Why Do I Teach? By Poetic Justice

As the Charter School Industry and their corporate education reform allies continue their unprecedented attack on public schools and public school teachers, it is important to remember why so many great teachers work so hard to support, guide and educate their students.

The following is a poem by Connecticut educator, education advocate and blogger, Poetic Justice.  It was written and published on their blog a couple of months ago.

The poem reveals the sentiment as why so many of us continue to fight for public school students, parents, teachers and schools across Connecticut and across the nation.

How can I say “no” to them and walk away?

Last week, the dark child brightened up.
Yesterday, the angry child smiled.
Just today, the sad child laughed.
And tomorrow, the child beyond hope, will graduate.

Each child a new challenge.
Each challenge a routine and a painful burden.
Each burden, mine to bear for a brief period of time –
my special chance to help God perform His miracle
in each child.

We teach because we are called to teach.
We teach because the children need us now.
We teach because we need to love them.
We teach because it is life to us.

How can we say “no” to them and walk away?

To read and comment on the original post go to: https://poeticjusticect.com/2016/05/28/why-do-i-teach/