Stench of corruption grows around Malloy

When running for re-election in 2014, Governor Dannel Malloy took a $6+ million public finance grant to pay for his campaign.  In exchange for the taxpayer funds, Malloy swore, under oath, that he would not solicit, accept or use other funds to pay for his campaign expenses.

But Malloy lied and solicited hundreds of thousands of dollars from lobbyists, state contractors and those who have benefited from his corporate welfare programs.  That money, which in the end totaled more than $5 million, was funneled through a special account within the Democratic Party.

Last week a plea bargain deal with the Connecticut State Elections Enforcement Commission ended with Malloy’s political operatives paying a fine of $325,000 to the state, rather than the $6 million Malloy should have paid.

Not only were Connecticut citizens saddled with four more years of Dannel Malloy, but Connecticut taxpayers are out more than $5.7 million.

See: Malloy’s Connecticut – Ripping off Connecticut while keeping citizens in the dark and NEWS FLASH – Malloy + Dems slammed with record fine for campaign finance violations but slip off the hook

Meanwhile, it a separate situation, David Sirota, the nationally renowned investigative reporter has been covering Malloy’s actions as they relate to the attempt by CIGNA and Anthem to merge.  Both entities, but especially CIGNA have close political ties to Malloy and the Democratic incumbent has benefited from significant campaign donations from CIGNA and its executive team.

David Sirota is the senior editor for investigations at the International Business Times.  Sirota’s investigation has led to the following stories in the International Business Times:

Each one deserves a complete read-through, but Wait, What? readers should pay special attention to those marked with ***

***Will Cigna And Anthem Merge? How Health Insurance Companies Pump Money Into Politics (6/1/16)

Connecticut Groups Call For Dan Malloy To Remove Insurance Regulator In Anthem-Cigna Merger (6/2/16)

***Connecticut Rejects Request For Records About Anthem-Cigna Merger (6/7/16)

Obamacare Architect Kathleen Sebelius Questions Proposed Healthcare Insurance Mergers (6/10/16)

Cigna-Anthem Deal: Democratic And Republican Lawmakers Demand Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy’s Regulator Be Removed From Controversial Merger Review (6/10/16)

***Cigna-Anthem Deal: Connecticut Gov. Malloy Signs Secrecy Bill That Could Shield Insurance Information From Public Release (6/13/16)

Cigna-Anthem Deal: Connecticut Ethics Officials To Vote On Conflict-Of-Interest Controversy (6/14/16)

***Anthem And Cigna Boost Spending On Lobbying As Lawmakers Review Merger (6/16/16)

***Cigna-Anthem Deal: Connecticut Officials Vote To Launch Ethics Review Of Gov. Dan Malloy’s Insurance Regulator (6/16/16)

Cigna-Anthem Merger: California Insurance Regulators Call On Justice Department To Block Insurance Mega-Merger (6/16/16)

***Cigna-Anthem Deal: Connecticut Ethics Probe Spotlights Similar Conflict-of-Interest Charges From The 1990s (6/17/16)

  • Bill Morrison

    So much for the Foley “boogey-man”! We knew that Malloy was corrupt before he was reelected on the fears of what Foley would do if elected. Some of us warned that Malloy was a real monster, and that he was raping our state. But, fear of Foley got him reelected. Shame on us!

  • jhs

    The problem will continue until Democrats no longer control the legislature and the govs seat. The union control of the state needs to be ended. It has damaged the state. Malloy is corrupt but will end up in DC most likely in role in a God forbid Clinton Admin where he can do more damage. But he will fit right in in that admin.

    • Bill Morrison

      I strongly disagree. Malloy IS a Republican masquerading as a Democrat. Remember, the Unions had led to Americans having the most affluent Middle Class in history by the 1950;s and 1960’s, when one household wage earner could support a family, buy a house, two cars, and send his children to college. Richard Nixon began the process of killing private Unions, and ever GOP President since has followed suit. Now they are going after public workers’ Unions since we have passed the private sector by, and they seem to be doing so from the inside. It’s insidious. No, we need the Unions to be strong in order to return us to better days and to counter the influences of the wealthy class.
      I had hoped that we could voice a loud protest vote by voting for Jon Pelto. That vote did not materialize because of the fear of Foley and what he might do to us. A strong Democratic Legislature could have kept him in check. Instead, that body is nothing more than a Malloy rubber stamp.
      We really need the Electorate to start exerting itself and reclaim the power over the government that the Founding Fathers had intended.

  • mookalaboona


    Thank you for your fearless reporting. Stench is much to nice a word, but I can’t think of a worse one. Malloy is the devil himself. He is so corrupt it’s actually mind bogling.