2016 New Year’s prediction – Governor Dannel Malloy will resign in the next 385 days.

As the newly crowned head of the Democratic Governors Association, Dannel Malloy will spend 2016 crisscrossing the United States to campaign for Democratic gubernatorial candidates and his preferred presidential contender, Hillary Clinton.  Malloy’s recent campaign trips have already taken him to New Hampshire, Florida and Iowa.

Should Hillary Clinton become President of the United States, Malloy will be able to find a safe landing place in Washington D.C. following the January 20, 2017 Inauguration.

However, should the call to “serve” at the national level elude him, observers can still expect Governor Dannel Malloy to bail as Connecticut’s Chief Elected Official at some point in the next 385 days.

Leading the list of reasons Malloy will seek greener pastures is the harsh reality that the person sitting in the Governor’s chair in 2017 will be facing a massive two-year state budget hole of at least $3.6 billion dollar for fiscal years 2018 and 2019.

Malloy is fond of claiming that he inherited a state budget deficit in excess of $3 billion from Governor Jodi Rell.  Six years later, Connecticut’s non-partisan Office of Fiscal Analysis projects that Connecticut will face a budget shortfall of $1.7 billion in FY18, $1.9 billion in FY19 and a stunning $2.2 billion budget crisis in FY20,

The fact is that the man who said he’d put Connecticut’s fiscal house in order has cobbled together a series of gimmick ridden state budgets that will require Connecticut’s elected officials to confront at budget problem that will be nearly $8 billion over the three years following this year’s election cycle.

Telling the truth about Connecticut’s fiscal problems have never been one of Malloy’s strong points.

Running for Governor in 2010, Dan Malloy famously laid out his fiscal strategy in an October 26, 2010 WVIT TV Channel 30 debate when he said,

“I want to be very clear: We’re not raising taxes. That’s the last thing we will do.”

Of course, upon taking office in 2011, Malloy led the effort to adopt a new state budget that increased taxes by upwards toward $2 billion, instituted major spending cuts to a variety of critically important state programs and services and produced some labor concessions after he sought to blame state employees for Connecticut’s fiscal problems.

The only group spared from Malloy’s vision of shared sacrifice was Connecticut’s wealthiest.

Malloy’s tax plan pumped up the income tax rate on the state’s middle-income families while coddling the rich.  As Malloy explained before a joint session of the legislature, he didn’t want to ask the wealthy to pay their fair share because he didn’t want to “punish” success.

When Dannel Malloy returned to the campaign trail four year later to seek a second term in office his strategy was based on doubling down on the effort to mislead Connecticut’s voters about the state’s fiscal situation.

As the 2014 gubernatorial campaign unfolded, Malloy stuck religiously to his political talking-points claiming;

  • “We won’t have deficits. We don’t have deficits.” – Malloy – CT Mirror – Feb 4, 2014
  • “We really don’t have a deficit.” – Malloy – CT Mirror – August 4, 2014
  • “There won’t be a deficit. And there won’t be tax increases, because I’m taking that pledge when I couldn’t take it before, because this is a budget I own.” Malloy – NBC Connecticut – Sep. 30, 2014
  • “I don’t believe there will be a budget deficit and I pledge that there won’t be one. I also pledge that there will not be a tax increase.”  Malloy. – FOX CT – Sep. 30, 2014

Malloy’s “Read My Lips” moment came crashing down only days after he won re-election in November 2014 when his administration was forced to admit that Connecticut’s was facing a growing budget deficit, although at the time he tried to maintain his “no tax” rhetoric telling the CT Mirror,

 “State government will live within its means, and we will not raise taxes.” – Malloy – CT Mirror – November 24, 2014

However, even that claim was as empty as his early campaign promises.

The 2015 session of the Connecticut General Assembly came to end with Governor Dannel “No-Tax-Increase” Malloy signing into law a new state budget that contained;

“$1.8 billion in additional tax revenue, over the biennium, including the elimination or postponement of $480 million in tax cuts that, during the campaign, Malloy had promised voters would take effect following his re-election. (CT Mirror)

Malloy’s new budget also made significant cuts to a range of vital services and programs.  Hardest hit were Connecticut’s hospitals, services for those challenged by developmental and other disabilities and Connecticut’s public universities and colleges.

And was this new state budget actually balanced as Malloy claimed?

Not a chance.

As Connecticut citizens soon discovered, within weeks of signing that “balanced” budget, the Malloy administration was forced to admit that a large budget deficit was opening up for this year and next.

In response, Malloy announced budget cuts, called the Connecticut General Assembly into Special Session to adopt more budget cuts and earlier this week, when media coverage was at its lowest point for the year, the Malloy administration announced yet another round of budget cuts.

The latest being some of the most draconian budget cuts to date.

As one advocate for those with disabilities noted earlier this year, “More than 2,100 people with intellectual or developmental disabilities have been seeking residential services – such as a spot in a group home – but have not received them because of a lack of funding.”

In response to that shocking assessment, Malloy’s budget chief announced this past Wednesday that Governor Malloy had ordered even deeper cuts to Community Residential Services, Employment Opportunities and Day Services for those facing developmental challenges.

At the same time, other vulnerable populations were hit with devastating cuts including early childhood programs, child care services, school readiness, Temporary Assistance to Families – TANF, Grants for Mental Health Services, Young Adult Services mental health services and programs for the homeless.

The candidate who once claimed to be a social liberal and a fiscal conservative has proven that he is neither.

If Connecticut’s annual budget problems don’t speak loudly enough, as a result of Malloy’s spending spree with Connecticut’s state credit card, including more than $1 billion dollars for his corporate welfare giveaway programs, Connecticut’s debt service payments will increase by $61.1 million in FY17, $62.3 million in FY18, $64.8 million in FY19 and $67.6 million in FY20.

Malloy’s irresponsible borrowing will mean that vital services will go unfunded while scarce public funds are syphoned off to pay for the state’s credit card frenzy.

And perhaps worst of all, the most serious fiscal problems facing Connecticut remain unaddressed.

Connecticut’s long term fiscal problems go well beyond the record breaking $22.8 billion in outstanding state debt.

The unfunded State Employee Retirement System (SERS) is short $14.9 billion; the Teachers’ Retirement System is short $10.8 billion, Connecticut’s State Employee Post Employment Health and Life costs will require an additional $19.5 billion and the Teachers’ Post Employment Health costs will need an extra $2.4 billion and that doesn’t even count the remaining obligation associated with actually shift Connecticut to a budget system that meets Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (Something Malloy promised he would do in his first year in office.)

Adding salt to the wound, Malloy most substantive proposal to address Connecticut’s unfunded State Pension debacle fell apart before it even got out of the starting gate.  As the CT Mirror reported, S&P warns Malloy’s pension plan could cause bond rating cut

“…Wall Street rating agency warned it might lower Connecticut’s bond rating – pushing up interest costs on capital projects – if the state adopts Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s plan to restructure contributions to the employee pension fund.

Standard & Poor’s also wrote in its recent bond outlook pension system is a key “indicator of budget stress” that — along with a largely unfunded retiree health care system — raises the prospect of more state tax hikes in years to come.

“In our opinion, the pension proposal would represent a significant deferral of unfunded pension liabilities after fiscal 2018,” the S&P report states. “And if implemented in a way that led us to conclude that actuarial unfunded pension liabilities were likely to grow substantially over time, could prompt us to lower the state (general obligation bond) rating one notch.”

Of course, then there is also Malloy’s big plans for a massive road and bridge rebuilding program that he proposed this year, while, at the same time, refusing to identify how we should actually pay for the transportation infrastructure renewal plan.

Again, the CT Mirror points out the problem recently reporting that,

“Connecticut’s transportation program could be in deficit by mid-2018, according to nonpartisan analysts.”

The writing is on the wall for all to see.

Having failed to get Connecticut’s fiscal house in order, failing to adequately fund Connecticut’s public schools, pushing through the deepest cuts in state history to Connecticut’s public institutions of higher education and failing to provide for Connecticut’s most vulnerable citizens has caught up with Dannel Malloy

The full impact of Dannel Malloy’s failed policies will come into full force when the Connecticut General Assembly reconvenes in January 2017, just two months after this November’s Presidential, Congressional and Legislative elections.

With that in mind, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when Malloy hands the baton of leadership over to his dutiful and loyal partner, Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman, before the next state budget plan must be presented for legislative action.

  • optoutct

    the man should be in jail next to barney frank and chris dodd. what a mess! yet we keep voting them in…

    • Sparky

      It’s the sheep that vote democratic. They can’t pull their heads out of the sand to see exactly how the democrats policies hurt everyone.

  • buygoldandprosper

    Transportation by Malloy, back in Stamford…one million dollars for a lame “traffic calming” study. More (I forget the dollar amount to) to study rail service for his BLT buddies in the South End.
    Fast forward to the Stamford train station contract “awarded” to his campaign contributors. Check the math on the bus to nowhere…probably as bad as the Urban Transitway.
    Danny’s “visions” are dangerously expensive and suspect.
    He got his dick wet in Stamford and the steakhouses of Bridgeport so DC is the logical next stop and Cathy can use her arts “expertise” to snag another no-show job.
    It will be a shame to have another self-serving deadbeat in DC but Connecticut will be better with one less Malloy.

    • buygoldandprosper

      The rebuilding of I-95 started in 2000, and the replacement of the Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge began in 2009.
      The bridge is a key component of the $2 billion interstate highway project to reconstruct and widen I-95 on the 13-mile stretch between West Haven and Branford, Conn. The original projected costs were $800 million.
      When revisited in 2007, the costs had increased to $1.36 billion for I-95 and $417 million for the bridge. The initial proposal included a plan for tolls, but opposition forced those plans to be abandoned”
      Danny could easily spend more with all his “visions”.
      Easy money for Danny Bag-Man…contractors love kickbacks
      to sleazy pols and Danny does not know how to say “No” when it comes to “donations”.

      • buygoldandprosper

        I wonder if Danny packed this group with his buddies?

        Spending money on useless studies is what Danny is good at.

        “DOT paid $148,250 for the study, using federal funds set aside for research, according to Kevin Nursick, DOT spokesman. The academy is a private, nonprofit agency chartered by the General Assembly to provide expert information about science and technology topics.”
        End result? Wash your car…

      • buygoldandprosper

        Well,well,well…Danny is telling the folks in Connecticut they will pay and they will be happy to do so!
        And now he has another bogeyman to blame for his failed policies:

        “Every time you buy something; one-half a penny of the ‘Sales Tax’ goes to pay for these kinds of projects from now on. “If we fail to make the investments, which we did over the last forty years, then we shouldn’t
        be surprised that our economy does not respond as rapidly to recoveries as other states,” said Governor Malloy.”

  • JMC

    He’ll beam up and out just like Chris Murphy did after he helped wreck the state.

  • jhs

    Too late. He and the Democrats already destroyed the state with their incompetence.

    • JMC

      Actually it isn’t incompetence, but nationwide Dem boilerplate SOP 1) Attract, maintain, and nurture a permanent underclass that will vote Dem. 2) Push the leftest Dem social agenda that attracts affluent voters and the young. 3) Spend huge amounts of money on “visionary” transportation schemes 4) Grow a huge number of crony State jobs with constant raises 5) Soak the waning middle class for ever more tax dollars 6) Give out free cash in the form of EITC’s 7) “Welcome” large numbers of new young male “immigrants” and “refugees” who come from violent societies that treat women worse than farm animals. 8) Tax, spend, indebt, entitle. 9) Destroy the integrity of the voter registration process 10) Demand “Social Justice” for some, not equal justice under law for all 10) Repeat all the above

  • Sleepless in Bridgeport

    It is a “Predicitation” and a “cizasterstroke”. Really was John Rowland all that bad?

    • buygoldandprosper

      What? Are you that crazy?
      Danny has not been convicted…yet.
      Probably won’t be the way this state is run.

  • Johnny Thorne

    Absolutely no chance of this creep resigning. Keeping him out of the state is good karma. Clinton will be hammered by Trump on Election day. It won’t be close. Trump will take his home state, New York and win CT by 5 points or more.

    The CT GOP would be well advised to pick Trump-like candidates for Congress to catch Trump’s coattails. CT GOP is much closer to the Dem Party than the pundits think. Historically, gubernatorial elections are very close. CT’s independents lean conservative.

  • Frustrated citizen

    Don’t forget about the democratic legislature. They were all behind him executing his failed plans. One party rule doesn’t work and the current legislators are failing our citizens.

    • JMC


    • 00000000001

      We have one party rule because the Connecticut Republican party is incompetent. Listen to possible gubernatorial candidate Joe Scarborough complain how he pays 60% of his income in taxes, complaining about the Connecticut state income tax (though he pays mostly New York state income tax), and how CT income tax and business taxes must be reduced. If all the Republicans is going to concentrate on is a reduction in the state income tax and business taxes, then they will be doubling down on 35 years of the failed policies of ‘supply side’ and ‘trickle down’, putting much more money in the hands of the wealthy, while doing almost nothing for the 50K earner and retirees who have a CT state/local tax burden of up to 25% of their income. Most residents in this state, unfortunately, have no idea how badly they are being ripped off by their elected officials, by extreme over-taxation on the non-wealthy.

  • buygoldandprosper

    “Leaders of the Chicago Teachers Union, a longtime political foe, are threatening a “protracted strike” this year, the union’s second since Emanuel took office in 2011. And a massive tax and fee increase that Emanuel ushered through the City Council this past fall is about to take effect, including the largest property tax increase in modern Chicago history.”
    The nine-fingered freak hopefully won’t finish out his term. Obama sure is quiet about the murder of the kid by Rahm’s Finest. I sure wish Connecticut would man-up and try to take back their filthy government.

  • Sp: In 3rd graph, change “allude” to elude.

    • jonpelto

      Thanks Don, changing now

  • buygoldandprosper

    Danny wakes up, after the fact. No as easy as letting everyone out of prison or not putting them behind bars to begin with.

    Not that Danny cares about special needs folks. recall how did away with Dial-a-Ride in Stamford…

    “Gov. Dannel P. Malloy says closing Southbury Training School for people with severe intellectual disabilities is a more complicated budget-savings proposition than he first thought.”
    Well. He got his headlines and soundbites. Perhaps a bigger suggestion box and a bit more shared sacrifice is in order.

    • buygoldandprosper

      Recall how, when his kids broke the law, he said that it was a “mental health” issue…a perfect example of Malloy “special needs”. It only matters when the Malloy family is affected.

  • buygoldandprosper

    And scumbag losers like Malloy and his scorched earth policies will leave us with coke-head options like this:

    “Economist and political pundit Larry Kudlow says he is strongly considering challenging Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) for his Senate seat in 2016.”
    Blumie.Malloy.Murphy.DeLauro.Larson. The list in this state is long but the theme is constant. If they can make Republican alternatives look appealing…then something is very, very wrong.
    Thanks Danny. It could have been sooooo different, but you opted for the low-road. The easy way. The Malloy way.

    • Fred_Shrinka

      And even managed to squeeze his Mini-Me into office as Mayor of Hartford- “Luke, I’m your father!, Bronin !

  • 00000000001

    Malloy for ambassador to Antarctica or Greenland.

    • buygoldandprosper

      Those are lovely areas that he would destroy.
      Send him the Chicago to hang out with all his loser buddies.

  • buygoldandprosper

    “Located in the Stamford Metro Center offices downtown, Lutetium had qualified in 2013 for a 25 percent credit against its Connecticut corporate income taxes for 10 years if it maintained 20 jobs.”
    Shut down…another example of Malloy’s stupidity and failed policy. Oh. Did I mention Danny’s wasting of ever shrinking state financial resources?

  • Malloy will never resign. He is too arrogant. If he is not appointed to DC, he will retaliate against the people of CT. Remember, this is the man who claims that guns cannot save lives, yet he has a full time staff of 12 armed bodyguards who escort him at all times. I wonder how much money his personal army costs us taxpayers each year?

    • Margaret Cabral

      hope he quites so the female can get going sooner.

  • Fred_Shrinka

    Remember – Why does Malloy support public transportation so much? Show when he leaves there will be BUSES to throw the others UNDER!

  • MrLogical

    The only hope for CT’s salvation is that the taxpayers will wake up and realize that they have to get rid of EVERY Democrat at EVERY level of government in CT in order to put a stop to the endless tax & spend habits of the Democrat-controlled legislature.

    EVERY Democrat must go, even if they’re only running for Dog Catcher.

    Remember in November: NO MORE DEMOCRATS!

  • Inbr-Ed

    On the basis of its fiscal solvency in five separate categories, Connecticut ranks 50th among the US states and Puerto Rico for its fiscal health. Connecticut’s fiscal position is poor across all categories. With between only 0.46 and 1.19 times the cash needed to cover short-term liabilities, Connecticut’s revenues matched only 94 percent of expenses, producing a deficit of $505 per capita. The state is heavily reliant on debt to finance its spending. With a negative net asset ratio of −0.88 and liabilities exceeding assets by 34 percent, per capita debt is $9,077. Total debt is $20.88 billion. Unfunded pensions are $83.31 billion on a guaranteed-to-be-paid basis, and other postemployment benefits (OPEB) are $19.53 billion. Total liabilities are equal to 53 percent of total state personal income.

    Great job Malloy !!!

  • JBrickley

    Never will there be a full and complete line item audit released to the public showing where all the money went. Think about that for a minute. No one is willing to show the hard numbers because they have got to be embarrassingly damning. The State Legislature has a lot more to do with the financial well being of the state.

    VOTE THE BUMS OUT! Time to eliminate every single incumbent to clean house and send a strong message.

    I don’t want to leave this state but I may have little choice in the next few years. I have coworkers who left for Florida and Texas and it is astounding the tax burden CT levies against even ordinary citizens.

  • Margaret Cabral

    I female is thinking of going in the race to be govonor of CT not sure if red or blue ticket CT is mostly blue state, this female has started looking into finding people to support her run and a new van ect and funding for her campain.

  • Margaret Cabral

    does anyone know how much Malloy will get for a pension if he gets beaten by someone else or quits. he will still get his 12 body guards with guns , That is a lot of men and guns just for one man.

  • Fuck Dannel

    If only this were true…