Luke “The Job Creator” Bronin didn’t even create jobs when he could…

Luke Bronin is violating Connecticut campaign finance law.

Luke Bronin is lying about when he lived in Hartford.

Luke Bronin isn’t even paying his fair share in Hartford property taxes.

And now Greenwich Native Luke Bronin is “going negative” in his campaign against Mayor Pedro Segarra, sending out misleading mailings to the voters of Hartford.

Claiming he’ll be  positive force for Hartford, the newcomer is spending his massive campaign war chest belittling Hartford’s mayor with attacks in mailings, in press releases and on television.  Many of his attacks have been misleading, but that hasn’t stopped Luke Bronin.

In a recent debate, Bronin attacked Segarra for not getting enough state aid from Bronin’s former boss, Governor Dannel Malloy and then claimed that Segarra wasn’t doing enough to get city residents employed at state-funded construction sites.

Bronin yelped,

“I walk by that site, I don’t see an awful lot of Hartford residents working on that job right now.”

This from a man who failed to use Hartford contractors when completely renovated his Hartford Brownstone in 2012-2013.  A renovation that took a year and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

When a whole construction project was in his sole control the man who wants to lead Hartford hired more than a dozen major contractors… AND only one lived in Hartford.

As we know, in the real world, politicians love to say one thing and do another.

Luke Bronin has made it painfully clear that he is nothing but a modern politician.