Legislature FAILS to decouple SBAC test results from Malloy’s unfair teacher evaluation system

Governor Dannel Malloy, Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman and corporate education reformers will be crowing this morning on their successful campaign to defeat Senate Bill 380, legislation that would have forced the Malloy administration to stop using the unfair, inappropriate and discriminatory Common Core SBAC test results as part of Connecticut’s flawed Teacher Evaluation Program.

Given the opportunity to do the right thing and stand with Connecticut’s students, parents, teachers and public schools by deemphasizing the destructive SBAC testing scam and ensuring that Connecticut’s public school teachers are evaluated using a system that actually measures their effectiveness, Connecticut’s legislators – once again – turned their backs and walked away.

For those who support public education and believe in creating better, healthier and more productive learning environments … The November Election can’t come soon enough.

  • readdoctor

    Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) puts the power of high stakes testing in the hands of governors. Something every Civil Rights Activist group should have opposed, because state governor gave birth to Jim Crow, and continues to grow voter suppression laws.

    Currently we have 13 states with underfunding cases in their states: AZ, CA, CT, Fl, KAN, NJ, NM, NY, Penn, SC, Tenn, TEX & WA. With governors in each state fighting to dismiss those law suits. Governor as a mayor supported Connecticut CCJEF, but as governor has tried to dismiss the case at every level in the courts. According to the Education Week Quality Counts 2015 report 49 states spend more money on their wealthy schools than their poor schools. ESSA empowers each of those 49 governors whose states continuously underfund Black, Brown, and poor schools in their states.

    In 2010 everyone began defining Arne Duncan’s Race To The Top, (RTTT) as NCLB on steroids. Trust me ESSA is RTTT on steroids of inequity and injustice in our public schools. NCLB spent a trillion dollars on test and punish high stakes testing policies. ESSA leaves annual testing in place. Nothing changes people, and our nation’s governors were empowered by ESSA to ensure nothing changes.

    Which is why just about every anti high stakes testing groups is march this July in Washington DC.


  • Bill Morrison


    Can you please publish a list of those legislators who voted against this Bill? I want to write to each.