More and More and More out-of-state campaign money pours into Hartford for Bronin

Going once…

Going twice…


And Hartford goes to the High Bidder, Luke Bronin!

Or so Bronin and his allies believe.

With Hartford’s 2015 mayoral campaign ramping up, despite having never run for office and lacking any experience with municipal government, Luke Bronin has already raised a record amount of money.

Nearly all of the contributions come from people who live outside of Hartford and much of it has been donated by people who don’t even live in Connecticut.

Of course, for starters there was the $54,525 in donations from his home town of Greenwich (See: Luke Bronin – Buying Hartford with the help of Greenwich money)

And then comes the out-of-state money.

At least $84,210 from New Yorkers (See: Big Money flowing through Bronin’s New York to Hartford pipeline)

Add $29,205 in contributions from people who live in Washington, D.C.

$16,459 from California donors

Floridians have kicked in another $16,545

$12,190 from Massachusetts residents

Virginia donors have sent $9,240

$8,860 from Texans

Rhode Islanders have donated $8,550

$8,375 from Marylanders

New Jersey residents have been good for $4,685

$4,625 from Pennsylvania donors

And that doesn’t even include the campaign donations from Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, Delaware, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana,  Louisiana, Minnesota, Michigan, Montana, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma,  Oregon, Washington State, Vermont, Wisconsin, and overseas.

In just the first 150 days of the campaign, nearly 600 people from outside of Connecticut have given a total of almost $220,000 to help Greenwich’s Luke Bronin buy the mayor’s office in Hartford, Connecticut.

It makes you wonder….

  • buygoldndprosper

    That is clearly the result of Dan Malloy, and others, pimping on his behalf.
    Corrupticut. Land of steady habits and criminal politicians.

  • buygoldandprosper

    And speaking of criminals, what is Danny attempting to hide?
    I said it while he was mayor in Stamford. The man is a criminal. The whole family thinks they are exempt from the laws that the ret of us live by.

    “The SEEC has only taken such an action a few times, the last time 17 years ago, and perhaps never in as prominent a way – with its focus on documents showing communications between a sitting governor and his political lieutenants concerning campaign tactics by the Democratic Party in its victorious election effort last year.
    At the center of the conflict are Connecticut’s clean-election laws that were enacted a decade ago after the corruption scandal that sent former Gov. John G. Rowland, a Republican, to federal prison.”

  • buygoldandprosper

    A “non-traditional” high school. As long as the teachers are in the union, I guess it is OK.

    Is it all about union jobs or is it about the kids? Everyone points the finger and lays blame, but in the end I suppose we only have ourselves to blame…not that anyone will accept any blame.
    Anyway. Spooky. Stamford has a couple of the same sort of
    “feel good” place holding situations. They are nothing but holding pens and then Danny will give them a “second chance” down the road…

  • Greg

    “And Hartford goes to the High Bidder, Luke Bronin!”

    And yet you don’t consider the actual residents of Hartford need to elect him into office, and by that statement insult their intelligence for not being able to potentially NOT elect him.

    Idk, pick one: either 1. the residents of Hartford are smart enough to choose who should run their own city, or 2. they’re too stupid to know better and will vote in the carpetbagging white boy because he’s anointed by Malloy and The Party they’re just a big flock of sheeple bubbling in the box their white overlords tell them to.

    By your tone it’s the latter, and that’s racist. ya know…80% minority in the city or something like that.

    And Pedro deserves no special protections because he’s both the Mayor and Puerto Rican. The man barely runs the city, and that’s being generous, and he needs to (finally) held to account. But I guess that’s racist too, so nevermind.