A new president for AFT-CT? 

Connecticut’s two major teacher unions, the Connecticut Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers – Connecticut Chapter are meeting tomorrow to elect officers.

Word is spreading that the American Federation of Teachers will finally get a president who is actually an educator and will speak up and fight for the interests of the teachers who are members of the AFT-CT, in addition to the union’s health care affiliated members.

Multiple sources confirm that Jan Hochadel, who presently serves as the President of the State Vocational Federation of Teachers, appears poised to become the AFT-CT next president at tomorrow – May 15, 2015 – AFT-CT convention which will be taking place in Southington, Connecticut.

The selection of an educator to lead the AFT-CT would be a major leadership shift for the AFT-CT, a union that has been one of the loudest apologists for Governor Dannel Malloy, despite Malloy’s unprecedented and ongoing assault on teachers, the teaching profession and Connecticut’s public schools.

In particular, the news means former state senator and Malloy ally Melodie Peters would be out of the job.

Jan Hochadel’s career has been dedicated to the Connecticut Technical High School System, its teachers and 11,000 students who annually attend Vo-Tech high schools in the state.  The State Vocation Federation of Teachers is the union that represents teachers as these state run high schools.

The change in leadership would certainly send a strong message to government officials, not only about the importance of teachers and teaching, but the value of Connecticut’s Vo-Tech high schools which have been reeling as a result of budget cuts and abusive initiatives implemented by recent Republican and Democratic governors.

In his first term, Governor Malloy actually proposed disbanding Connecticut’s historic Vo-Tech system and farming the individuals schools out to local school districts.

In her present capacity as president of the State Vocational Federation of Teachers, Jan Hochadel is known as a leading advocate for vo-tech education at both the state and federal level.

In addition to fighting for better state funding and support for Connecticut’s Vo-Tech high schools, she recently served as a featured speaker at a major Washington D.C. Capitol Hill briefing last month about strategies to improve Career and Technical Education (CTE) in the United States.

The change in leadership would come as especially good news to the students at Connecticut’s Vo-Tech high schools who have been particularly hard hit by the negative aspects of the rapid move to the Common Core and the implementation of the unfair Common Core SBAC testing scheme.

Not only have the Vo-Tech schools been required to implement the new Common Core standards without the appropriate resources to make it happen, but the system’s state administrators have been among the worst offenders when it comes to misleading students and parents about the Common Core SBAC testing requirement.

In recent weeks numerous Vo-Tech high school students or their parents have reported that they have been misled, harassed and told that they must take the Common Core SBAC test in order to graduate, a requirement that clearly violates state law.

A new leader for AFT-CT would provide the nationally renowned union with a unique opportunity to return to a leadership position on behalf of public education in Connecticut.

More on this breaking story as it develops.

The CEA convention starts this evening with an election for officers tomorrow.  Challengers Martin Walsh and Scott Minnick are challenging the incumbent slate of Sheila Cohen and Jeff Leake for the position of President and Vice President.  Walsh and  Minnick have been especially vocal on behalf of the Common Core SBAC opt-out movement and have been pushing the CEA to join the opt-out effort here in Connecticut.

  • Bill Morrison


    I have been informed by informed persons that Melodie Peters has, in fact, resigned. This news made my day!

  • mookalaboona

    Congratulations AFT members. You got rid of a real do-nothing. Hopefully us CEA members will get rid of our 2 passive do-nothings Cohen and Leake

  • Tom Burns

    Wrong mookalaboona—Melodie Peters did a great job as our President–it’s tough to play the political game in order to get what you desire–and Melodie did that perfectly and the teachers of CT were protected and valued under her leadership–and she delivered the goods, which is all that counts—I wish you the best Melodie –and to our new leader Jan I also wish you the best–Tom

    • R.L.

      One Malloy apologist looking out for another.

    • Bill Morrison

      Let’s see just what Peters delivered . . . 1) VAM, 2) Common Core and SBAC, 3) Charter Schools frauds, 4) Jumoke Scandal, 5) unbridled and shameless endorsement of Malloy, 6) Teachscape, 7) no leadership regarding OPT OUT, and 8) silenced all who voiced different opinions.

      Peters was no friend of teachers. Indeed, she knifed us in the back repeatedly. I thank God she is gone! Bring back direct democratic elections for OUR Union leadership.

      • Bill Morrison


        I also wish Jan well. However, I would admonish her to listen to the membership and take great care to consider all of our opinions and not act unilaterally against our wishes. Moreover, she should NEVER endorse Malloy!