Campaign Finance Violations will follow Bronin (Win or Lose)

Call it Pay-to-Play or Play and Pay…

Greenwich native and Hartford mayoral wannabee Luke Bronin has not only run the most expensive mayoral campaign in Connecticut history, but his campaign that has made a mockery of Connecticut’s Campaign Finance Laws.

Win or lose, Luke Bronin will be facing the State Elections Enforcement Commission to address his significant and far-reaching violations of the State’s laws about who can donate and how campaign donation’s must be reported.

As part of his unprecedented effort to buy the Hartford Mayor’s Office, Bronin and his political operation violated numerous provisions of the Connecticut’s election laws including the failure to properly disclose contributions from lobbyists and from companies and individuals who have contracts with the City of Hartford.

As Bronin’s campaign finance reports indicate, his campaign failed to accurately identify more than 80 percent of the lobbyists who donated to his campaign and well over 100 individuals who have contracts with the City of Hartford.

The reports suggest that Bonin and his campaign have also violated even more significant provisions of the law.

Any issues that have not already been raised in complaints to the State Elections Enforcement Commission will be included in a wrap-up complaint that will be filed with the state authority in the next couple of days.

Interestingly, while the breadth of campaign violations are obvious, the Hartford Court chose not to cover the issue at all.

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  • buygoldandprosper

    Danny will smooth it all out tomorrow. Perhaps Mr. Golub can take the case, AFTER he wraps the current SEEC inquiry.
    WHEW!! I sure am glad Danny called for monitors in Bridgeport…he sure did not care back in 2010. And he did not se a need in the last election, up in Hartford.
    Dan Malloy and. Luke Bronin. Poster boys for CORRUPTICUT.

    • buygoldandprosper

      “I think the Hartford race was the primary,” Malloy, who lives and votes in Hartford, said. “I don’t want to discourage anybody from getting out to vote . . . but I think Luke ran a great primary campaign.”
      Sort of says it all…