Charter School Mogul Steve Perry owns it all – even without legislative approval

True, Connecticut’s Steve Perry has been serving as the principal of Hartford Connecticut’s public charter school named Capital Prep Magnet School but that hasn’t stopped him from opening up a charter school management company using the name of his public school.

For a long period of time, his private company even listed Hartford’s public school address as his private company’s corporate location for its IRS filings.

Now, with only days left to the 2015 Connecticut Legislative Session Perry is counting on Democratic Governor Dannel Malloy to force the Connecticut General Assembly to provide the public funds Perry needs to open his privately owned charter school in Bridgeport Connecticut.

Not one to stand on ceremony, or even legality, Perry’s company website is called “We Are Capital Prep.”

And as a visit there reveals, Perry’s self-described “boutique” charter school chain not only includes the unfunded and unopened Capital Preparatory Harbor [Charter] School in Bridgeport but it also includes the equally non-existent Capital Preparatory Harlem [Charter] School in New York City.

But the piece de résistance is that the man who calls himself the “most trusted educator in America” continues to tell the public that his “Family of Schools” includes Hartford’s Capital Prep Magnet School… which remains, at least for now, under the care, control and ownership of the Hartford Board of Education and the people of Hartford.

Just check out the site: 


The Capital Preparatory family of Schools includes the Capital Prep Magnet School in Hartford, Connecticut; Capital Preparatory Harbor School in Bridgeport, Connecticut; and Capital Preparatory Harlem School in New York City.

A click of the mouse will even take you to the taxpayer owned website of the taxpayer owned school called Capital Prep Magnet.

But clearly Perry belief is that the motto in today’s corporate education reform industry world is that something as simple as the basic truth shouldn’t stand in the way of good corporate marketing campaign.

Oh and special word to Connecticut’s state legislators;

Remember, if you use Connecticut’s scarce public funds to preserve vital health and human services rather than fund Perry’s private charter school venture…. Well, you are hereby warned;

The last time he didn’t get his way, Perry took to his Twitter account to threaten;

 Dr. Steve Perry‏@DrStevePerry

“The only way to lose a fight is to stop fighting. All this did was piss me off. It’s so on. Strap up, there will be head injuries.”

  • Ann Cronin

    Steve Perry’s violent comment is most disturbing. His lack of professionalism with that comment is also shocking. It is not as important, for sure, yet it is mildly upsetting that a school administrator does not even use correct grammatical usage. There should not be a comma after”Strap up”; there should be a period, followed by a capital T with the word “there”. Violent, unprofessional, not grammatical …..and supported by the Hartford Public Schools. For shame.

  • truthsayer

    His assertions are outright fraud, possibly interstate fraud, shouldn’t some law enforcement even FBI or some other federal organization be investigating his claims?

    • R.L.

      I’ve been asking why Danny’s racketeering activities haven’t received any attention from law enforcement for a while now.

      • CTedFromTheTrenches

        Folks are quick to go after Rowland (rightfully so) yet Danny skates by with so many corrupt dealings that go ‘unchecked.’ HOW & WHY!?!?!

    • ReTired

      He’s a menace to society on many levels.