Capital Prep: 33 days into 2nd marking period – Principal Perry MIA

Thy myth and the reality surrounding Steve Perry, “America’s most trusted educator,” continues to come to light.

With its extended year and day academic schedule, Hartford’s Capital Prep Magnet School recently completed the 33rd day of its second marking period.

But regardless of what Steve Perry may have submitted on his time card, the $150,000 plus city employee has missed an extraordinary number of school days.

In fact, if he was a student and missed this many school days he’d be gone or on his way out.

The facts:

Week #1:  During the last week of August, while his students attended classes, Steve Perry was busy at the 2013 Dallas Megafest, where “Bishop T.D. Jakes’ MegaFest Brings Hollywood To Church In Dallas.” (Video

Week #2:  Thursday, September 5th, Perry joined his mentor, Michele Rhee, at the Rhee’s Los Angeles “Teacher Town Hall” (Video

Week #3: Thursday, September 12th and Steve Perry was with Rhee in Birmingham, Alabama (Video

Week #4:  Perry is back on the road to join Rhee’s at her Philadelphia event on September 16th (Video and then went on to Jackson, Mississippi for a solo appearance on September 19th.

Week #5:  Perry goes off to sunny Ft. Lauderdale for a speech on September 26th.

And that doesn’t even count his September trip to Rochester, New York on September 21st and any other events that haven’t yet come to light.

Not to mention, last Thursday, October 10th, when criticized here at Wait, What? about tweeting during the school day, Perry snapped back “One spent his morning counting my tweets not realizing I was on a plane & on my personal leave. It’s so not about kids for these union thugs.”

On a plane?

Not about the kids?

At least nine trips out-of-state in the first 33 days of Capital Prep’s marking period and Steven Perry is lecturing people about his commitment to the kids?

Parents, teachers and taxpayers in Connecticut should be asking Hartford’s superintendent of schools, Christina Kishimoto and the Hartford Board of Education what they are doing to make sure that “America’s most trusted educator” isn’t wasting the public’s scarce resources.

Capital Prep Principal and No-Excuse Champion Steve Perry: Too big to follow rules?

Note:  Steven Adamowski, not Christina Kishimoto was Hartford’s superintendent of schools when Perry was away from his school despite a written rule that prohibited Perry from using vacation or personal days to leave the school unattended.

So did Perry violate the policy of the City of Hartford school board or did Superintendent Steven Adamowski give Perry a special deal.

Every Hartford principal knows that rules when it comes to being at work in the weeks leading up to the Connecticut Mastery Testing…


-Hartford Public Schools; The Office of Talent Management 2011-2012

 The date:         Friday, February 25, 2011

The location:  The University of Virginia
Darden School of Business
Black Business Student Forum
Annual Conference
LUNCH KEYNOTE – 1:00 – 2:30 pm
Dr. Perry, CNN Education Correspondent

So did Steve Perry violate City of Hartford rules or did Superintendent Steven Adamowski or his side-kick Christina Kishimoto give Perry a special deal?

A hatemonger continues to lose control…While allegations of abusive disciplinary policies surface.

It’s another day and the Steven Perry, the principal of Capital Preparatory school in Hartford Connecticut has returned to his obsessive use of Twitter to promote his mongering.

As administrators, teachers, parents and community members across the nation have become increasingly aware of the short and long term effects of bullying, Steven Perry has become a prime example of the lack of humanity and decency in the corporate education reform industry.

While taking over $150,000 in taxpayer salary and benefits every year, Steven Perry uses public resources to insult, harangue, disparage, malign, defame and denigrate those with whom he disagrees with on political issues.

Yesterday, Perry’s approach can be seen when he tweeted, “There is a small group of suburban middle class, “educators” who are fighting violently to keep this system. They’re on the ropes now.”

When a reader asked, “Violently”?? Did you really mean to use the term “violently”?

Perry tweeted, “Clearly, I wrote it.”

Steven Perry desperately wants to be seen as part of the “solution,” but his inappropriate outbursts reveal a man who is not only part of the problem but is unwilling to follow the most basic rules, regulations and policies associated with his publicly-funded position.

While every American is guaranteed freedom of speech, in the days and weeks ahead we’ll learn more and more about Perry’s inappropriate and potentially illegal behavior and conduct.

Like most bullies, in response to the allegations, we’ll hear him whining about being misunderstood, mistreated or he’ll  start blaming others for his actions; but the laws about the inappropriate use of public resources is clear, concise and applies to everyone — even Steven Perry.

Take this past Friday as an example,

With the school day under way, when he was supposed to be attending to his duties as a principal of a “no excuses” school, the captain left the helm to return to his uncontrolled and vitriolic hate toward public school advocate Diane Ravitch and the American Federation of Teacher’s President, Randi Weingarten.

Among Perry’s many tweets including the following:

“Do you REALLY believe only ppl who can pay for school should get #schoolchoice? Wow. Just admit it’s about jobs. (9:04 am)”

“You REALLY believe poor minority kids should ONLY be ALLOWED to go to the poor minority schools in their ‘hood? (9:06 am)”

And then over the course of the next five hours, Steven Perry returns to his personal twitter account more than a dozen times to engage in political activities in direct violation of the laws and of the State of Connecticut and his employer, the City of Hartford.

Perhaps the most outrageous attacks were aimed that the union that represents his teachers.  Perry tweeted;

“Remember I said I would shine the light of truth on the unions & they would come out? Introducing Andrea Johnson, Hartford’s union boss.”

“Our efforts to end racist #zipcodediscrimination laws has got union bosses in full attack mode.”

“Union bosses like Andrea Johnson use good teachers’ dues & works to push silly grievances…”

“HFT has lost every grievance they’ve brought against CPrep since 2005…”

Connecticut taxpayers are sick and tired of high ranking officials at the federal, state and local level wasting scarce resources and acting as if laws, rules and policies apply to everyone but themselves.

Here in Connecticut, state and municipal employees have lost their jobs for engaging in inappropriate activities such as politics and bullying on the public dime.

Steve Perry has been devoting a disproportionate amount of time on his private consulting, despite his public salary and the limitations that go with engaging in private business on public time.

Even more serious are allegations contained in documents received from two Capital Prep teachers who left the school after the last year.  One with years of experience and another who was relatively new to the school have provided reports that appear to reveal that Steven Perry’s discipline policies lead to what could only be defined as servere emotional, and even physical, abuse.

As the documents and stories are confirmed they will be turned over the State’s child advocate and other appropriate officials.

In the meantime, let us hope up the General Assembly’s Committee on Children and Education Committee will hold a public hearing on what could very well be the abusive disciplinary policies of schools like Achievement First, Jumoke Academy and Capital Prep.

As one former Capital Prep parent recently explained, “As a result of their abusive policies, my child came home crying day after day.  I pull him out and he returned to our local school district where he is doing much better.”

Steven Perry may himself “America’s Most Trusted Educator,” but more and more former teachers, parents and students have ample evidence to proving otherwise.

When is 36 Percent equal to Near Zero Percent?

When Capital Preparatory Magnet School’s principal Steve Perry says it is.

Calling himself “America’s Most Wanted Educator,” Steve Perry serves as the principal of Hartford’s Capital Preparatory Magnet School.  Traveling around the nation, on TV and radio and in his books, he talks about the extraordinary success of his “tough love” form of education.

While never revealing that his public school completely fails to take on its fair share of students who are not fluent in English or students who require special education services, he often talks about the fact that he is nearly 100 percent successful in getting poor, minority students through high school and into a four-year college.

Without checking the accuracy of his statements, media outlets and observers take his claims as fact.  For example;

“Perry’s demanding approach has yielded big results. The school…boasts a near 0 percent dropout rate.” – CNN

“Steve Perry has emerged as a voice for change. He is the founder of Capital Preparatory Magnet School, a public school in Hartford renowned for a near zero percent dropout rate…” – The Root Magazine

“Capital Preparatory Magnet School is considered one of the best high schools in the nation with a zero dropout rate” – Journal-Sentinel, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“One of my favorite contributors to CNN is Steve Perry. He is principal of Capital Prep Magnet School… He boasts a near zero percent drop out rate.” – Mark Maiewski, “Virginia’s leading college planning authority”

So what are the facts?

The State of Connecticut tracks two key indicators of student connection with primary and secondary education.  Enrollment and dropout rate.   Enrollment is the number of students, tracked by grade, attending classes in a given school.  Dropout rate is the number of students, by grade, who leave school and are not enrolled in another school or GED program.

If a student actually “drops out” their connection with getting an education is severed.

As the data reveals, many students, especially in charter schools, don’t “dropout” but return to the public school system.  As is often the case, they are pushed out or counseled out, thereby leaving the charter schools with the “type of students” the school wants to educate.

So what about Steve Perry’s “near zero” dropout rate?

Capital Preparatory Magnet School’s Class of 2011 “graduated” 28 students.  Four years earlier, that class began with 43 students.  That is an enrollment decline of about 35 percent.  More than one-third of the students left or were pushed out of the program during their time at Capital Prep.

And this was after they had gone through a complex application and lottery process to get into Capital Prep in the first place.

These children didn’t “dropout” because they landed back in Hartford’s regular district schools.

Capital Prep’s Class of 2010 began with 40 students.  It ended with 29.  Steve Perry says that is a 0 percent dropout rate.

And the data reveals the same story year after year.

Word is that Perry will no longer serve as a commentator for CNN, but you can bet that he will continue to claim that losing a third of his students equals a zero percent dropout rate.

It is called “education reform speak.”

And few, even in the media, are willing to point out that it is a language in which the truth is frowned upon.

Hartford’s Capital Preparatory Magnet School Principal Steve Perry out as CNN commentator?

He calls himself “America’s Most Wanted Educator” and is a member of the Premiere Motivational Speakers Bureau. (See

His biography describes his approach as one in which, “every single detail matters. T’s are always crossed, I’s are always dotted. Shirts are always buttoned and tucked in.

As the principal of Hartford’s Capital Preparatory Magnet School he brags that his “daily routine of tough love and high expectations” always succeeds.

And to prove it, Steve Perry says, “If you don’t want to go to college, don’t go to Capital Prep. Go somewhere else.”

Of course, what he doesn’t reveal is that while nearly 1 in 4 students Hartford public school students aren’t fluent in English, more than 97.5% of Capital Preparatory Magnet School’s student body is fluent in English.

Meanwhile, about 13 percent of Hartford’s students need special education services, but Capital Prep’s number is a fraction of that.

And the list goes on.  For example, Perry boasts that “every graduating member of its senior class” goes on to a four-year college, never explaining that you can’t graduate from his school if you don’t get into a four-year college.

But it makes for great rhetoric and Perry has successfully parlayed it into a variety of positions including serving as a regular education commentator on CNN.

But his relationship with CNN may be coming to an end.

A source, knowledgeable about recent developments, confirmed today that Perry will no longer be holding that coveted role.

It is unclear exactly what happened, but his rhetoric probably made him a better candidate to serve as a commentator on Fox News than on a network dedicated to providing viewers with a fact-based and balanced approach.

For example, despite the fact that poverty, language barriers and special education needs are widely recognized as the greatest factors influencing test scores, when Ohio’s right-wing, tea-bag governor proposed actually tying teacher pay to test scores, Steve Perry got on CNN and called it a “great idea.”  But when asked for evidence that such a system had any chance of working, Perry couldn’t quite answer the question.

Often his diatribes were simply factually wrong, such as in the case where he was explaining the difference between No Child Left Behind and the Race to the Top Program (see link).

At other times, it was his vehement anti-teacher, anti-union rhetoric that created the impression that his disregard for teachers and their unions made it difficult to know when his explanations were fact or fiction. For example, here is Perry on the Chicago teachers’ strike (see link).

But in the end, his problems were probably best exemplified by his comments in the following link, where he tries to explain why algebra is taught at his magnet school even though, in his mind, it apparently isn’t a particularly useful subject (see link).

Or even more to the point, here Perry explains that the controversial CREDO report on charter schools was put out by the teacher unions when in fact it was paid for by the charter school advocates including the ultra-conservative Walton Family Foundation.  (See

Updates will be added if more information becomes available, but for now, apparently CNN has an opening for an education commentator.