Ridiculing Latino Leaders says volumes about Luke Bronin’s Campaign for Mayor of Hartford

Last Saterday Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez (D-NY), the first Puerto Rican woman to be elected to the United States House of Representatives, the first Hispanic woman to serve as a Ranking Member of a full House committee and the immediate past Chair of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus came to Harford to endorse Mayor Pedro Segarra’s re-election campaign for mayor.

Segarra is the only Puerto Rican mayor of a major city in the continental United States.

But in a disgusting Fox News like moment, Governor Dannel Malloy’s former spokesperson, who is now working as the mouthpiece of Hartford mayoral candidate Luke Bronin, responded to the news with an insulting and disingenuous diatribe that spoke volumes about Luke Bronin and his neo-colonialist attempt to become Hartford’s leader.

When interviewed for a Connecticut Latino News article entitled, “National Latino Political Leaders Focus On Hartford Mayoral Race,” Luke Bronin’s PR person mocked the twelve term congresswoman saying,

“With all due respect to Congresswoman Velazquez, the mayor’s campaign is becoming increasingly erratic.  One minute, he’s decrying outsiders, the next minute he’s bringing them in to help with his struggling campaign.”

News Flash #1 to Luke Bronin;

It is one thing to move to Hartford, run for mayor, raise record-breaking amounts of money from out-of-state and Greenwich residents and claim you are ready to lead a city whose population is majority Hispanic and where 80 percent of the residents are minority … despite NEVER having substantively involved in local government, never having run for office and never even having attended a public school.

It is something very different when one of the most respected and highest ranking Puerto Rican officials in the nation comes to Hartford to endorse a colleague who she has worked with on a number of projects including the historic national Latino and Hispanic Get-Out-The-Vote on effort on behalf of President Obama.

News Flash #2 to Luke Bronin;

For someone who has attended the most exclusive private schools in the nation and the world and thus “MUST” be very smart, it is beyond incredibly stupid to allow your campaign to attack a successful and dynamic member of Congress because she is dedicated to helping other Puerto Rican, Hispanic and Latino leaders.

Your campaign’s inappropriate tactic was the exact opposite of what would expect from a campaign that claims to be about issues.

You personally owe Congresswoman Velazquez and Mayor Segarra an apology and you’d do well to kick your spokesperson to the curb, especially considering he is also the paid representative of the charter school industry in Connecticut.  Using him reiterates the growing reality that you are little more than a creation of Dannel Malloy.

Finally, considering your campaign finance reports indicate no payments to your spokesperson’s New York based PR company, you and your campaign are engaging in a serious campaign violation by using his services without compensation.  It is called an illegal corporate campaign contribution and it calls for action by the State Elections Enforcement Commission.

But above all else, allowing your spokesperson’s outrageous comments to stand reveals just how little respect you have for the real people of Hartford.

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  • buygoldandprosper

    Luke is a perfect example of shit rolling downhill, into the cesspool aka Hartford.
    While Pedro is an absolute failure and possibly as corrupt as his predecessor, who in their right minds would vote for either one of them?!
    Luke is a Malloy stooge. Part of Big Dan’s plan to crush anyone who is not “on board” with the junk heap called the Malloy Machine.
    The only thing missing is a Mustang or a hot tub.
    CORRUPTICUT. Will it ever end?

  • R.L.

    “It is called an illegal corporate campaign contribution and it calls for action by the State Elections Enforcement Commission.” The State Elections Enforcement Commission doesn’t appear to respond to calls for action.