ALERT:  Malloy’s Budget Cuts lead to another 23% Tuition Increase at UConn plus 7%

As a result of Democratic Governor Dannel Malloy’s unrelenting attack on Connecticut’s public institutions of higher education, the University of Connecticut Board Of Trustees will be voting at their next meeting to raise tuition by as much as 23 percent for Connecticut students on top of an additional 7 percent increase.

Despite what will be another massive “tax” increase on Connecticut middle class families who are trying to ensure that their children get a college education, the additional tuition funds will not be enough to prevent equally appalling program cuts at UConn.

The new tuition increase comes in addition to the 25 percent jump in tuition and fees that UConn adopted four years ago.  The earlier tuition increase was required to balance UConn’s budget  in response to the record cuts Malloy proposed during his first year in office.

Connecticut’s failure to properly fund its public colleges and universities means that the cost of tuition at the University of Connecticut will have increased by more than $6,000 during Malloy’s tenure, an increase of nearly 50 percent.

As the Hartford Courant is reporting, faced with a $40 million deficit due to the decline in state support, UConn officials are submitting a proposal that would implement a series of tuition increases beginning with a 6.6 percent increase in 2016, and averaging about 7 percent for each of the next three years.

As the Courant explains;

“A key issue for the university has been the state’s shrinking share of the university’s costs. The state’s block grants have grown in recent years, but those increases have not kept pace with the university’s rising costs…

During the past eight years, the state has cut UConn’s funding by approximately $82 million, including $40 million in rescissions.”

When Malloy was sworn in, the State of Connecticut’s appropriation (Block Grant and Fridge Benefits) covered about 18% of UConn’s overall budget.  This year, the level of state support dropped to 16% of UConn’s budget and that reduction does not count the more than $40 million in budget rescissions that Malloy has implemented over the past five years.

  • buygoldandprosper

    Danny never ran well for office and can’t run the state well once in. Actually, he is running the state into the ground while he seeks his next job, using Puerto Rico as his model.
    Hey Danny Debtor! Someone will eventually have to pay the bills!
    No worry. Cathy has her job at GHAC making almost $200K and all his boot-lickers got their 12% raises. Sort of like Finchy passing out the pork on his last few days in office before the convicted felon takes charge.
    The tuition at the basketball academy in Storrs is the least of our worries but count on it to continue to go up.

    • buygoldandprosper

      Whatever you do, Danny, please be certain that illegals continue to get in-state tuition rates. It would be very unfair for all the Syrians who will be coming here to lose that perk.

      • buygoldandprosper

        And speaking of illegals…DECD is going international with their express business give-away that has worked SO WELL with domestic companies.
        Perhaps Cate Smith needs some travel time?
        Maybe they can pitch Nigeria for future Earl O’garro’s…
        You tax dollars hard at work, thanks to Danny Malloy and his grand visions.

  • JMC

    Jon, the non-productive Dem base has to be given its free stuff so they’ll turn out to vote Blue. The diminishing Middle Class will henceforth have to pay its own way. That means it will pay more in tuition for its own sons and daughters at UConn. But first it will have to pay everybody elses bills too. It’s like your phone or utility bill. Do we hear anything about the $130 million per year EITC (initiated 2011) being reduced? Of course not. And so with similar programs ad infinitum. The $.04 cent tax increase on gasoline a few years back went into… (drumroll) the General Fund, not for roads and bridges. Now all of a sudden Sen. Chris Murphy (D CT), who helped wreck this state as a CT legislator but has since beamed up and out in time to reach the DC Beltway and a lifetime job, says we here in CT need a new gas tax for infrastructure. I said years ago on this blog that the Dems would come after the Middle Class. And since the Middle Class is diminishing while the deadbeats wax, the Middle Class is ripe for plundering. The Middle Class is declining and so is its voting power. Just like public school teachers. And so they can be pillaged. I noticed a stack of CT voter registration applications in the US Post Office today. Just say you’re a citizen and you’re registered to vote in CT. Maybe it’s time to extend the franchise and print the registration forms on rolls of TP.

  • buygoldandprosper

    This is the Stamford that Danny ruled over. He set the bar… posting a link does not work but check The Advocate for the full article. Read it. Danny approved BEAMERS, a strip club. Martin went with OTB.

    “A year and a half ago, city officials raced to approve an off-track betting parlor for downtown Stamford.
    It had to be among the fastest proposals ever set on a Board of Representatives track.
    May 12, 2014: The board’s Steering Committee places it on the agenda for the following month.
    May 27, 2014: The Land Use Committee hears the proposal, holds a public hearing and passes it in one night.”

    Danny has failed pretty much at everything but for raising taxes, spending on his failed “visions” (and pork for friends, of course), gambling, liquor sales, pot and numerous other silly and dangerous
    Good news! The lottery is ahead of forecasts! When KENO finally gets going, feeding on those who can least afford to lose, Danny can have more spendable cash for the GF.

    OT– He looks like he is coloring his hair now and attempting a friendlier demeanor with boots and denim.That works out West. Not here. Enough with the Christie bashing! Old,old news… Malloy should start attacking Ganim,. While he is the poster boy for Dan’s SECOND CHANCE SOCIETY, like MALLOY, he makes us all look bad.

  • buygoldandprosper

    Finch took one right out of Danny’s RETROACTIVE playbook:

    “In one of his final acts as mayor based on inaction by the City Council, Bill Finch authorized retroactive pay increases for dozens of discretionary appointees–about a dozen of whom received termination letters on Monday in anticipation of Joe Ganim’s arrival as mayor–that some outgoing city employees described as a nice departure bonus of more than $10,000 packed into their Monday paychecks including Finch who benefited from his action”
    The stink from Bridgeport is wafting, wafting, wafting…
    Mayor Testa,errrrr Ganim, is Connecticut PERSONIFIED!

  • buygoldandprosper

    “It’s very symbolic,” said another municipal employee who did not wish to be identified. “It’s all people are talking about today. ‘The escalators are back on’!”
    Ganim turned on the escalators and the FREE RIDE is the talk of the town.
    A felon who could not get a job is now mayor of Connecticut’s
    biggest city and welfare capital. The only difference between Danny and Ganim and Giordano and others is that Danny never got caught.
    Pretty much says it all about the Nutmeg State.