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  • Natalie

    Thanks for the info about Steve Perry. Boy does he know how to work the system. Good job!

  • CosmicTinker

    FYI, Jorian Polis Schutz appears to be the brother of Jared Polis:

  • Gina

    Read your blog today and just want to say that a teaching certificate does not equate to great teaching. I think we should stop fearing and deriding schools such as AF that are helping kids be successful utilizing non-certified teachers, and instead share best practices together to help improve instruction and achievement for all students.

    • Guest

      Sure, a teaching certificate doesn’t equate quality teaching but it sets a standard. An individual seeking his teaching teaching certification shows that he is “in it” for awhile. Unlike the majority of TFA kids hired by AF that play teacher for two years and then head off to their law and medical schools. Having worked for AF as a certified teacher, I was a minority. You (and our state) should look closer at what AF is really doing. It would be very revealing if AF publicly posted its teacher turnover rate. Reader, not everything is as brilliant as it seems. Check your facts. Jon Pelto is bringing some of these issues to light.

    • TMDC

      Does a doctor have to have a medical license? Would you let them operate on YOU???
      Training counts. Get real.

    • TMDC

      Can I ” team” with your surgeon and operate on YOU??

  • Craig Kelly

    Dear Jonathan,
    Thank you for posting my letter regarding the Bridgeport Board of Education. I would like to make a correction related to Ms. Denise Clemons, former Assistant Superintendent of Schools in Bridgeport. Please see letter sent to me by Ms. Clemons.
    You provide a great public service and you give us all hope.
    Craig Kelly, former President of Greater Bridgeport NAACP
    Hi Craig,

    Thank you for taking the time to speak with me and most importantly write the letter that was posted on Jonathan Pelto’s Blog – Wait, What. The support that you illustrated through the composition of your letter was sincerely appreciated. Being a Bridgeport native, it was nice to have support from another member of my hometown/community

    As per our conversation, I would like to clarify the reference that was made to my previous employment in Bridgeport Public Schools. I was not terminated. Mr. Vallas eliminated my position as Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Schools and offered me a teaching position. I inquired about administrative positions; of which he said there were no vacancies. So, I resigned. However, I just read in the paper that John Curtis is referred to as the Assistant Superintendent of High School Transformation. SMH

    As always…Peace and Blessings,
    Denise Clemons

  • SaveOurSchoolsNZ

    Jonathan, how do I become part of your education bloggers’ network? This is my blog, and fighting for public education worldwide is my entire life. Yours, Dianne Khan, Save Our Schools NZ

  • Matthew

    Where can I get my “Pelto for Governor” lawn sign? I’m a frustrated public school teacher and disappointed Democrat. So glad to see that I may have a viable option in November!

  • Jeff

    What is your stance on the $400 a month unreliable trains with everyday malfunctioning equipment and/or human error? Stance on how destructive 95 is on commerce and growth in Connecticut? Should we put up some tolls so we can pay the state on weekends beyond the $400 that we pay to the MTA and our highest quartile gas tax?

  • Concerned Teacher

    As a Teacher in CT, I can not even begin to thank you enough for challenging Governor Malloy. He has treated us educators terribly, but even worse, he has hurt our children and their education. Governor Malloy has shown no respect to any of us. Good luck in November – you have my vote!

  • StillWatching2

    Is it legal for you to tell people WHERE & when your petition signature collectors will be set up? 🙂 I am assuming I will see one SOMEWHERE but I think you have a lot of readers who would sign given the chance…

  • TMDC

    Run, Jon, run. You are not a spoiler. Fight that charge.
    Where do we find your campaign headquarters and get signs and posters???

  • Anonymous
  • seconnecticut

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  • Pattie

    I just read in “In These Times” that you are running for governor! Good for you! I wish I still lived in CT. I would vote for you and help with your campaign. During the whole Malloy/state employee union debacle, your column was the only thing that kept me sane — and informed. I wish you luck! Nothing would make me happier than to see you succeed!

  • Good Morning,
    I live in East Putnam up near the Mass./R.I. border, where is the closest I could go to sign for you ? I possibly could bring some others.

  • Adelaide Dewberry


  • George Eller

    I was wondering if you had seen this article in the 9/6 Danbury News-Times. Something seems fishy to me about the timing.

    Malloy questions Connecticut Common Core test

    Says juniors take too many standardized tests in a crucial year

    Rob Varnon

    Updated 9:52 pm, Friday, September 5, 2014

    . . . The move comes as Malloy defends his record, including his educational reforms, from attacks by his gubernatorial opponent Republican Tom Foley and independent blogger Jonathan Pelto, who just failed to win enough signatures to appear as an independent candidate for governor.

    In Greenwich, some saw the move as political.

    “I’m glad the quote-unquote education governor is finally catching up with parents and Connecticut boards of education on this issue,”Greenwich Board of Education member Peter Sherr, a Republican, said Friday. “To me, this is consistent with the incredibly botched introduction and implementation of education reforms during the Malloy administration.”

  • GE2L2R

    Do think it is significant that:

    1) as the investigation into the rampant corruption at the state’s charter school’s heats up, that Commissioner Pryor has resigned “to pursue other opportunities”?

    2) as the gubernatorial race between Malloy and Foley (which is the lesser of “two weevils”) gets closer, that Governor Malloy has his “epiphany” in an attempt to regain the votes of the teachers / unions that he has alienated with his onerous education initiatives?

    Reflection or purely expedient politics? I suspect the latter

  • Sad In Bridgeport

    Jon- would you consider doing a podcast, if you haven’t started one already?

  • Just a CPA

    What about the 1.8 Billion recently given to UCONN? Nex Gen

  • GTobin
  • Disappointed Reader

    I used to be a huge fan, however, there have been several recent stories have so many inaccuracies that I feel you can no longer be trusted. It’s a shame. Where have all the true/real stories gone?

  • kim norton

    Hello, I was told that I can not opt my 11 year old child out of testing but my child can refuse to test. the principal offered to “coach” my child on how to do this. Is this legal? I’m assuming my district is taking this “angle” for a reason.

    • jonpelto

      Heard this was coming….but hadn’t seen a specific example. Superintendents who understand and recognize their obligation to children and parents are being targeted and squeezed by the State Department of Education and the leadership of the Superintendent’s organization that has sided with the state and against parents and children. From what I’ve been told this is an attempt to help parents opt their children out but I think there are potential negative ramifications. Depending on the age of the child the action should be taken by the parent, not the child. If parents are getting this message from their local schools, please contact me at [email protected] and I’ll provide you with some additional background – thanks for posting this important question.


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  • Terri

    Did you know that CREC hired former Mayor Perez to head their transportation department? What the what?


    I have a suggestion, investigate AF’s special education issues and how most of their students with iep’s are being taught by uncertified teachers with no special education backgrounds. MOST of their LEGAL iep hours and services are not being adhered to.

  • Elmvoter

    The creep of corporate privatization turns more swiftly in New Haven. Follow the money. Charter employee/BOE member, former Superintendent working for Charter, current Superintendent favors Charter model whereever possible, Mayor supportive from both her Mayor and BOE perch, Integrated Wellness favorite contractor of Mayor and City Youth Director, Reverend Kimber ready to be the pass through to divert public edcuation dollars to corporate model. Panel stacked to begin with conclusion and work its way backward. Moderator a favorite media shill for other politically connected local profiteers.