Outside money turns Hartford Democratic Town Committee into a Luke Bronin slush fund

Thanks to the behind-the-scenes involvement of Governor Dannel Malloy and some of Connecticut’s power elite, on Monday, July 27, 2015 the Hartford Democratic Town Committee endorsed Luke Bronin to be the Democratic Party’s nominee for Mayor rather than sticking with Democratic incumbent Mayor, Pedro Segarra.

That same day, Dorothy Bronin of Stamford and Andrew and Rita Bronin of Greenwich each wrote $2,000 checks made out to the Hartford Democratic Town Committee.

Over the following weeks, donors from Greenwich, Connecticut dropped another $15,500 into the Hartford Democratic Town Committee’s coffers.  An additional $13,000 arrived from New Yorkers, $8,000 from California donors and large donations from individuals in Nevada, Pennsylvania and Florida added at least $8,000 more.  Most of the checks were written for the maximum allowable contribution of $2,000 per person and many had already given the maximum legal amount to Luke Bronin’s campaign committee.

Although the Hartford Democratic Party reported no itemized contributions from January 1, 2015 through July 24, 2015, according to the Committee’s most recent campaign finance report that was filed earlier this week with the Connecticut State Elections Enforcement Commission, the Hartford Democrats have raised more than $84,000 raised since Party establishment refused to support the city’s incumbent Puerto Rican Mayor and replaced him on the Democratic Party line with a wealthy, privileged candidate from Greenwich who has never run for office or been involved in municipal government.

The massive influx of campaign cash is particularly telling since over the past five election cycles, the Hartford Democratic Town Committee has never spent more than about $16,000 in a local campaign year.

Campaign Contributions flowing through the HARTFORD DEMOCRATIC TOWN COMMITTEE

Campaign Year Campaign War Chest
2015 $84,000+
2013 $16,500
2011 $11,605
2009 $2,430
2007 $5,151


In addition to the massive level of donations from out-of-state contributors, the Hartford Democratic Town Committee has also received more than $10,500 from wealthy donors who live in West Hartford and thousands more from campaign contributors in other wealthy suburban communities.  State contractors and state lobbyists also wrote out large checks to the Hartford Democrats following their endorsement of Bronin.

Of the money spent by the Hartford Democratic Town Committee so far this fall, most of it appears to have gone toward Bronin’s “Get-Out-The-Vote” effort on primary day including $10,725.50 to an organization called Voices of Women of Color and $5,150 to Angel Morales who has faced a myriad of arrests, convictions and legal problems while serving as the Hartford Democratic Town Committee’s Secretary, an aide for the Connecticut Senate Democrats, a candidate for the legislature and a campaign worker in Hartford.

Considering a number of the largest donors to the Hartford Democratic Town Committee also gave the largest allowable contributions to Bronin’s own campaign committee, Bronin’s political operation was able to use a campaign finance loop hole to collect as much as $3,500 per person rather than the $1,500 per person that is allowed under Connecticut State Law.

With nearly $1 million raised as of two weeks ago and the majority of those funds coming from state contractors, lobbyists, out-of-state donors and contributors from his home town of Greenwich, Luke Bronin’s campaign for Mayor of Hartford had already become the most expensive mayoral campaign in state history.

Like Governor Dannel Malloy, Luke Bronin is making a mockery of Connecticut’s campaign finance laws.

Not surprisingly, Luke Bronin and Dannel Malloy have the same set of campaign advisers and many of the same campaign donors, contributors who appear perfectly willing to do as directed to provide the two candidates with campaign donations that far exceed what state law intended to be legally appropriate.

Check back for more about on the state contractors, lobbyists and big money donors who have been pouring money into Malloy and Bronin’s campaign operations.

  • Sleepless in Bridgeport

    I can’t understand why Danny Boy is pushing Luke the Duke who is obviously being groomed as the next CT Democratic Governor candidate. Is Luke stupid enough to think the Governorship of our great state can be bought and paid for? If Ganim can resurface in Bridgeport then look out CT for a Rowland redux.

    A must view, City Wars Bridgeport, The Race for Mayor: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49C_TXDE36U)

  • wr

    If state contractors donated to the DTC that would be illegal and worthy of a SEEC complaint.

  • StillWatching2

    Rowland Redux?!? Not likely! My money would be on Ganim turning in a lackluster mayoral performance before getting the Governor position which sets him up to replace Hillary at the end of her time in the White House! All he will need is a “Family Foundation” to manage his money…

  • buygoldandprosper

    Look at the names of contributors.
    Little Luke is bought and paid for.
    He is following the leaders Dan Malloy’s shit-encrusted boots
    into Corrupticut politics.
    And the rest of the state will continue to pay to keep Hartford on life support.

  • buygoldandprosper

    Dan Malloy is John Rowland, lite.
    The fellow from Greenwich was a very good roll of the dice (he had a nicer yacht than Danny) but you idiots chose Danny and his spinmeisters.
    Such a tiny little state with such promise…
    Coulda, shoulda, woulda…
    And don’t forget Cathy’s cool job (shared sacrifice) at GHAC.
    And don’t forget his spawn’s gig at Infinity…
    And don’t forget any number of “deals” made by Danny at your expense. Always at your expense.
    Deep pockets. Short arms Malloy.