Blumenthal and Murphy vote NO on parents’ right to opt out of Common Core testing

In an astonishing display of utter disregard for Connecticut’s public students and parents, Connecticut’s two United States Senators, Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy, voted against an amendment that would have recognized a parents’ right to protect their child from the unfair, inappropriate and discriminatory Common Core testing scam.

Although a day doesn’t go by that Dick Blumenthal and Chris Murphy don’t hold a press conference, issue a press release, send out an email or Tweet some statement about how they are fighting for Connecticut’s citizens, when they had the opportunity to stand with Connecticut’s parents and public school advocates they voted NO!

Blumenthal and Murphy VOTED NO to an amendment that would have required school districts to notify parents about federally mandated assessments (the massive common core testing program) and would have made it clear that parents may opt their children out of the test.

Refusing to recognize a parents inalienable right to protect their children from a testing scheme designed to fail the vast majority of Connecticut’s public school children, Blumenthal and Murphy both voted NO on Senate Amendment 2162 to Senate Amendment 2089 to S. 1177 (Every Child Achieves Act of 2015).

In addition to requiring that parents be notified about the testing, the language of the amendment stated;

“[U]pon the request of the parent of a child made…for any reason or no reason at all stated by the parent, a State shall allow the child to opt out of the assessments described in this paragraph. Such an opt-out, or any action related to that opt-out, may not be used by the Secretary, the State, any State or local agency, or any school leader or employee as the basis for any corrective action, penalty, or other consequence against the parent, the child, any school leader or employee, or the school.”

According to the Washington Post story entitled, Senate rejects plan to allow parents to opt out of standardized tests

“Current law requires school districts to ensure that 95 percent of children take the exams, a provision meant to ensure that administrators don’t encourage low performers to stay home on exam day. The Senate bill mandates 95 percent participation of students who are required to be tested, but allows states to decide whether children who opt out are among those who are required to be tested.

But under the House bill, parents who opt their children out of tests would not be counted in the participation rate of any state, effectively removing them from the accountability system altogether. Democrats and civil rights groups opposed that provision, saying it opened a loophole to hide achievement gaps.”

With different versions in the House and Senate, a Conference Committee will be needed to negotiate a final master bill.  That piece of legislation will then come up for a final vote before going to President Obama for his signature or veto.

It is beyond disturbing that self-described “champions of the people” would vote against such an important and fair amendment.

  • Linda174

    And look who supported and pushed for this. DFER pays, Chris and Dick obey.

  • ReTired

    Self serving politicians! Voters need to start cleaning house with each new upcoming election-and not just at the Federal level either!

  • Bill Morrison

    This means that I will not vote for either of them in the next elections.

    • StillWatching2

      Good luck! I didn’t vote for them last time but someone did…

      Hopefully enough people will realize ANY change is better rather then fall back on Party Reflex next election…

    • Dodd Flea

      What a joke. You will vote for the worst Republican or Democrat.

  • StillWatching2

    Thank them for this step towards increasing HOME SCHOOLING ! 🙂 Parents can always just opt out of the WHOLE MESS!

  • R.L.

    Senator Blumenthal/Murphy,
    I am writing to you to tell you how utterly disappointed I am that you voted no in regard to the senate bill recognizing the rights of parents opt their students out of the insane regiment of standardized tests that is being forced on school children throughout the country by federal and state governments. I have voted for you in the past and can assure you that if you do not change your stance with regard to the corporate education reform agenda, I will not vote for you again. There has grown a great discrepancy between what democrats have generally become, corporate servants who resemble old school republicans, and what they propose to be. I for one am done playing the lesser of two evil’s game with regard to politics. If you continue to champion policy that is detrimental to public education and society, I will vote for third party candidates over you even if that means a win for a republican. The democratic label does not mean what it once did which is evident with the way the party doubled down on George Bush’s misguided education policies rather than changing course. Being a Hartford Public Schools teacher I know who is benefiting from the corporate reform agenda and it is not the students. It’s a disgrace that you voted in a way that undermines those trying to fight for students over corporate dollars.
    With consternation,

  • Tom Burns

    Who cares what the politicians say or vote for–no one will tell me I can’t opt my kid out–and I will–she won’t be going to school those days next year–and all we have to do is educate our parents on their rights—do these politicians think they can force ANY child to take a test–just stay home–Tom

    • guest

      Keeping them out during testing days will not deter the administration from seeking your kid out of class to make him take the test when they return to school.

  • guest

    The two party system is dragging this country down. I look forward to the day an Independent party – which by the way the largest voting block in CT is unaffiliated – can produce a viable candidate and move away from this lock step approach that is now on display in local, state and national levels.

    • Dodd Flea

      Had your chance last year for governor but you reverted to congenital compliance. It will never happen. You have been brainwashed from birth as bad as a Muslim.