Malloy administration approves faux Relay School of Education teacher training program

Independent investigation needed into Malloy and charter school industry’s action to undermine teacher certification in Connecticut.

  • Sleepless in Bridgeport

    RIP Connecticut public education in our cities and good luck to our Irish asshole governor and his new hot tub.

  • Sleepless in Bridgeport

    Why should any young person who yearns to teach waste a couple of hundred grand on a teacher education program at UCONN, Southern, Western, Eastern, Central, not to mention Fairfield, Yale, CT College, Quinnipiac……. When they can get certified out of Governor Malloy’s crackerjack box and storm door company for 25 cents and a couple of box tops.

  • Bill Morrison

    I wonder how much the faux Relay School of Education paid Malloy for this? Thanks, everyone who voted Malloy during the last election! This is on you!

    Remember, we all knew what Malloy was, yet we reelected him anyway. We now have the opportunity to vote against many of those state legislators who served as rubber stamps for this monster. Send a message to Malloy . . . We are done with your nonsense!