Hartford Courant reports Malloy got his way with demand for public money for new charter schools

While making record cuts to public schools and human services the Hartford Courant is reporting that Connecticut’s Democratic legislative leaders have caved in to Governor Malloy and agreed to force their follow Democrats in the legislature to vote in favor of giving two more charter school companies the money they want to open schools in Bridgeport and Stamford.

In a news the Hartford Courant reports Negotiators Reach Tentative State Budget Deal Sunday Morning.

The Courant explains;

“After all-day talks at the state Capitol, legislators reached a tentative deal with Gov. Dannel P. Malloy on a two-year, $40 billion budget early Sunday morning that hikes corporate taxes, raises the personal income tax on the wealthy and legalizes keno gambling.


House Democrats briefly discussed the details on Sunday after adjourning their session. A vote on the fiscal package by the House and Senate is expected Monday after the tax-writing finance committee meets to adopt the revenue estimates from multiple tax increases.


While the negotiators crafted the package behind closed doors, increased funding for charter schools emerged Saturday as one of the sticking points. House Democrats discussed the issue in a closed-door caucus with opponents saying the state needs to spend more money on traditional public schools and not $21.6 million for charter school expansion, including new schools in Bridgeport and Stamford that Malloy wants.

While some Democrats are pushing for the additional charter school money to be reduced or eliminated, some said the issue alone would not cause them to vote against the entire budget that funds scores of agencies, nonprofit organizations, and departments that operate everything from state prisons to the attorney general’s office. Yet others said the charter school funding was among the multiple issues that would make them consider opposing the two-year budget in a vote on Monday.”

You can read the full story at: http://www.courant.com/politics/capitol-watch/hc-state-budget-charter-schools-0531-20150530-story.html#page=1

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  • jhs

    Democrats in the legislature aren’t going to buck Malloy.

    • Mary Gallucci

      It’s in–all that $$ for charter schools:
      On the spending side of the $40 billion plan, negotiators restored full
      funding sought by Malloy for expanding charter schools, including
      opening two new schools in Stamford and Bridgeport. Charter schools had
      become a bone of contention among lawmakers as some questioned the
      accountability of charters after high-profile problems with the
      Hartford-based Jumoke Academy that included financial miscues, nepotism
      and concern about a former chief executive officer who had lied about
      having a doctorate degree before admitting that he did not.

  • Sleepless in Bridgeport

    The real story of the educational crimes the “Educational Governor” is committing in the name of reform will come out eventually after the damage has been done. Malloy through his shill Pryor and his hit man Perry throws millions of extra money to Hartford while Bridgeport mires in the dust. What do the millions go for? Well Perry certainly needs a big salary and plenty of paid days off to bring in the big bucks on the speaking tour. Particularity after the FUSE fiasco. All at the public’s expense. He also needs Hartford to pay him extra to set up his shell corp to give him a bigger profile and ply his smarmy trade in Bridgeport. So the big question is why? Because the educational philanthropists like Sackler who contributed big bucks for the reelection of the nations worst governor can get a bigger return on their investments. So Perry gets to set up another Charter with the “Table of Shame”. I guess he knew what he was talking about when he “strapped it on”. Even more disturbing is the fact that he and Malloy were in bed together the whole damn time. Maybe the publics need a benefactor who can bus a troop up to Hartford and buy them lunch so they can say to the Benedict Arnold of Democrats: “Just when you think you can’t do more damage to public schools and particularly the education of the poor, the disadvantaged, Special Ed, and ELL here comes Danny with another truck of manure”. Save Danny and Perry’s asshole quotes for their day of reckoning.