Yet another warning about taking the state “mandated” NEW SAT on March 2, 2016

Following up on my recent Wait, What? blog post entitled;

“My daughter will not be taking the “state mandated” NEW SAT on March 2nd 2016.”

Here is a SPECIAL WARNING for high school juniors who are thinking about applying to a college or university that requires applicants to submit all of their SAT scores, rather than just their best score.

Last spring, without understanding the ramifications of their action, Governor Dannel Malloy and the Connecticut General Assembly “mandated” that all high school students take the NEW SAT on March 2, 2016, despite the fact that the NEW SAT hasn’t even been released, let alone validated as an accurate measure of mastery.

There is so little known about the NEW SAT that Governor Malloy’s Commissioner of Education and his political appointees on the State Board of Education won’t even identify what constitutes a passing score on the NEW SAT until after Connecticut’s high school juniors have taken the test and the State Department of Education has been given and analyzed the results

What is known about the NEW SAT is that the College Board, the corporation that produces the SAT, is claiming that they have aligned the NEW SAT with the Common Core which means that the test will include significant content that most high school juniors have not been taught.  This problem will be especially prevalent in the MATH section of the test.

The first time that students across the country will have the opportunity to take the NEW SAT will be on March 5, 2016.  The NEW SAT will also be offered in May, June and on various other dates in the summer and fall.

The Malloy administration’s decision to “mandate” that Connecticut’s 11th graders take the NEW SAT during the school day on March 2, 2016 ensures that Connecticut’s juniors will be nothing more than guinea pigs for the testing industry since, as a brand new test that has never been offered before, the NEW SAT will undoubtedly have significant issues and problems that will need to be resolved before it is “ready for prime time.”

Considering that there is so little known about the NEW SAT, the Malloy administration’s “mandate” means that students are forced to consider the March 2, 2016 test as little more than a “practice exam.”

However, such a strategy could be particularly devastating for students who are trying to get into an institution of higher education that demands that all of their SAT test results be submitted with their applications.

PrepScholar, a major SAT tutoring organization, highlights this serious problem explaining;

If you’re applying to schools that require all scores, you need to be very careful each time you take the SAT, because you will have to send any scores you get, even if they’re low.

Prepscholar adds;

Don’t take the SAT the first time “for practice” to get used to the test. Colleges will see that “practice score.”

Governor Malloy has sworn allegiance to the corporate education reform industry and their dangerous obsession with the unfair, inappropriate and discriminatory Common Core testing scheme.  His actions have thrown Connecticut’s students under the proverbial bus.

Parents must remember that despite the lies coming out of the State Department of Education, there is no federal or state law, regulation or legal policy the prohibits a parent from opting their child out of the testing madness.

Connecticut school districts may not hold a child back or prevent them from graduating simply because they fail to participate in the Common Core testing madness.

Opting your child out of the state “mandated” NEW SAT on March 2, 2016 may be one of the most important things you can do to help your child get into their preferred college.

Take heed – “My daughter will not be taking the “state mandated” NEW SAT on March 2nd 2016” – and other parents should consider doing the same thing.

As an FYI, the following is partial list of colleges and universities that report that if a student has taken the SAT then they must provide the school with all of their SAT scores, even the problematic one from March 2, 2016.

School Name City State
University of Arkansas at Little Rock Little Rock AR
Pomona College Claremont CA
Scripps College Claremont CA
Stanford University Stanford CA
University of California Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, LA, Santa Cruz etc. CA
Quinnipiac University Hamden CT
Sacred Heart University Fairfield CT
Yale University New Haven CT
George Washington University Washington DC
Georgetown University Washington DC
Howard University Washington DC
Delaware State University Dover DE
University of Kentucky Lexington KY
Grambling State University Grambling LA
Tufts University Medford MA
University of Massachusetts Lowell Lowell MA
University of Maryland College Park MD
Macalester College St. Paul MN
Saint Louis University St. Louis MO
Barnard College New York NY
City College of New York New York NY
Colgate University Hamilton NY
Cornell University Ithaca NY
Hunter College New York NY
Queens College (City University of New York) Flushing NY
Syracuse University Syracuse NY
Wagner College Staten Island NY
Art Academy of Cincinnati Cincinnati OH
Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh PA
Curtis Institute of Music Philadelphia PA
Duquesne University Pittsburgh PA
Susquehanna University Selinsgrove PA
Temple University Philadelphia PA
University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia PA
University of South Carolina Columbia SC
Rice University Houston TX
Texas A&M University College Station TX
Castleton State College Castleton VT
University of Washington Seattle WA
Washington State University Pullman WA


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