Big Money flowing through Bronin’s New York to Hartford pipeline

Forget the notion of a high-speed train from New York to New Haven to Hartford, there is already a big money pipeline that is carrying unprecedented amounts of campaign cash from New York to Hartford.

In fact, Luke Bronin’s audacious plan of moving to Hartford and defeating the nation’s only major city Latino mayor has been getting a huge boost thanks to that flow of campaign funds from New York.

In just his first two campaign finance reporting periods, Bronin has collected $84,210 from New Yorkers including 55 individual who made out checks for $1,000, the maximum contribution allowed by law, and another 30 New Yorkers who wrote out $500 checks to the mayoral wannabee.

Bronin’s hometown of Greenwich (See Luke Bronin – Buying Hartford with the help of Greenwich money) and the money he has raised from New York has padded Bronin mayoral campaign war chest by nearly $140,000.

Considering Hartford’s population is about 125,000, there are less than 50,000 voters, fewer than 35,000 Democrats and the total number of participants in the September Democratic primary may not even exceed 5,000, Bronin has already collected about $28 per primary voter from New York and Greenwich residents alone, and over $132 per primary voter in total… and his fundraising operation remains in full swing.

Headed into the September Democratic Primary, incumbent Mayor Pedro Segarra has about $110,000 available for his campaign activities, according to his most recent campaign finance report, which is far less than Bronin has collected just from Greenwich and New York.

In total, Bronin raised over $660,000 since he announced his campaign in January 2015 and reported that he had more than $500,000 on hand as of July 1.

As of July 1, Bronin had already held fundraisers in New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and Providence.

  • Sleepless in Bridgeport


    BIG SALE TODAY…….City of Hartford Mayor, State Director of the DMV, State of Connecticut Big Buck Do Nothing Jobs, Paid State Board of Education Positions, Press Spokesmen, Manure Shovelers, Ex-Conn’s Welcome to Apply. Just send money to Dannel P Malloy care of “The Malloy Family Trust and Vacation Fund”.

    Hey Danny………remember Rudy Blagojevich from Chicago? He went to jail for selling jobs. You ain’t Amazon my brother!

  • buygoldandprosper

    The enemy is within:

    “The Hartford Federation of Teachers has endorsed Democrat Luke Bronin in his fight to unseat Mayor Pedro Segarra.”
    While NOBODY with even just a few brain cells can vote for Pedro, Luke is a Malloy Brown-noser who will add to Hartford’s woes.
    CORRUPTICUT. Land of steady habits.