The millionaire candidate who won’t pay his taxes or debts…

On July 17, 2013, when faced with a set of foreclosure proceedings against his church, The Prayer Tabernacle Church of Love, totaling at least $8 million, the Reverend Kenneth Moales Jr., a key ally of Governor Dannel Malloy, Campaign Treasurer for Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch and Chairman of the Bridgeport Board of Education, blithely dismissed the information telling the Connecticut Post,,

“My dad left me a millionaire, I’m fine, we’re fine, we don’t have any financial problems…we are having a banking issue.”

Eighteen months later, Kenneth Moales, Jr is now running in a special election in Bridgeport to fill a vacant seat in the Connecticut State Senate and his financial problems have continued to grow.

The latest news arrived via the “Only in Bridgeport” blog which reported, “Moales’ Daycare Facility Owes $10,000 in Back Taxes.  [Also see: In the news again – Steve Perry’s point man in Bridgeport – The Reverend Kenneth Moales Jr.]

The day care centers owned by Moales’ family already owed back taxes in the summer of 2013, but the number has grown, despite the fact that the daycare centers have collected in excess of $5 million in taxpayer funds from the State of Connecticut.

In addition to the back taxes, various loans that Moales took out to build his church and renovate his mother’s house remain unpaid.  Foundation Capital Resources, a company that lends money primarily to churches is owed at least $7.3 million dollars and there is still the unpaid loan to the now defunct Community Bank of Bridgeport.  A number of vendors have also filed suit against Moales and his church claiming that they were not paid for work that they completed.

Kenneth Moales’ church owns 10 properties in Bridgeport including church buildings, some of which house his three daycare centers, and homes, including the house that Moales resides in.

When asked by the Connecticut Post in July 2013 about why Moales and the church had defaulted on their loans and failed to pay vendors, Moales retorted,

“Our church is very strong financially,” he said. “We have seen an increase in our membership (now more than 1,000) and a 40 percent increase in our revenue. I’m sure no other church in the city can say that.”

A defiant Moales told the Connecticut Post, “Our church will not lose a mailbox — never mind a piece of property in Bridgeport.”

And while families across Bridgeport and Connecticut continue to struggle financially with many losing their homes as a result of the Great Recession, Kenneth Moales Jr. seems to be blessed with the political cover to do as he likes.

And what Moales wants now is a seat in the Connecticut State Senate where he can continue his work on behalf of the charter school industry and the corporate education reform movement, all despite the fact that he sent his children to expensive private schools.

With the special election only twenty days away, be sure to check back for more about this “interesting” race for office.  You can also find more at the Only in Bridgeport Blog and the Connecticut Post.

CT Post’ Hugh Bailey speaks “Truth To Power” again with latest piece on Vallas

Hugh Bailey’s latest commentary piece is called “School leader’s time is running short.”  The Connecticut Post editorial writer once again speaks truth to power.

The phrase “Truth to Power” was developed by the Quakers in the mid-1950s when it was used in a famous pamphlet that called for the United States to stand up against fascism and other forms of totalitarianism, especially here at home in the United States.

Over the years it has come to describe those who have the courage and conviction to stand up and speak out against arrogance, bullying and the unbridled power of the corporate and government elite.

Here in Connecticut, Hugh Bailey has become one of the most powerful “truth to power” voices in the state.

Here is his latest on the abusive nature of Paul Vallas and his backers.

“For anyone having trouble keeping track, there are now three separate clocks ticking on the tenure of Bridgeport Superintendent of Schools Paul Vallas.

The first is a case to be heard Monday before the state Supreme Court, which will decide in coming months whether he is legally qualified to hold his job. A Superior Court judge has already ruled against him; the Supreme Court could overturn that decision, or it could agree and send Vallas packing.

The second took shape in the Sept. 10 Democratic primary, which saw the easy win of three candidates who are dedicated skeptics of the superintendent’s work. There is still a November election to be held, but barring some unforeseen resurgence of local Republicans, who haven’t won citywide office in years, there will be a majority on the school board in favor of hiring someone new.

The third factor limiting his tenure is the superintendent himself, who has repeatedly said he doesn’t plan to be around long.

Of course, that depends on his audience. He told the Connecticut Post after the primary, “I have a three-year contract, and assuming the Supreme Court rules in my favor, I just will continue to work as long as I feel I am making progress.”

In July, though, he told reporters from Chicago and the New York Times that he was looking to stay in Bridgeport for another year or so. The Times story was about the rough political waters in Bridgeport, and saw the superintendent telling a reporter, apparently without irony, “There are some gigantic egos in this town.” This from someone who once compared himself to Michael Jordan.

Maybe since July he’s changed his mind, and is now in it for the long haul. It’s impossible to know. He did, though, insinuate that he would be headed back to Illinois, telling NBC Chicago, “Let’s just say I’m still registered to vote (there).” It was probably a coincidence that he gave a speech last week at an education conference at Elmhurst College, just outside Chicago.

Back in Bridgeport, which could really use a school leader who plans to be around a while, there have been two votes in recent months against the direction education policy has taken, but Vallas insists it’s not about him. In a way, he’s right.

It’s not personal. In fact, many Vallas opponents can come up with a few things he’s done that they support.

The votes against entrenched powers in the city were about much more than the superintendent. Still, the special treatment afforded him to get around certification laws makes an easy stand-in for the kind of cronyism voters are tired of.

The day Vallas leaves is the last day most Bridgeport residents will ever think about him, because the city will still have the same underfunded school district and social problems it had before he got here. That’s been the story with miracle-working school reformers from the beginning.

Vallas, meanwhile, will almost certainly find some other well-paying job. But he’d rather leave on his own terms than be fired or ruled ineligible.

His supporters know he’s leaving — or should, if they’re listening to him. And yet the city is spending tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars to defend him at the Supreme Court, all for the sake of what will likely amount to another few months on the job.

The more factors that mount against him, and the greater lengths to which the city goes in ensuring he exits on his own terms, the more it looks like it’s the pride and reputation of Paul Vallas on the line rather than the well-being of Bridgeport students.

The sooner he leaves, the sooner the city can get to work on finding someone committed, long term, to doing the job.”

Truth to power is the telling it like it is…something Hugh Bailey has done once again.

Bridgeport’s Kenneth Moales Jr. goes off the deep end; passes out flyer attacking CT Post and their lead reporter

At last night’s Board of Education meeting, Kenneth Moales Jr. passed out a flyer attacking the Connecticut Post and one of their more experienced, leading reporters, Dan Trepfer.

The flyer is a stunning assault on a free and independent media and aimed at limiting the newspaper’s coverage of important events in Bridgeport and Connecticut.

Interestingly the attack was aimed exclusively on the Connecticut Post and one of its reporters despite the fact that the issues Moales is yelping about were covered earlier and in great detail here at Wait, What?  Apparently Moales does not see electronic graffiti as much of a threat as does Paul Vallas.

In the diatribe, Moales, who owns the title of head-cheerleader for Paul Vallas and is also a leading supporter of Governor Malloy and Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch, wrote that the reporter Dan Trepfer;

“…was enlisted by the working families party to stage an attack against COHS (Cathedral of the Holy Spirit) and myself (Pastor Kenneth Moales, Jr.) to cloud the issues and mobilize detractors and enemies of education reform to in some way delay or destroy much needed education reform in the city.)”

Moales’ hand-out goes on to say;

“Let it be known the Connecticut Post is not concerned about our mortgage or our occupancy.  These issues are a smoke screen.  We are not the first and not the only church with banking and contracting issues.  It is my belief that the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit and I are being attached to cloud the real issues in the City.”

Finally Moales’ concluded;

“I am asking all of our supporters to please contact the above reporter [[email protected] (203)330-6308) and ask him to focus on the real issues that are destroying the future of our children and or our city.  The Cathedral of the Holy Spirit is one of the great things happening in the city of Bridgeport.  The Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, Love Christian Academy, Kingdom’s Little Ones Daycare, Kingdom’s Little Ones Academy are not he source of the issues plaguing our district and city…It is our prayer that the Connecticut post would stop the sensationalism and focus on what is destroying our country’s future.  The Black Church is not and has never been an enemy of the State.”

The attack on the Connecticut Post reporter and the implication that balanced, fair report is somehow an affront to “The Black Church” is a new low for Moales and the pro-Vallas, pro-Finch, Pro-Malloy team.

One thing is certain.  You can add Kenneth Moales Jr. to the list of people who are working overtime to ensure that Governor Malloy is unelectable in the 2014 gubernatorial election.

If you have time today, drop a note to the Connecticut Post and urge them to keep their focus on a strong and independent media.

Key Connecticut Post personnel are:

Reporter Dan Tepfer: [email protected]

Executive Editor:  [email protected]

Deputy Managing Editor: [email protected]

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The Moales Flyer can be found here: