IMPORTANT ALERT – Students, Parents, Teachers are being bullied about opting out of testing madness

Reports are coming in from around the state that under pressure from Governor Malloy’s Commissioner of Education, some local school officials are, once again, engaged in underhanded efforts to mislead students and parents about their rights related to the unfair, inappropriate and discriminatory Common Core SBAC and SAT testing schemes.

Last spring, some superintendents and principals went so far as to threaten children that they would not be promoted to the next grade or would not be able to graduate from high school if they did not take the Common Core SBAC test.

Such a statement is a lie!

Threatening students and parents is not only unprofessional, unethical and immoral, it is illegal.

Parents have the fundamental and unalienable right to opt their children out of the testing program and any attempt to take that right away is a civil rights violation under federal and state law.

Readers of Wait, What?

If you know of any situation in which state or local officials are engaged in efforts to bully, harass or mislead parents or students about their opt-out rights or are threatening teachers that they may not provide parents and students with accurate information about the Common Core testing, please get in contact immediately.

Information, including any related documentation, should be sent to [email protected]

The source of the information will be kept completely confidential.

(Please Note – School administrators and teachers wishing to report inappropriate efforts to prevent parents and students from opting out of the SBAC and SAT testing should use their personal email accounts and not their work email accounts.)

  • Kevin Ohlandt

    This situation played out in Delaware last year, and it will this year as well. Our state had a good chance to keep things civil with our opt-out legislation that passed our House and Senate. Our reform Governor vetoed it last summer. During an attempt to override that veto, many of our coward legislators refused to suspend rules to allow a vote on it. It is still alive, but on life support sitting in our Speaker of the House desk drawer, where it will never come out again.

  • Thanks, Jonathan. Here is testimony I gave last week at the Federal hearing on the new ESSA. It’s completely immoral, unethical and illegal that they would pressure students (and parents to pressure students) to take the invalid tests:

  • Guest

    Registration for the 3/2 SAT has already happened. Hopefully school districts have informed parents of this. Online registration deadline was 1/14 and paper registration for those who did not register online is due to be sent on Monday 2/1. Parents who are considering opt-out should find out whether or not their child has been already registered for the test.

  • cindy

    Does anyone know how “informed consent” impacts a high stakes test? When people, students, etc. take surveys, they must do it of their own free volition. They must have informed consent, otherwise the results are invalid. Wouldn’t being FORCED to take a high-stakes test, which will then be used comparatively across districts, INSTANTLY invalidate it? Not only are there ethical issues about unwillingly being forced to take a high stakes test, this further invalidates it.