“‘Toxic’ Steve Perry should embarrass charter supporters”

Oklahoma educator and education advocate Dr. John Thompson is an award-winning historian and inner-city teacher. He is the author of A Teacher’s Tale: Learning, Loving and Listening to Our Kids.  He recently attended a speech given by charter school owner Steve Perry and wrote about his observations for the website, Nondoc.

Thompson wrote;

Although I’d mostly come to hear perspectives from charter supporters in the crowd, I found myself instead listening, horrified, as keynote speaker Steve Perry, a former charter school principal-turned-showman from Connecticut, shouted non-stop insults during his entire keynote address.

Thompson added;

Perry has a reputation for failing to respect the regulatory rules of the road and is remembered for calling unions “roaches” in 2013. Worse, his charter school, Capital Preparatory Magnet School, would sentence “even the youngest students in the building” to sit at what was known as the Table of Shame as a form of punishment. His current gig is running Sean “P-Diddy” Combs’ 160-student charter, a Harlem magnet school that recruits suburban students.


At Thursday’s summit, Perry told the audience that charter supporters shouldn’t even talk with people who disagree with them. He also claimed opponents of Oklahoma City’s KIPP expansion are racists. In fact, he said people like me — who display pro-Barack Obama bumper stickers but oppose charter and voucher expansions — are as bad as the worst racists in American history. Perry went on to say that public schools were “designed” to fail in order to maintain Jim Crow and drive the school-to-prison pipeline.


Perry said virtually nothing about real-world schools. Instead, he shouted memes that were often incomprehensible. He kept likening charters to the consciousness-expanding “red pill” in The Matrix while calling for an all-out assault on public schools and public school educators who were irredeemable because they had taken the “blue pill” of complacent resignation.

Thompson concluded;

I don’t know if local charter leaders were fully aware of whom they were hiring to articulate their message in Oklahoma City. I do hope, however, that they are embarrassed by his toxic speech.

Local charter leaders should distance themselves from Steve Perry and apologize to teachers for his outrageous behavior.

His piece is a “Must Read” on the antics of Steve Perry and those seeking to destroy public education in the United States.  You can find and comment on his piece at:  https://nondoc.com/2017/01/31/steve-perry-charter-supporters/

  • Sleepless in Bridgeport

    What do you expect? Perry’s an asshole, just like our president. A great menage a trois with Betsy “shoot the grizzly’s” DeVos.

    • Informed Parent

      Yes he is….a huge phoney..both of my children attended his prized Capital Prep until I removed them. I know first hand.
      Smoke and mirrors people.

    • R.L.

      I don’t understand why people are so upset (I’m glad they are but it should have happened along time ago) with DeVos, our new secretary of education. The things she’s proposing have been going on since NCLB. Trump could have put Malloy in there and would have been about the same. I kind of like her better than the last couple of ED secretaries. With her in charge, I’ll be able to go to school armed. You never know when a grizzly’s gonna roll up on the academy cluster over by the Mark Twain and Harriet Beecher Stowe Houses formally known as The PUB! I believe that under ESSA, much of the policy moved back to the state. Our biggest problem here in Connecticut is Malloy. I sure hope the democratic party learned something from this last election and doesn’t give away another governorship by trying to push another corporate wanker on us while trying to convince us that the other guy is worse.

  • Beware of the Educational Ego

    Perry is a product of the “Look what I can do” mentality of the Hartford Public schools. He was trained by the elite in the central office that administrators (especially the weakest) can do anything. The failure of the schools to reach their potential lies squarely in the hands of administration. “the fish rots from the head down” Remember when he did not get what he wanted, “strap up there are going to be head injuries” response. Everybody knows he is a failure and a fraud. CNN pulled his tv gig when they realized his cooked books and ego driven world was a fraud. He is a buffoon, racist, and egomaniacal danger to education who is only in it for what he can get out. Google to find the epic failure of a thesis he was given an EdD from University of Hartford for producing. Not even undergraduate level work.

    This indicative of the HPS, administrators are fired from other districts like Bridgeport and we hire them as assistant superintendents. (Look into it she is awful). There are people terminated from the district who are trying to start charter schools in a district that it already consolidating schools. All of this from a central office that protected the Eddie Genao child sexual abuser and promoted him. Those responsible for protecting him are still employed with the HPS.

    As Hartford looks for a new superintendent, we can only hope that it does not make the mistake of hiring someone from CREC who left the district in a tantrum and tried to drain even more students out of the HPS to build a kingdom. Is he trying to come back to finish the job?

    Keep your eye on those with the authority, they will make self-serving decisions.