Bronin reports another $174,000 collected with seven days to go until Election Day

Having already spent a record-breaking $1 million to try and buy himself the mayor’s job in Hartford, Dannel Malloy wannabee, political newcomer and Greenwich native Luke Bronin has raised another $174,000 for his campaign effort according to a campaign finance report filed with the Hartford Town Clerk late yesterday afternoon.

Bronin and the Hartford Stadium Developers

Bronin’s latest collection plate overflows with another $11,750 from the developers of Hartford’s new Dunkin Donuts Yard Goats Baseball Stadium.  The latest bundle of stadium money comes in addition to the thousands of dollars Bronin had already raised from those whose who are directly benefiting financially from the stadium contract.  (See: And now Luke Bronin is collecting big bucks from developers of the Hartford Dunkin’ Donuts Stadium)  The additional bundle of checks to pay for Luke Bronin’s political aspirations includes a $1,000 check from lead developer Bob Landino.

Having sharply criticized the stadium project earlier in the campaign, Bronin waited until after the reporting deadline for the September 16, 2015 Democratic primary to start collecting the big money from contractors hired to build the new baseball stadium.

However, in recent weeks, Bronin has more than made up for lost time, raising tens of thousands of dollars from DONO developers including Centerplan Development, Centerplan Construction Company, JCJ Architecture, Freeman Companies, BETA, McDowell Jewett and Greenskies Renewable Energy.

The Hartford Stadium contributions to Luke Bronin come at the same time that the stadium developers are seeking permission to postpone ground breaking for Phase II of the DONO project which was supposed to include the grocery store, retail and housing portions of the development plan.  The developers are also asking to reduce the amount of housing to make room for a new hotel that they’d like to build instead.

Luke Bronin’s wife, Sarah Bronin, is the chairperson of the Hartford Planning and Zoning Commission and a special meeting of the Commission has been scheduled for Wednesday, November 4, 2015 (The day after Election Day) to review and approve the stadium developer’s request.

Bronin and the Constitution Plaza Developers

Bronin’s latest campaign report also includes another $1,000 from Abul Islam, the CEO and President of AI Engineers, Inc., the company behind the $17 million publicly subsidized project to build more upscale apartments in downtown Hartford. (See: Once home to WFSB Channel 3 – the upscale apartment project is now a source of campaign donations for Luke Bronin.  This is the second $1,000 check for Bronin from Abul Islam.  (State law allows a mayoral candidate to take $1,000 per person unless there is a primary in which case they can collect a second $1,000 check.)

Bronin and Lobbyist Money

More lobbyist money is also flowing into Bronin’s campaign and his campaign continues to violate Connecticutstate law by failing to properly identify whether a donor is a lobbyist or a member of a lobbyist’s family.  (See: Luke Bronin hauls in Lobbyist cash, generates multiple violations of CT Campaign Finance Law.)

In addition to the massive amount of lobbyist money previously collected, Bronin’s latest report indicates that he has raised thousands more from those who are paid to influence public policy.  Again, more than half of the lobbyists who have donated to Bronin’s campaign are not properly identified as such.

Bronin and Downes Construction

When it comes to getting construction contracts from the City of Hartford, few companies have been as successful as New Britain’s Downes Construction.  The company has built many of Hartford’s new schools and has been involved in a number of other city-related construction projects.  While contributions to Luke Bronin’s campaign from executives and employees of Downes Construction have trickled in during the campaign, the faucet really started to gush in recent weeks with four executives from Downes Construction, including company president John Downes, providing Bronin with a second round of $1,000 checks.

A number of other city contractors also made second round donation’s prior to the close of the latest reporting period.