawyer turned mayoral wannabe “blasted” the City of Hartford for not doing enough to plow the streets of Hartford following this week’s winter storm.

Bronin, who grew up  in Greenwich, attended the prestigious Philips Exeter Academy ($48,000 per year), as well as Yale and Oxford universities (more like $75,000 per year), moved from Washington D.C. to Hartford about two years ago when Malloy appointed him to serve as the Governor’s chief counsel and top legal adviser.

Although Bronin has no experience in local government, let alone running a diverse, urban city like Hartford, Bronin recently set up a campaign committee, a campaign website and is now running to become Hartford’s next mayor.

Candidate Bronin began his campaign by telling FOX CT this week,

“[Hartford] Roads weren’t plowed all the way to the side, snow mounds in crosswalks, roads not treated – simple stuff like that…”

Later in the day Bronin even issued a “press statement,” proclaiming,

“With more snow on the way this week, the people of Hartford should demand that the mayor more effectively deploy city resources to ensure that people can get to work and school and that pedestrians can walk safely in Hartford.”

Adding that it was Mayor Pedro Segarra’s fault, Bronin told the Hartford Courant,

“It is stunning to me that the Mayor only budgeted for three storms, and that admission explains why Hartford’s plowing and snow removal has been worse than any other city or town around us.  Sure, we’ve gotten a lot of snow this year, but we’ve gotten a lot of snow each of the last few years.  To budget for only three storms is irresponsible.  Under-budgeting is a gimmick that the people of Hartford and Hartford’s businesses have to pay for in a different way — in the form of impassible sidewalks, one-lane streets, traffic jams, and dangerous road conditions.”

Wait, What? –  “Under-budgeting is a gimmick that the people of Hartford and Hartford’s businesses have to pay for…”

This comes from the guy who spent the two last two years shilling for Governor Dannel Malloy who, despite an obvious and growing state budget deficit, spent his entire 2014 gubernatorial campaign lying to the voters of Connecticut by claiming there was no budget deficit, nor would there be one.

You mean Luke Bronin actually said … “Under-budgeting is a gimmick that the people of Hartford and Hartford’s businesses have to pay for…”?

This from a man whose boss “inherited” a $3.7 billion state deficit, implemented the largest tax increase in Connecticut history that disproportionately hit the middle class while coddling the rich, has consistently claimed to have put Connecticut’s fiscal house in order, and yet – after four years in office – has created a situation in which Connecticut State Government faces a $1.4 billion deficit next year, more than a $1.6 billion deficit the year after that and a total budget shortfall in excess of $5 billion over the next three years?

If Bronin has learned anything in his two years in Connecticut State government it should have been that the gimmick of “under-budgeting” is Governor Malloy’s greatest legacy to date.

But Luke Bronin says “It is time to get Hartford moving again” and he is the man to do it.

According to his campaign website,

“Luke is a father, a husband, a veteran, an attorney, and a committed public servant — who is running for Mayor to get Hartford working again — for all of Hartford’s residents.”

As proof of his commitment to the people of Hartford, the candidate’s website explains,

 “In 2012, they [Luke and his wife] bought a dilapidated townhouse, invested their savings to renovate it, and became more involved in Hartford’s civic life.  Luke proudly serves on the boards of the Hartford Public Library and the Amistad Center for Arts and Culture, two great Hartford institutions.

For the past two years, Luke had the privilege of serving as the General Counsel to Governor Dannel Malloy.  In that job more than any other, he learned what leadership can achieve.  He worked closely with an active, hands-on chief executive who raised the minimum wage, invested in education, reinvested in our cities, appointed the most diverse groups of judges in Connecticut’s history, and has committed himself to achieving meaningful, comprehensive criminal justice reform.”

For more, you can check out “Vote Luke” at or maybe, if we are really lucky, Jon Stewart will turn his wit and humor our way and highlight the absurdity of Luke Bronin’s run for Mayor of Hartford…before Stewart leaves the Daily Show.

Greenwich Yalie prepares to Save Hartford?

Although Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra has been one of Governor Dannel Malloy’s biggest supporters and communities of color make up 85% of the population of Connecticut’s Capital City, Governor Dannel Malloy’s Greenwich raised, Yale and Oxford educated General Counsel, Luke Bronin, recently resigned his position as Malloy’s top lawyer to announce that he was “strongly considering” a run against Segarra in this year’s Hartford mayoral election.

What makes Bronin’s move so bizarre is that, as CTLatinoNews recently observed, Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra and Governor Dannel Malloy are considered to be “longtime allies.”

Mayor Segarra has been particularly supportive of Malloy’s corporate education reform industry initiative and the Latino Mayor of Hartford has been at Malloy’s side throughout the Governor’s first term, including during Malloy’s competitive re-election campaign this past fall.

While Malloy calls Luke Bronin, “one of my closest advisers,” Bronin only arrived in Hartford in 2013 when he was appointed by Malloy to serve as General Counsel in the Governor’s Office.  It was at that time that Bronin, his wife and children moved from Washington D.C. to Hartford.

To say the Latino community is surprised and concerned by Bronin’s move would be an understatement.  Writing for CTLatinoNews, Bill Sarno recently reported,

For Latino leaders around the state, the announcement that the governor’s former top legal aide Luke Bronin is challenging incumbent Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra for the Democratic nomination is raising red flags as to where the governor’s loyalty lies.  Not because of Bronin they say, but because of Governor  Malloy’s current stance of not getting involved in this race, which is being viewed as a quiet nod to his friend and as a betrayal to the state’s Latinos.”

The CT Hispanic Democratic Caucus is challenging the governor’s silence on the matter and it seems the gloves are off.  Its chair, Joseph Rodriguez, said, “We just had a tough statewide election and were successful because we rallied behind the governor, as did the mayor.  It will be unfortunate and a slap in the face to Mayor Segarra, if the Governor chooses not to partake in this primary.”

According to the CTLatinoNews article,

“[A]attempts to clarify Malloy’s position were referred by the governor’s staff to state party leaders who said that it is too early to comment on a possible primary that it is nine months away.  ‘At this time, the governor is focused on governing Connecticut. And when the time comes, the State Party will support the Democratic candidate for mayor,’ said Michael Mandell, executive director of the Connecticut Democratic Party.”

When Bronin announced that he was leaving his post as Malloy’s top attorney he told the Hartford Courant, “Many fellow Hartford residents have reached out and encouraged me to run for mayor and I’m strongly considering it.”

In addition to graduating with a philosophy degree from Yale University and a Law Degree from Yale Law School, Bronin, who is 35, is a Rhodes Scholar and attended Oxford University in England.  Bronin is also “an accomplished singer and songwriter” and was the lead singer for a country band called Old No. 7.

Before joining the Malloy administration, Bronin worked for the U.S. Department of the Treasury from 2009 to 2013, finishing up as an assistant secretary of the treasury where his duties included managing policies related to terrorist financing.

According to his on-line LinkedIn biography, for nine months of the time he worked for the Treasury Department (from late 2010 through early 2011), Bronin was located at “ISAF HQ” in Kabul, Afghanistan.

The oblique reference to ISAF is apparently related to the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), a “NATO-led security mission in Afghanistan,” whose mission was reportedly to train members of the Afghan National Security Force, assist with the rebuilding of the Afghan government and engage various insurgent groups.

Before his time in the Middle East, Bronin spent seven months as an International Affairs Fellow in India for the Council on Foreign Relations and previous to that, after graduating from Yale Law School, Bronin worked as the Chief of Staff to the President & COO of the Hartford Insurance Company.

While Bronin contemplates a run for Mayor of Hartford, he has landed a job at the law firm of Hinckley Allen, a firm originally out of Providence, Rhode Island but with offices in New York City, Albany, Boston and in other New England cities.  Less than two years ago, the law firm of Levy &  Droney merged into Hinkley Allen.

As for the issue of running for Mayor while holding down his new job, Bronin told the Courant that, “The firm … has made clear that they support my commitment to public service and the Hartford community.”

Bronin, and his wife, Sara Bronin, who is also a Rhodes Scholar and a graduate of the Yale Law School, moved to Hartford in 2013 and renovated a brownstone behind the Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts.

Sara Bronin, an architect and lawyer, teaches at the University of Connecticut law school and is the managing principal of Voladizo LLC, a Connecticut consulting firm she founded in 2012.   Her biography explains that, “Sara Bronin is one of the country’s leading experts in the areas of sustainable design, renewable energy, urban development, and historic preservation.

Sara Bronin was appointed to the Hartford Planning and Zoning Commission in 2013 by Mayor Segarra and became the Commission’s Chair in August 2014, where she is playing a leadership role in the development of the controversial Hartford stadium project.

Meanwhile, back in Connecticut politics, the CTLatinoNews article reported that Democratic Latino leaders are angry that Malloy’s political operatives are claiming that Malloy “can’t support a candidate at this time.”

The CTLatinoNews article adds,

“The notion that the governor can’t support a  candidate at this time is ‘simply untrue’ [CT Hispanic Democratic Caucus Chair] Rodriguez said.   Adding, ‘He gets involved when it benefits him.   Recently, he supported William Tong, his good friend who had not been endorsed for the nomination, but was a Democratic candidate in the primary.’   Malloy also supported then, Senator Harp before the primary.   While she was the party’s nominee, there were three other democrats vying for that seat.  This tells me the governor picks and chooses the municipal Democratic elections he wants to become involved in.’”

Hartford State Representative Minnie Gonzalez has also weighed in on the issue, telling CTLatinoNews, “Segarra was out there for him (Malloy) but it seems the governor is not supporting our mayor…It was Latinos that got him elected four years ago and again last year.”

The politics behind the politics of the situation in Hartford will undoubtedly become clearer in the months ahead as Luke Bronin moves forward with his possible run for mayor in Hartford.

You can read the complete CTLatinoNews article at: