Malloy playing key role in the effort to unseat Pedro Segarra and install Luke Bronin as Hartford’s Mayor

With “challenger” Luke Bronin’s campaign on track to become the most expensive mayoral campaign in Connecticut history, the Hartford Democratic primary has become much more than simply a battle between the two opposing candidates – Mayor Pedro Segarra and political newcomer Luke Bronin.

Of the many interesting factors impacting next week’s Democratic Primary for Mayor in Hartford is the role Governor Dannel Malloy is playing on behalf of his former aide, Luke Bronin.

In addition to anti-Segarra comments Governor Malloy’s spokesperson has made about Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra, a review of Luke Bronin’s campaign finance reports reveal that while Bronin has raised considerable amounts of money from out-of-state and from his hometown of Greenwich, Bronin’s massive financial advantage is due, in no small part, from the money Bronin has raised from Malloy’s gubernatorial staff, former members of Malloy’s campaign staff, Malloy’s political appointees and Malloy’s campaign contributors.

From a national perspective, the connection between Malloy and Bronin’s successful campaign fundraising is particularly noteworthy since Pedro Segarra is the only Puerto Rican mayor of a large city in the continental United States.

In addition to his duties here in Connecticut, Governor Dannel Malloy will become the Chairman of the Democratic Governors Association (DGA) in just a few months.   In that role Malloy’s duty will be to raise money for the various Democratic candidates running for governor in 2016, while helping to get out the vote on behalf of the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate. Malloy has already been to New Hampshire to campaign for Hilary Clinton.

Considering the incredible importance of Hispanic and Latino voters across the nation, Malloy’s involvement in helping to take down a major Latino leader will certainly not go unnoticed.

While Malloy claims to be neutral in the Hartford mayor’s race, the list of Bronin’s donors speaks volumes about the connection Malloy and his campaign operatives have been playing in the Hartford race thus far.

The latest campaign finance reports from Hartford’s mayoral candidates are due today, but as of the July 1, 2015 report, Luke Bronin had raised $611,000.

Bronin’s donors list includes many individuals who presently work in Governor Malloy’s Office or worked on Malloy’s campaign, including Malloy’s former chief of staff, his former campaign manager, his former campaign treasurer, and other who presently work for Malloy or were paid employees during the 2010 and 2014 gubernatorial campaigns.

Bronin’s campaign donor list is also flush with more than 50 of Malloy political appointees, including many who are collecting six figure incomes after getting appointed to state jobs by Malloy over the past few years.  The list includes present and former state commissioners and deputy commissioners, executive assistants and appointees to various boards and commissions including the Parole Board, the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority and the Board of Regents.

Perhaps most telling of all is the extraordinary and unprecedented amount of donations that Luke Bronin has received from state lobbyists.

As of the last campaign report, at least 33 state lobbyists, along with a number of their spouses had given to Luke Bronin’s campaign.  The list includes many of the most influential names in the lobbying business.

While a handful of lobbyist donations to incumbent mayors and first selectman are not uncommon, the outpouring of campaign donations to Bronin, a mayoral challenger is unprecedented.

As the Hartford Courant reported in a story about the money influencing the Hartford Mayoral race last weekend,

“Nine of the lobbyist donors belong to the prominent lobbying firm Gaffney, Bennett & Associates, which held a fundraising cocktail reception at its New Britain offices in March. Employees there have contributed $2,575 to Bronin, according to campaign filings.”  Bronin’s donors from the firm include John Rowland’s former campaign manager and Chris Dodd’s closest advisor.

When asked by the Hartford Courant whose idea it was to hold the fundraiser for Bronin, Gaffney Bennett’s managing partner, Jay Malcynsky, responded, “I can’t remember, to be honest, what the circumstances were.”

Luke Bronin has also cashed in with those many of Malloy’s previous donors, especially those who have state contracts.

For example, The Konover Company, a real estate management firm that profits from state contracts poured at least $71,000 into Malloy’s 2014 campaign effort via the Democratic Party’s “Federal Account.”  Those same individuals are among Luke Bronin’s largest campaign contributors.

Another prime example of the Malloy/Bronin reach is the fact that Bronin has collected $4,000 from Anthony Gaglio, Anthony Gaglio Jr. and their spouses.

The Gaglios own Viking Construction Inc. a company that donated $63,500 to Malloy via what the Harford Courant called, “a controversial state Democratic Party federal account that supported Malloy’s re-election.”

Reporting on Viking Construction’s donations to Luke Bronin, the Hartford Courant explained,

“Calls to Viking were not returned Thursday or Friday. Viking, a major player in residential construction, was general contractor for an affordable housing development recently built in Darien in cooperation with Malloy and state economic development officials.

Bronin, responding to a question about the Gaglios’ contributions, said in an email Friday, “I was introduced to them by a supporter, and after sharing my vision for a vibrant Hartford, I was pleased to get their support.”

As previously reported here at Wait, What? another significant pool of money for Bronin’s effort to defeat Hartford’s incumbent mayor comes from Connecticut’s largest law firms, most of which also have lucrative state contracts.

Among the large law firms that have provided Bronin with campaign donations are Pullman & Comely; Updike, Kelly & Spellacy; Shipman & Goodwin; Murtha, Cullina; Day, Pitney and Robinson & Cole.

These same firms were instrumental in funding Malloy’s Democratic Party campaign slush fund with about $45,000 coming from Pullman & Comely, $30,000 from Updike, Kelly & Spellacy, $11,000 from Shipman & Goodwin, along with sizable donations from Day Pitney; Robinson & Cole and others.

Interestingly, Bronin’s campaign finance reports also show that he has also been able to cash in with the Democratic Party’s elite West Hartford donors, including $2,000 from West Hartford Deputy Mayor Shari Cantor and her husband and thousands more from other long-time West Hartford Democratic donors.

Of course, in addition to the campaign finance connection with Governor Dannel Malloy is Luke Bronin’s decision to hire Malloy’s former spokesperson, Andrew Doba, as his own Communications Director and his use of a number of campaign consultants that worked for Malloy’s campaign.

It is far too early to determine the political fallout from the Hartford mayor’s race, but as Latino and Hispanic leaders at the national level, and across the country, prepare for the 2016 campaign cycle, Governor Malloy’s efforts here in Connecticut to help unseat a major Latino leader will undoubtedly remain an issue of concern for the Democratic Party.

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  • buygoldndprosper

    Pedro deserves to be unemployed. He had an excellent opportunity to change Hartford and ate caviar instead. Now Little Luke is buying his seat, but we will all pay dearly for his “service”.
    Once again, this whole mess shows that Corrupticut is for sale and Dan Malloy is the biggest political whore this state has ever known.

  • Sleepless in Bridgeport

    que mala fortuna

  • Ralphiec88

    The real question is which choice will be better for Latinos and all the people of Hartford. Segarra has wasted their tax dollars on his mistakes and his cronies for years, and the city is not getting ahead.

  • Sleepless in Bridgeport

    The “real Question” is what kind of smarmy underhanded crooked deal has Malloy and his “team” cooked up? Surely Bronin is not destined to rule Hartford for long. Is he the new shining star of the Democrats destined to be Malloy’s successor? Las Vegas says “odds on”. Meanwhile he can do lots of Malloy style legislating. Charter Schools for all his Greenwich Hedge Fund brothers, Make sure Bill Gates and Broad get lots of dough re me for bogus tests that will disappear in a year or two. Coup de Tat for the Hartford Board of Ed. Hot tubs for all!

    Here is another “real question”. What in the hell is Danny Boy’s “plan” for Connecticut for when GE packs up and moves to Dallas and Sikorsky disappears from the banks of the Housatonic.

    Truth is the West Hartford’s and the Fairfield County elites don’t give a rat’s ass about what happens to the Bridgeport, Hartford, Waterbury, and New London schools. But they better start worrying when this state completes its crumbling act and refugees start moving from the Hollow to Greenfield Hill.

    • guest

      Absolutely being groomed to succeed Malloy. Real sick how political office can be purchased. Good reporting Jon.

  • buygoldandprosper

    I guess Looney and Sharkey were wrong about GE.
    That Dick, Blumenthal, is wrong about Iran. Maybe he is “mis-speaking” again, like he did about his Vietnam service?
    Murph the surf is a moron who is doing the Shay’s travel thing.
    Danny Malloy is rolling in graft and “influence” like the pig in shit that he is. HIS family is fully employed. His friends are all feeding at the trough. Life is good when you are a Malloy, I suppose. Or maybe Hartford is just a good place to feed.
    I can’t wait for Danny-the-Bagman to begin his DNG gig. He will really show the nation how stupid he is!
    As for this ass-wipe, Little Luke, Hartford deserves what it gets.

  • buygoldandprosper

    GAG ME!!! Off script my ass! Meanwhile, the Dem’s are holding a fundraiser down in Stamford. on 9-11 The only regrets Dan and his emoticon Lt. Gov. have are that they lost a few taxpayers on 9-11.
    “Speaking off script, Wyman said that Sept. 11 always had held a special, celebratory significance for her. It is her wedding anniversary. But on Friday she and her husband will not celebrate their 49th anniversary, just like they have not celebrated the date for the past 14 years. It doesn’t seem right, she said.
    “Some of you have been here every year, and some of you will be here every year” and long as they live, Malloy said.
    “Know that your state and your fellow citizens love you,” he added.”