7 Questions Poetic Justice Would Like Teachers (and the New Trump Administration) to Answer (by Poetic Justice)


Poetic Justice is a Connecticut educator, education advocate and poet.  Here are seven important questions posed by Poetic Justice…

  1. Why would we test kids instead of teach kids?
  2. Why would we allow the freedom to teach to be stripped from the teacher?
  3. Why would we allow a system that stifles creativity, humanity, curiosity, and imagination in our charges to continue?
  4. Why would we discourage healthy relationships in our schools? Between students and teachers? Between teachers and teachers? Between teachers and administrators?
  5. How do we kill the current educational regime and rebuild our teachers, students, and schools?
  6. How can teachers, parents, and administrators remain sane if the status quo remains entrenched in our thoughts and in our schools?
  7. By not resisting, are we part of the insanity?

These questions continue to plague me.


You can read more of Poetic Justice’s writing at: https://poeticjusticect.com/

  • JMC

    Fair Questions to put to the Trump Administration. And now, Jon, it’s time to put the same questions to the departing Obama Administration. Furthermore, it’s time to ask President Obama why he has been the most pro-charter, anti-student, anti-parent, and anti-teacher American President in US History

  • Jonathan, may I offer my Patriot Primer? Along with your questions, we should have the entire Congress review their loyalty to We the People.

  • Bill Morrison

    Very poignant questions. Indeed, the last is perhaps the most important. The Nuremburg Trials following WWII denounced the rationale that one simply following orders cannot be guilty of heinous crimes. By following orders in this era of high-stakes testing madness, we are also complicit in the degradation of our educational systems. To resist is the higher road, as is the path of honor. We teachers have an ultimate responsibility to our students and their families to teach and inspire not to hammer down on them.

  • Bluecoat

    Our kids can’t read, cant’ write, are taught backwards and idiotic math, but they now are being taught “social justice” in 5th grade starting this year in CT.
    Why prolong the indoctrination and just start that in Kindergarten?
    The idiots at the College Board have also destroyed US history