Malloy – Wyman Team Earn an “F” on Education

Led by Governor Dannel Malloy and Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman, the Democrats in the Connecticut General Assembly have proven, yet again, that they are unwilling to protect and support Connecticut’s public school students, parents, teachers and public schools.

Today the Connecticut General Assembly will rush through a vote on a massive $40 billion spending and tax bill that not only makes record cuts to vital human services and education funding, but provides the “blood money” needed to open two new charter schools in Connecticut…despite the fact that the boards of education in both “host” communities VOTED AGAINST the allowing the proposed charter schools to open.

As Malloy/Wyman demanded, the infamous anti-union charter school advocate, Steve Perry, will get money, diverted from Connecticut’s public schools, to open a charter school in Bridgeport.

Perry’s most noteworthy accomplishment in Connecticut is his use of the “Table of Shame” at Capital Prep Magnet School to humiliate students who failed to follow his rules.  On the national level, Perry, who calls himself American’s most trusted educator, is fond of calling teachers’ unions’ cockroaches.

Malloy/Wyman are forcing the second charter school upon Stamford.  Again, even though the local board of education voted against the proposal and testified against the project before the State Board of Education and the Connecticut General Assembly, less Connecticut taxpayer funds will be going to public schools and instead, a Bronx charter school company will be getting millions so that it can open a charter school in the Governor’s hometown.

As if giving more money to the discriminatory charter schools, while cutting funding for public schools wasn’t enough to earn the Malloy-Wyman Team an F on Education, the Democrats in the Connecticut General Assembly will end the session by;

  • Failing to decouple the unfair Common Core SBAC test results from the state’s teacher evaluation system.
  • Failing to pass legislation supporting a parents fundamental right to opt their child or children out of the discriminatory and inappropriate Common Core SBAC test.
  • Failing to ensure appropriate protections are put in place to protect the privacy rights of student and parents due to the massive data collection scam that is part of the Common Core SBAC testing scheme.
  • And even failing to make any meaningful changes in the amount of standardized testing that is undermining the ability of Connecticut’s teachers to provide children with the instructional time the need.

From the first day of this year’s legislative session to the last, the Malloy-Wyman Team maintained their never-ending quest to receive a Grade of F on education.  Instead of doing anything to support public education and teachers, Malloy and Wyman maintained their commitment to the following;

  • More money for the charter school industry
  • More support for the corporate education reform agenda
  • Less money for Connecticut’s public schools, meaning higher property taxes
  • An ongoing attempt to denigrate teachers and the teaching profession
  • An unwillingness to treat parents with dignity and respect
  • And a complete failure to support the value of local control.

Every parent, teacher and taxpayer take heed;

Governor Malloy, Lt. Governor Wyman and the Democrats have proven, beyond any doubt, that they are unwilling to do what is right for Connecticut’s public school students, parents, teachers and schools.

When teachers lose their jobs

When school programs are cut

When local property taxes go up

When students and parents are harassed and abused about the Common Core SBAC testing

When private data on students and parents is shared with private companies

When teachers are unfairly punished by the teacher evaluation debacle

We will know and remember who turned their back when we needed them most

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  • Sleepless in Bridgeport

    The real story of the educational crimes the “Educational Governor” is committing in the name of reform will come out eventually after the damage has been done. Malloy through his shill Pryor and his hit man Perry throws millions of extra money to Hartford while Bridgeport mires in the dust. What do the millions go for? Well Perry certainly needs a big salary and plenty of paid days off to bring in the big bucks on the speaking tour. Particularity after the FUSE fiasco. All at the public’s expense. He also needs Hartford to pay him extra to set up his shell corp to give him a bigger profile and ply his smarmy trade in Bridgeport. So the big question is why? Because the educational philanthropists like Sackler who contributed big bucks for the reelection of the nations worst governor can get a bigger return on their investments. So Perry gets to set up another Charter with the “Table of Shame”. I guess he knew what he was talking about when he “strapped it on”. Even more disturbing is the fact that he and Malloy were in bed together the whole damn time. Maybe the publics need a benefactor who can bus a troop up to Hartford and buy them lunch so they can say to the Benedict Arnold of Democrats: “Just when you think you can’t do more damage to public schools and particularly the education of the poor, the disadvantaged, Special Ed, and ELL here comes Danny with another truck of manure”. Save Danny and Perry’s asshole quotes for their day of reckoning.

  • rsoxrule

    just know Eduction is but one of their MANY failures…this “team” pillaged and plundered many State agencies and mocked loyalists who helped elect and re-elect them — some were even castigated by incompetent and mean-spirited appointees….maybe Yelmini will be their Waterloo?!?

    • ReTired

      One can only hope. The sad part is the reality of knowing that the clean up will take years, maybe even decades if it actually does happen!

  • CTedFromTheTrenches

    Spot on Jonathan.

  • mookalaboona

    I can only ask: What grade does the CEA team of Cohen, Leake, Waxenburg and the CEA board deserve for endorsing Mr.Charter School?

    • ReTired

      A standardized F!