Republican State Senator Toni Boucher calls Malloy out on his latest anti-teacher hissy fit

While Democrat legislators are strangely silent on Governor Malloy’s latest attack on teachers and the teaching profession, Republicans in the State Senate, led by State Senator Toni Boucher, the ranking member of the Education Committee is speaking out about Malloy’s bizarre veto of a bill requiring that the Commissioner of Education have some classroom experience.

Apparently Malloy feels that that notion of having to select someone who actually knows something about teachers and what is going on in the classroom would cramp his style, so the governor who will become the leader of the Democratic Governors Association next year vetoed a bill that passed the General Assembly’s Education Committee 32 – 0, the Connecticut State Senate by a vote of 36 -0 and the Connecticut House of Representatives by a vote of 138 – 5.

Through the entire legislative process, only one Democratic legislator voted against the bill (In the State House) and neither Malloy nor his administration ever raised any public opposition to the common sense bill.

Yet another stunningly arrogant action from a politician who will soon be traveling the country urging voters to cast their vote for the Democrats.

Compared the silence of the lambs, the Republican reaction actually sounds like a clarion call to action.

In a press release entitled, “Why Is Governor Malloy Undermining Teachers Again?” Senator Toni Boucher (R-Wilton), the ranking member of the Education Committee and State Senate Minority leader Len Fasano (R-North Haven) quickly released a strong statement yesterday about the Governor’s decision to veto of HB 6977; AN ACT ESTABLISHING QUALIFICATIONS FOR THE COMMISSIONER OF EDUCATION.

The two Republican legislators wrote, 

“Since taking office in January 2011, Governor Malloy has been highly critical of teachers and retired teachers.  Today’s veto of an important measure will surely give them cause for concern.

“The bill simply requires the state education commissioner be a qualified person with a master’s or a higher degree in an education-related field.  Additionally, they must have at least five years as a teacher and three years as an administrator in a school or district in Connecticut or another state.  Currently, the commissioner is not required to hold a degree or have any experience in education.

“Why would he veto this valid request?  Apparently, it ‘restricts’ his authority to pick a new candidate,” said Boucher and Fasano.

When announcing the new commissioner, Dianna Wentzell, Malloy stated: “I made it clear that we were looking from day one for someone who has been a teacher.” Previously, the governor had been criticized by teachers for his prior commissioner, Stefan Pryor, who lacked teaching experience.

Senator Fasano said, “In the words of Queen, another one bites the dust. Governor Malloy is backpedaling on another policy he seemed to support not too long ago. The governor made education experience a priority when searching for his new commissioner, after distancing himself from a previous controversial choice. So why reject a bipartisan effort to ensure that education experience is always a priority?”

Senator Boucher said, “If you recall in in February of 2012 Malloy said in order for teachers to earn tenure, ‘basically the only thing you have to do is show up for four years.  Do that, and tenure is yours.’ Sadly, the insults continue.  We encourage the state board of education and the Governor to at least follow the spirit of this legislation- supported unanimously in the legislature – which sought to bring the highest possible standards to one of the most important positions in our state government.  Which requires the depth of experience and knowledge in the field of education. It is important to the future of education in our state.”

  • mookalaboona

    Hey Cohen, hey Leake, hey Waxenburg! Even the Republicans have more sense then you and your failed administration. Oh my goodness, 4 more years of failed union leadership. Teachers, your RA representatives who put them back in office sold us all down the river. Interesting they were more concerned debating where a retired teacher got address labels then who would be better to lead the CEA. What a bunch of pantywaists!

    • Bill Morrison

      Don’t forget Melodie Peters and the damage she did to teachers and education! AFT-CT has also sold us out. Well, at least she got her “seat at the table”. The price was her integrity. She became Malloys five dollar whore.
      Teachers became Peters’ bargaining chips when she was trying to get concessions for her health care workers. Some people were too stupid to see.

      • mookalaboona

        Agreed. However CEA sells itself as the largest union advocate for teachers. Couldn’t be farther from the truth.

        • Bill Morrison

          I thought that our Unions were supposed to work for us, not Dannel der Fuhrer. Am I wrong?

        • mookalaboona

          I was a local president for 12 years and worked tirelessly for my membership. I can’t fathom what these jokers are doing!

        • Bill Morrison

          I have also been a Union Rep for years. But, the state-level leadership has forsaken us.

        • mookalaboona

          A majority of the turds at the RA put Cohen and Leake back in power as well. Despite the overwhelming evidence that they endorsed the giant turd Malloy!

  • Bill Morison

    The Malloy apologists, some of whom are regulars on Jon’s blog, put this fraud of a governor back in office by repeatedly bleating about the Foley boogeyman. They said that Foley would be dangerous for teachers and education; once again, I ask them, “How could Foley be any worse than Dannel “Satan” Malloy? No governor in our history has been more dangerous to public education and teachers than Malloy, except, perhaps, Scott Walker. You apologists did this to us! I hope that you are satisfied, and I hope that you stand and applaud when Malloy finally kills teacher tenure, state funding for public schools, and replaces each of you with his Charter School non-Union minions and sycophants!

    • mookalaboona

      Well said. Glad I’m retired, but I am worried what he’s going to do with us and he is a devil, that’s for sure.

  • cindy

    At least Foley (theoretically) would have been counter-balanced by watchful Democrats. Malloy is more like an undercover Republican operative, fooling Democrats over and over!

    Or maybe he is just another Politician aligning with Corporations in the new Fascist States of America.

    • Bill Morrison

      Well said! I also find it interesting that all teachers in CT have to earn their Master’s Degree, but the Commissioner of Education doesn’t have to have any qualifications whatsoever. That is sick.
      Let’s see . . . Malloy brought us the non-certified Paul Vallas, the equally non-certified Stephan Adamowski, and the woefully deficient and non-qualified Stefan Pryor. Zeig Heil, herr Dannel! Your Corporate Amerika is a whore!

  • vpotus

    I contacted my representative and senator to vent. I would hope they will over turn Mr. Porcupine’s veto.

    • Bill Morrison

      I contacted mine as well.

  • vpotus

    Our commissioner of public health is a doctor. Our commissioner of energy and environmental protection has a background in environmental law. One would think that Governor Um, Um, Eh, Ah… (Can the governor say a complete sentence without saying um?) would want the commissioner of education to have a degree and experience in education.

  • realsaramerica

    CEA’s Waxenberg and Cohen, per piece in CTNewsJunkie. (okay, maybe they used “stunned”, but you get the picture)

  • Bill Morrison

    “Car 54, where are you?” We have yet to hear from the group of Malloy apologists who, in spite of knowing his record on education, voted for him AGAIN! He never would have been able to veto this Bill had he been sitting out of office, so I blame this group of apologists. But not one of you have had the courage to comment here. We had an acronym for moments such as this. “BOHICA” means, “Bend over. Here it comes again!” So, thanks for screwing us. At least have the courage to show up for your applause.

    • mookalaboona

      They won’t. They’re chicken s&!t. And they’re traitors. They believe they’re terrible decisions knifing they’re members in the back will go away in time.

      • Bill Morrison

        I’ve been waiting over seven hours for even ONE of Malloy’s apologists to make a comment. I’m still waiting, probably in vain.

        • mookalaboona

          You have a long wait Bill.

  • buygoldandprosper

    This is how Danny governs..attacking other’s records, running from his own and the rest…well that is off the record. I have said it for years…you have elected very dangerous person.

    “Republican-American state house reporter Paul Hughes defended every Connecticut resident last week by standing up to an unfortunate request from Gov. Dannel P. Malloy.

    Before about 11 reporters and a couple of interns, a group that had gathered for what was supposed to be a budget briefing, the governor announced that everything he said would be “off the record,” or the journalism term for “for your information only, but not for publication, broadcast or attribution.”

    Malloy tossed this condition out there after answering questions about the $40.3 billion budget on the record for about 30 minutes.

    Hughes protested. The state’s chief executive cannot decide to take a conversation about the budget off the record, especially after already answering questions for a half-hour, he said. Reporters do sometimes agree to go off the record, but never mid-interview, rarely with a governor, and certainly not about a budget paid for with taxpayer dollars.

    Malloy told reporter Hughes: If you don’t like it, leave.

    And so he did.

    Hughes didn’t get very far when he heard someone call for him to wait up. It was Susan Haigh, the Capitol reporter for The Associated Press. Daniela Altimari of the Hartford Courant and Steve Kotckho of Connecticut Radio Network were just behind her. Kudos to them for standing up for the public’s right to know.”

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