Common Core testing frenzy leads to taxpayer funded SBAC Test Prep

In many places across the country, the effort to undermine public education is alive and well.

In Connecticut, thanks to Democratic Governor Dannel Malloy and his administration, the corporate education reform industry is successfully turning public schools into little more than testing factories.  These days Malloy also serves as the  head of the Democratic Governors Association.

Between the Common Core Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) and the new “mandate” that all high school juniors must take the new,Common Core-aligned,  SAT, public schools are being forced to revamp their instructional programs so that they can fulfill their duties by teaching to the test.

Not only is the “high stakes” testing scheme being used to unfairly label children and evaluate teachers, but school administrators are manic about the possibility that their schools and district may not “look good” in the eyes of the testing industry and its disciples like Governor Malloy who famously said, in 2012, that he “didn’t mind teaching to the test as long as the test scores went up.”

Just last month the Westport School System sent out a letter to parents urging them not to opt their children out of the inappropriate and discriminatory Common Core testing program.  The letter read;

We are requesting that all students complete the full SBAC assessment this year. The state of Connecticut has set out a list of consequences for districts that do not have 95% of their students take the test in 2016.  Prior to 2015 we have always had 99-100% participation. Last year we were the only district in our District Reference Group (DRG A) who did not achieve this requirement. We have linked an article from the Connecticut Mirror with more information.

Westport’s educational programs benefit from some state funding, as well as a positive rating from the state, which we do not wish to jeopardize as a result of low participation rates in the standardized assessment program.

Wait what?

Westport schools want parents to force their children to take an unfair test that is designed to fail many of those students because the school district doesn’t want to jeopardize the “positive rating” it has from the state?

Meanwhile, other school districts are simply following the Connecticut State Department of Education’s directives and misleading or lying to parents about their fundamental and inalienable right to opt their children out of the Common Core SBAC testing scam.

Of course, most school districts recognize that “high” participation rates aren’t enough to win accolades from the education reformers so students HAVE to be taught how to score better on the SBAC and SAT tests.

As a result, Connecticut public school students are losing hundreds of hours of instructional time so that they can prepare for the testing by taking practice tests and engaging in test prep.

With that as the backdrop, a “special” achievement award should go to Danbury Connecticut’s school system.

Not only is Danbury using the school day to teach to the test, they have actually hired SBAC TUTORS to try and make sure that some of the more  “academically challenged” children get the extra help they need to get higher SBAC scores so that they won’t do too much damage by pulling down the school and district’s average test scores.

Late last year, in preparation for the all-important 2016 SBAC testing window, Danbury posted a want ad for SBAC TUTORS.

According to the job posting, SBAC Tutors were need by the Danbury Public Schools to work in all “Elementary and Middle Schools.”

Tutors would work two hours a day, 2-3 days per week (TBD by School Principal) and would “provide additional tutoring support to identified students in advance of standardized testing.”  The posted pay rate, $33.12 per hour.

This month, the state of Connecticut is in state court facing a lawsuit for failing to provide the financial support cities and towns need to ensure that all students have access to their constitutionally guaranteed right to a quality public school education.

Yet at the same time, the state is forcing schools to devote more and more time, money and resources to destructive testing programs…all in an effort to improve standardized test scores.

Oh, and for those parents who live in school districts that aren’t providing extra tutoring outside of the school day, don’t worry.

There are plenty of for-profit companies out there that will be happy to take your money and tutor your child so that he or she won’t be labeled losers when it comes to the SBAC test.

As one online website proclaims; Get Your Child Ready for the SBAC

SchoolTutoring Academy’s SBAC Tutoring Programs start with a free academic assessment with an Academic Director. Our SBAC Tutoring Program includes:

  • One-on-one Tutoring Sessions– Private tutoring sessions with a certified tutor.
  • Bi-monthly Progress Reports– Reports on your child’s progress and parental conference calls.
  • Customized Program– Academic Directors build a customized learning plan to achieve success.
  • Free Consultation– All programs include free academic consultation from a SchoolTutoring Academy Academic Director.

All of this is available for $199.99/month. Call 1-877-789-9565 to talk with our Academic Directors about your SBAC tutoring questions. They can also explain how a SBAC tutor can help your child improve their skills and test-taking abilities.

  • buygoldandprosper

    “Connecticut Coalition for Achievement Now CEO Jennifer Alexander says she believes it would be a mistake to do away with the state’s Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium, which is a Common Core-aligned standardized test.”

  • buygoldandprosper

    Taxpayer funded…it is soooo easy for Danny to spend other peoples money.

    It leads to this:
    2. Connecticut
    •Taxes paid by residents as pct. of income: 12.6% (2nd highest)
    •Income per capita: $62,374 (the highest)
    •State and local taxes paid per capita: $7,869 (the highest)
    •Collections from income tax per capita: $2,174 (the highest)
    •Combined state and local sales tax rate: 6.4% (20th lowest)
    •Avg. effective property tax rate: 2.0% (4th highest)

    A tiny little state like this…#2, right behind NY. It makes no sense at all, especially when one looks at what one gets for the money.
    Since Danny and his clan have spent their lives sucking on the public teat, it would make sense to them!
    Wise up, people!

  • buygoldandprosper

    “Charter schools have escaped Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s budget knife and are slated for a $9.3 million boost in his newly proposed state budget.”
    “But the Democratic governor also wants a $52.9 million cut in funding for special education, after-school programs, reading tutors and other services in low-performing public schools across the state.”
    Danny and his budget. Very much like his repeat proposal on liquor laws. He is bought and paid for by some special interests.
    Look out below when you get your local tax bills!
    Thanks very much to all you idiots who voted Malloy into office and bought his lines of crap.

    • buygoldandprosper

      Oh. Another fine example of Danny’s priorities:

      “The governor did spare his 5.75 percent across-the-board cuts in some areas of the budget, including in the Department of Motor Vehicles and Department of Transportation. Motor vehicles has come under intense scrutiny in recent months for its mishandling of license renewals and the public facing long wait times.”
      The Ben and Dan show continues. And if any of you have noticed, the DMV issues run FAR, FAR deeper than a long wait time. The damage that has been done at DMV and across state government is going to be exposed way down the road when Danny has left the state.

  • buygoldandprosper

    “Gov. Dannel Malloy’s budget director told state legislators Thursday that they are facing “a new economic reality” as they face continued years of slow growth.”
    What’s changed since he originally took office? Well. Danny’s bootlickers have enjoyed raises in spite of their poor performance.
    Danny managed to keep his job for another four years in spite of all his FAILED policies. And we may well be headed for a recession after a very isolated recovery and, in spite of the spin,tepid jobs recovery.
    We may have jobs but wages are flat to down and the jobs that the they talk about are part-time service sector crap.
    Blame the economy.
    Blame past governors.
    Blame education.
    Blame anyone and everyone but Danny Malloy&Company.

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    “Families in Germany are switching their children’s schools fearing that large amounts of migrants will ruin their child’s chance at a good education.”
    “…The situation in Britain is very similar and in some areas even more advanced. In 2014 the UK, Ofsted remarked that a rural school in Lincolnshire received a black mark on a performance review because the school was deemed “too white” and argued that the students had a great education but did not have access to enough “diversity.”

    No doubt, Danny Malloy has a plan for that kind of thing happening here…

  • buygoldandprosper

    Danny Malloy fits right in, except he did manage to force his way to the front of the line for “desirable” schools” in Stamford for his three spawn, until they wore out their welcome.