Can Jennifer come out and play?  How about Jeffrey?

Jennifer Alexander, the CEO of the Connecticut Coalition for Achievement Now (ConnCAN) gets paid a lot of money to be the spokesperson for the Connecticut charter school industry and their corporate education reform allies.

Doing that job earned her $224,000 in salary and benefits in 2014. Her board of corporate elite even gave her a $25,000 bonus that year, all so that she could continue to push their pro-charter school, pro-Common Core, pro-Common Core testing and anti-teacher political agenda.

However, while Jennifer Alexander spends plenty of time inside the Capitol lobbying legislators and working with the Malloy administration, she has refused, to date, to accept an offer to debate the real problems and issues facing Connecticut’s public school children, parents, teachers and schools.

Not that long ago, UConn actually invited me to participate in a panel discussion about the very issues facing Connecticut’s public schools.  Other participants were to include both Jennifer Alexander and Jeffrey Villar, the highly paid executive of the Connecticut Council on Education Reform, another charter school industry front group.

However, within 48 hours of the invitation being sent, UConn suddenly cancelled the panel.  And when it was rescheduled months later, no invitation to me was forthcoming.

Meanwhile, thanks to Governor Dannel Malloy and the Democratic controlled General Assembly, while Connecticut’s public schools are being hit with the deepest cuts in state history, Malloy and his administration are shoveling even more scarce taxpayer dollars to privately owned and operated charter schools that have consistently refused to educate their fair share of children who require special education services or those who need extra help learning the English language.  These charter schools even allow a significant number of uncertified teachers and staff to “educate” the children they claim to serve.

One would think that being paid nearly a quarter of a million dollars a year would give Jennifer Alexander the courage and conviction, or at least the obligation, to actually come out and debate the issues.

But in Malloy’s Connecticut, honesty and transparency are useless terms and those paid to defend his positions choose to remain hidden inside their golden temples.

Thus, I renew my request and offer.

Ms. Alexander, we’re waiting with baited breath.  Come out and debate.

Or perhaps Mr. Villar would be willing to defend the reformers’ indefensible positions.

How about it Jen or Jeffrey?

This is an important election year, why not accept my challenge and debate the issues so that Connecticut’s voters have the information they need to make informed decisions.

  • Sleepless in Bridgeport

    Don’t hold your breath!…… Putin for President. The very last thing the edushysters want is someone auditing their bullshit. And God Damn Hillary is more tuned in to this Education/Military/Industrial Show me the Money Complex then the Orangutan Baboon. Pray for our children and our children’s children.

  • Castles Burning

    Jonathan, I am interested in knowing who at UCONN set this up and then excluded you.

  • Lisa Rampulla Bress

    I am guessing the conference, IF it happens at all, will be a Dog and Pony show if you have been uninvited. Everyone seems to be in bed together and the powers that be do not want to debate any issues or admit they have made grave mistakes. They just want anyone who questions their authority or whether their polices are truly in the best interest of our children, to GO AWAY. It has trickled all the way to to the school district level as many who question unsound educational practices and policy decisions to fight for what’s right for kids, become “persons non grata”. Sad for the children of Connecticut and just one of the reasons why I retired.