Luke Bronin – Truth optional when trying to become Mayor of Hartford

Greenwich native Luke Bronin moved to Hartford and now wants to be the city’s next mayor.

Bronin’s goal is to defeat the only big city Puerto Rican mayor in continental United States.

The problem is that Luke Bronin just won’t be honest with the people of Hartford.

He certainly hasn’t come clean about himself or his campaign.

Having raised a record amount of money to fund his political aspirations, he has failed to take ownership of the fact that about a third of his donations come from out-of-state donors and well over $50,000 has poured in from his hometown of Greenwich.

More importantly, Luke Bronin hasn’t even told the truth about his time in Hartford.

As the Hartford Courant reported;

“We lived here from 2006 to 2009, and then I was in D.C. “ Luke Bronin, Candidate for Mayor

But that isn’t really true…

In fact, it is not even close to being the truth.

Bronin wants to make it seem like he lived in Hartford in 2006, but didn’t even take the job of Chief of Staff to the President & COO of the Hartford Finance Services Group until the fall of 2006 and of more consequence, he was gone by October 2008, when he headed off to India to work as a Council on Foreign Affairs Fellow at the Centre for Insurance and Risk Management in Chennai, India. Bronin cut that job short in April 2009 to take a position at the United States Department of Treasury in Washington D.C.

In addition, while Bronin now claims that he was “living” in Hartford from 2006 – 2009, legal documents say otherwise.

Bronin says he was living in Hartford in 2006…but according to federal and state campaign finance reports he listed his Greenwich, Connecticut home as his official address when he made a $1,750 campaign contribution to Dannel Malloy’s 2006 campaign for governor.

And while now telling Hartford voters that he was living in Hartford in 2007… Bronin again listed his Greenwich estate as his home address when making campaign contributions to Christopher Dodd and Barack Obama that year.

By June 2009… while still claiming he was living in Hartford, he was not only working in
Washington D.C. but he was already reporting his address on campaign finance reports as an apartment in the historic Woodward Building, a location which advertises itself as a series of luxury apartments one block from the White House, with 24 hour concierge service as well as a 24 hour state-of-the-art fitness center, business center, and valet garage parking.

Just a few months later, in November 2009, Bronin and his wife purchased a “a three-bedroom, four-bath home in the Washington D.C. neighborhood of Georgetown from Missouri Congressman Roy Blunt for $1.53 million.

Four years later, when Bronin actually headed to Hartford to become Dannel Malloy’s chief counsel, he sold that property to a fellow high-ranking Air Force official for nearly $1.9 million.

The truth is that Luke Bronin is on a mission to become Hartford’s mayor, it is a mission funded by people from around the nation and equally clear is that Luke Bronin is not only failing to follow Connecticut campaign finance laws but he isn’t even willing to be honest and truthful with the people of Hartford.

For more about Bronin’s campaign finance issues start with:  Luke Bronin breaking the law with illegal corporate in-kind contributions

  • buygoldandprosper

    Let’s do the CORRUPTICUT LIMBO!!!!
    How low can we go?!
    A state with a reputation of a highly educated workforce, no jobs and the dumbest voters in the nation.

  • buygoldandprosper

    Speaking of the idiots in Greenwich (note, a town resident is head of the Ct. Lottery?),they have a plan…unlike the other towns:

  • buygoldandprosper

    Speaking of Hartford…how is that GHAC position working out for Cathy Malloy? I recall that she worked her way up from the Stamford Mall to the Rape Crisis Center, leaving Stamford making in excess of $87,145. The person who took over for her made $53,911 and actually had qualifications, unlike Cathy.
    Do you think Danny had something to do with her salary or the sweet position she snagged in the second worst economic disaster in out nations history?
    Do you wonder why politicians at the local level are so corrupt when, clearly, voters seem to elect the most venal politicians money can buy on the state level?
    CORRUPTICUT. Land of opportunity and SHARED SACRIFICE.

  • buygoldandprosper

    Forget about it Pedro…acting like a man, now, is hopeless. You had a good shot but blew it. I mean, you screwed up your chance as mayor.
    get ready to sell insurance with Eddie Perez. Maybe you can take over Earl Ogarra’s book.

    “I think to the extent that anyone tries to unseat me, they would not look kindly on that individual or set of individuals,” Segarra said.”

  • Greg

    “Bronin’s goal is to defeat the only big city Puerto Rican mayor in continental United States”

    Here we go again, lets play the Boricua card for a mayor that has failed miserably at his job running the city. Can we at least judge Pedro on his merits, or lack thereof without giving him a pass for simply being Latino?

    It’s like expectations for leadership are lower because he’s a minority. That’s Racist!

    • jonpelto

      This campaign is not about judging Hartford’s mayor, if it was there would be a Hartford candidate. Let’s not fool ourselves. This is about power politics. Annie incumbent deserves to be challenged but that’s not what’s going on Hartford. Yes there is racism or at least discrimination in and it’s coming from Bronin and those were really pushing his candidacy

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