Relay Graduate School of Education – Illegal lobbying marks effort to undermine Connecticut’s teacher certification law

The charter school industry and their allies in the corporate education reform business are chortling over the news that the State Board of Education is meeting on Wednesday, November 2, 2016 at 9:30 a.m. in Room 1D of the Legislative Office Building Room to approve an underhanded effort to allow a major education reform company to end-run Connecticut’s teacher preparation program.

According to the State Board of Education’s agenda, Governor Dannel Malloy’s political appointees will hold an executive session, on Wednesday, and then immediately re-convene to adopt a motion that would allow the charter school industry’s Relay Graduate School of Education to operate in Connecticut.

Recently rejected in both California and Pennsylvania, the Relay Graduate School of Education corporation has set up shop in New Haven, Connecticut where it offers selected charter school personnel and others with a drive-through Master’s Degree in Education.

As for Relay Graduate School of Education, Seton Hall Professor Daniel Katz wrote a scathing article about the education reform entity reporting;

It is a “Graduate School of Education” that has not a single professor or doctoral level instructor or researcher affiliated with it. In essence, it is a partnership of charter school chains Uncommon Schools, KIPP, and Achievement First… Relay’s “curriculum” mostly consists of taking the non-certified faculty of the charter schools, giving them computer-delivered modules on classroom management (and distributing copies of Teach Like a Champion), and placing them under the auspices of the “no excuses” brand of charter school operation and teachers who already have experience with it.

Not only is the Malloy administration’s upcoming action bad public policy, it now appears that the Relay Graduate School of Education is violating Connecticut law on two fronts.

Although officials from the highest level of the Relay School of Education have been lobbying top officials of the Malloy administration, the New York based company has failed to register with the State Ethics Office, as required by state law.

Connecticut law clearly requires that any individual or organizations engaged in lobbying MUST register and file monthly reports with the Office of State Ethics. A requirement that Relay has failed to fulfill.  The Ethics agency explains that,

“Administrative Lobbying  is  any lobbying that affects, among other things, the rules or regulations of an executive agency, and the actions of an executive or quasi-public agency regarding a contract, grant, award, purchasing agreement, etc.;”

In addition to illegally seeking to impact Connecticut public policy, Relay is also violating state law by beginning operations in Connecticut prior to being granted the required permission.

Sadly, the effort to undermine Connecticut’s teacher preparation system and the value of teacher certification is nothing new for Malloy and his administration. Malloy has consistently sought to divert scarce public funds to the charter schools, while degrading the value of Connecticut’s teacher preparation programs.  In this case, he achieves both goals.  The Vice Chair of Relay Graduate School’s Board of Directors is none-other-than Dacia Toll, the CEO of Achievement First, Inc., the charter school chain that has pulled in millions of dollars in Connecticut taxpayer funds as a result of Malloy’s policies.

You can read more about the Relay School of Education via Wendy Lecker’s article – Drive up education degree is an insult to every student, parent, teacher and taxpayer

  • Sleepless in Bridgeport

    Sounds like “Trump U”. We will never fuckin learn! Where is the CEA and the other clowns on this? After thousands of teachers in CT have gone through hell and high costs to obtain certification here comes stuttering Dan and his army of idiots nad say “Never MInd”. The sooner we get this bought and paid for moron out of Hartford the better.

    • JMC

      Let’s not forget the Clintons! Bill gets $1.5 million or more a year as “Honorary Chairman” of the “school” he “represents”.

      • Sleepless in Bridgeport

        Trump, The Clintons, Malloy…….they are all money grubbing crooks.

  • sweetwater

    Making a mockery of the field with a McMaster that up until just one month ago the state had several problems with Relay, and yet within one month we are to believe that Relay has somehow altered its system so fundamentally that now it is adequate? What a joke to those who put in the real time, the real work , the real research, the real clinical experience, the real coursework, the real human and child development understanding, the real home to school collaboration function, the real grades, the real qualitative and quantitative staistical analysis, the real investment, the real committment, and passed the real assessments to earn the real degrees and qualifications to work in the presence of children.

  • Joan C. Grim

    I thought I’d read somewhere that Arne Duncan was a promoter of Relay. I can’t find the source- does anyone have info on Fed DoEd’s involvement in promoting this scam?

    • jonpelto

      You are absolutely right. He definitely is, will find the link and post.