Malloy and Wyman – Montclair, N.J. public officials respect parents – why won’t you?

A growing number of parents (and educators) understand that the Common Core standardized testing frenzy is bad for students, teachers and public schools.

Recognizing that they have a fundamental and inalienable right to protect their children from the unfair, inappropriate and discriminatory Common Core tests, hundreds of thousands of parents across the country have been opting their child out of the destructive Common Core testing scheme.

In New York State last year, nearly a quarter of a million parents opted their children out of that state’s Common Core testing farce.

While Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy and his administration misleads, lies and threatens parents, teachers and school administrators in an unethical attempt to derail the opt out movement in the Constitution State; public officials in other states actually take action to respect the will of their constituents.

For example, in Montclair, New Jersey the Board of Education approved, on a vote of 6 to 0, a resolution honoring a parent’s right to opt their child out of the testing program and directing the “Montclair School District to provide an alternative learning plan for children whose parents have refused for them to take the [Common Core] PARCC tests.

In response to that plan, parents in Montclair received the following letter yesterday, January 14, 2016;

Dear Parents/Guardians/Caregivers:

As you know, the New Jersey Department of Education requires all students to take state assessments. There is no provision for a student to opt-out of statewide assessments. However, last year the Montclair Board of Education passed a resolution allowing the district to create a plan for students not taking the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) according to their parents’ request.

The district procedures for parental refusal of standardized testing are as follows:

All parents/caregivers must notify the school principal by March 1 using the attached form or this link that his/her child will not be participating in the scheduled statewide assessment. A separate form is required for each child. The electronic PARCC Opt-Out form will automatically be submitted to the district and your school principal(s).

We are also including a form for your use in opting out if you do not have access electronically.

Please fill out a separate form for each child and return to your respective school principals by March 1.


Ron Bolandi

Interim Superintendent

In Montclair, New Jersey parents can opt their children out of the Common Core testing by simply providing their child’s name, school, grade and signing a statement which reads

“I attest that I am the parent of this student and by typing my initials in this box I consent to my student opting out of all PARCC assessments during the 2015-2016 school year.”

Connecticut parents can see what they are missing by clicking on Montclair, NJ Parental Opt-out form;

Imagine, public officials who actually respect and stand up for the rights of their constituents.

But here in Connecticut, Governor Malloy, Lt. Governor Wyman and their State Department of Education are not only misleading, lying and bullying Connecticut parents, but they are engaged in an orchestrated effort to punish the school districts and local taxpayers in communities in which parents refuse to allow their children to participate in the Common Core SBAC scam.

See:  Malloy/Wyman moving forward with threats to punish schools districts that respect parents’ “opt-out” rights

Malloy and Wyman’s failure to act means that the responsibility now rests with Connecticut’s legislators and local boards of education.

It is time for Connecticut’s elected and appointed officials to do the right thing and stop undermining Connecticut’s parents, students, teachers and public schools.

The first step is ensuring Connecticut’s parents have the same rights as parents in Montclair, New Jersey.

  • buygoldandprosper

    Danny and his Boozer-Loser sidekick do not respect the electorate.

    Very much like Danny’s BFF Martin O’Malley, until Hillary came knocking, they are in politics for personal gain…the public be damned.

    “…a Baltimore Sun investigation found in September that the Democratic presidential candidate paid $9,638 for 54 mansion furnishings that originally cost taxpayers $62,000. The discounted sale was authorized by outgoing O’Malley administration officials after each item had been classified as “junk.”
    Cathy Malloy is probably already packing up the furnishings from her no-show job at GHACC and in the capitol.
    So forget about any “vision” other than Big Dan Malloy’s. He is in charge and you will do as he says.

  • buygoldandprosper

    Sheesh! Another tax hike by Malloy…this time for his “transportation vision”.
    He must be taking some of the drugs his kids used to sell back in Stamford but we suffer the bad side effects.
    Smart move by GE to get outta this state!

  • buygoldandprosper

    “Eroding state income tax receipts have largely undone Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and the legislature’s efforts to whittle down big budget deficits projected for each of the next three fiscal years, a new report showed late Friday.”
    Danny! How could you?!
    You said, before the election, there was no deficit!
    Sort of like Rahm hiding the murder of the kid?
    It could have been sooooooo different! But you took the low road you dumb f**k.
    You better PRAY Hillary wins so you can move on. But one wonders if her stock has sort of ticked down.
    People are angry Danny. VERY angry.
    The only thing that is transparent about the current administration in Hartford is that is based on BULLSHIT. It is all fiction. Dan Malloy is a work of fiction.

    • jonpelto

      Well said

      Sent via cell phone meaning more typos than usual

  • buygoldandprosper

    Walking with a teacher, of many years, today and she was so into testing it sort of made me sick. Tenure does odd things to union folks.
    Speaking to other folks who are so angry, to the point of being despondent, made me sad.
    People have to wise up and excise the tumors, like Malloy, eating away at the body politic. It won’t happen, but one can hope.
    In the meantime, the idiots in the current administration are laying low and waiting for the current “stuff” to blow over before they open Connecticut for business again.
    Connecticut is the poorest excuse of a state in this nation. Smaller than the COUNTY I grew up in and thousands of times more corrupt.
    Thanks to Malloy-Wyman-Looney-Sharkey, we are in for a LONG, very depressed situation in this state. And thanks to their mismanagement we might have the party of Rowland back in charge in one form or another. Even, perhaps, Coke-Head Kudlow in DC.
    Danny Malloy is our Whitey Bulger.
    This state is in trouble…and on a side note, The Ct. News Nazi seems to have jiggered their comments section. Christine is obviously looking for a job as a flack for Malloy if/when he lands a paycheck in DC. CT NEWS NAZI is a pathetic alternative to real news…sorry. I just had to mention that. It is part of the problem.

  • TeacherMom

    To be honest, I don’t care about Malloy and Ct politics, but I do care about kids. We need to keep the focus on how this test and prep system hurts our kid’s educations and how Science, Social Studies and Art programs became an after thought in elementary schools all over the state after the influx of these tests. Teaching periods are highjacked for more reading time by well meaning, but ignorant, admins who don’t know the first thing about how children learn. They are so intent on keeping their jobs and kissing the state’s butt, they do whatever is asked in order to get more money. Well…HOW’s THAT WORKING FOR YA? Not so well, according to your own data! We need more Super’s like the one in Madison!