Jon, thanks for reproducing this superb graphic. I have passed it on to several educators and administrators.

  • Bluecoat

    The money has to come from somewhere, but where is the competing curriculums? Anyone?
    Will any town have the balls to stop using common core?
    Freedom in education is gone! Period! And we have no one else to blame but ourselves.
    Who will the first to return to the basic 3 R’s? Or go back to a traditional liberal arts education where kids learn real math, or learn the classics in English in context?
    I wish you would spend more time on the idiology behind a government central run Ed system, the politics behind the authors, or the idiology of the ones who keep pushing idiotic SJW language in the curriculum.
    The philosophy of Michael Tucker had won!
    Anyone here familiar with his famous “Dear Hillary” letter?
    Find it and read it, and tell me we aren’t where Tucker wants us to be.
    Just saw that in my Town, this upcoming year, 5th graders are now going to be introduced to “social justice”.
    What a load of crap! 5th grade?
    Kids can’t write, spell, or read, but will now be taught it’s all someone’s else’s fault because of “white privilege”, or “rich people”, or whatever SJW political correct idiology will be shoved down these kids throats.