Bronin Wins Hartford Democratic Primary for Mayor declaring – “We Did It.”

Promising to plow all the snow off Hartford’s streets, cut taxes, expand city services, create jobs, properly fund the public schools and provide corporate welfare to any company that is thinking of leaving or coming to Hartford, Greenwich native and Golden Boy Luke Bronin has defeated Harford Mayor Pedro Segarra in Hartford’s Democratic Primary.

Thanks to Democrat Governor Dannel and the financial advantage that comes with the most expensive mayoral campaign in Connecticut history, Bronin and Malloy can now brag that they successfully took down the only Puerto Rican mayor of a major city in the fifty states.

A look back on Bronin’s path to victory reveals;

Bronin violated Connecticut campaign finance law by accepting illegal corporate contributions, a violation that should result in a fine from the Connecticut State Elections Commission.

Bronin’s wife Sarah Bronin not only violated Connecticut’s campaign finance law, but Connecticut’s State Ethics Laws, an action that should lead to her being suspended without pay from her job as a professor at the UConn School of Law.

Bronin lied to Hartford voters and the media about how long he had lived in the city, claiming that he was in Hartford from 2006-2009 when, in fact, he was living in India and Washington DC for almost half of that time.

Bronin claimed he would be Hartford’s “Education Mayor” and was ready to take control of the Hartford Board of Education, while deciding to send his two school-aged children to a private school in West Hartford.

Bronin attacked Mayor Pedro Segarra for raising taxes, going so far as to blame Segarra for the fact that city tax assessments “keep going up,” as if it was Segarra’s fault that property values were finally improving after the Great Recession.   This attack from a candidate who purchased a Hartford Brownstone for $400,000 in 2012, added hundreds of thousands of dollars in renovations and yet is still paying taxes in 2015-2016 on a house that is assessed at a value of $110,000

As for Bronin’s claim that Segarra raised taxes, Bronin failed to admit that the 2.5 Mill rate increase that did take place was approved by the Hartford City Council and was well below the tax increases that have taken place in neighboring towns.

In his misleading direct mail pieces to voters, Bronin falsely claimed that Segarra “has failed to maintain adequate police staffing levels” and “he cut the number of cops.”  But that statement is a lie.  The truth is that the total position count (sworn officers plus civilian non-sworn personnel) in the police department was 464 in FY 2014, 466 in FY2015 and is now at 521 in the FY2016 city budget.  In addition, as Bronin is aware, 27 more police positions are funded by the federal COPS (Community Oriented Policing Services) program.

Bronin also campaigned claiming that Segarra had cut “more (than $1.6 million) from our classrooms” and that “he cut school funding.”  Neither statement was true.  Hartford’s school budget for FY2014 was $283,008,188, for FY 2015 was $284,008,188 and in FY2016 is $284,008,188.  What did occur was a series of new mandates and requirements that came down from the State Department of Education that related to “turnaround” schools without sufficient state resources to adequately fund them.

And in perhaps the most idiotic claim of all, having served for two years as Governor Dannel Malloy’s Chief Counsel, Bronin was quick to try and take credit for Malloy’s “2nd Chance Initiative” while ducking any responsibility for the fact that Malloy and the Democrats who control the Connecticut General Assembly have failed to properly fund Connecticut’s school funding formula or the state’s PILOT grant, a move that has directly hurt Hartford.

Bronin went so far as to criticize Segarra saying, “The mayor should be fighting at the State Capitol for how PILOT is funded,” when Hartford did exactly that while Bronin was utterly silent while sitting at Malloy’s right arm.

But as the dust settles on Hartford’s 2015 Democratic Primary, the reality becomes ever clearer; the truth plays but a minor role in modern American politics.

Democrat Governor Dannel Malloy was intent on installing Luke Bronin as mayor of Hartford, even it meant undermining and alienating Connecticut’s Latino voters … and that is exactly what has happened.

In the Malloy/Bronin world, to the victor go the spoils.

If you really want to know who will benefit should Luke Bronin become Hartford’s mayor, the answer can be found in the long list of state contractors, lobbyists and political elite whose names appear on Bronin’s campaign finance forms.

  • Sleepless in Bridgeport

    $ did it!

  • GE2L2R

    “But as the dust settles on Hartford’s 2015 Democratic Primary, the reality becomes ever clearer; the truth plays but a minor role in modern American politics.”

    Plays or “p ays” . . . What the “L”? The “L”atter is probably closer to what is actually happening in American politics – truth no longer pays – a loss for the city, state and country