Petulant Democratic Governor Malloy demands more money for charters school chains

When Democratic Governor Dannel Malloy addressed a joint session of the Connecticut General Assembly ninety days ago to present his proposed state budget, he called for record cuts to Connecticut’s public schools while demanding the legislature increase funding for charter schools by more than 25 percent.

While he proposed cutting money for public schools and shifting even more of the costs of public education onto the backs of middle income property taxpayers, Malloy wanted the legislature to give him even more money so that his corporate education reform industry associates could open up two more charter schools in Connecticut.

The Democrats on the Appropriations Committee rejected Malloy’s plan.

Although they did increase funding for charters, they shifted most of the money over to help fill some of the cuts the Governor had made to Connecticut’s public schools.

But in typical fashion, the thin-skinned governor condemned the Democrats and today joined the corporate funded charter school advocates in blasting the legislators who had the courage to try and reduce the magnitude of Malloy’s cuts to Connecticut’s public schools.

Rather than recognizing the effort that members of his own party took to help their districts and Connecticut’s public school students, Malloy went after them saying, “Let me be very clear, we also have to understand that we are going to have charter schools in Connecticut.”

Typical … In Malloy’s world – it is Dannel’s way or no way…

Even if it means hurting Connecticut’s students, parents, teachers, public schools and taxpayers.

Ken Dixon of the Connecticut Post wrote about today’s charter school industry rally noting, “Malloy stars in charter schools rally at Capitol.”

Following up on the articles posted here at Wait, What? both the Hartford Courant and the CT Mirror took note of the massive amount of corporate funds that are pouring into the charter school lobbying effort.  The Hartford Courant’s story is entitled Unprecedented Charter School Lobbying Effort Prompts Some To Ask: Where Is The Money Coming From?, while the CT Mirror’s story is titled, “Aggressive charter school campaign descends on the Capitol.”



  • Bill Morrison

    I’ll say it more cleanly . . . Dannel Malloy never met a Charter School scam he didn’t like. He would sell his own children to benefit his corporate education reform racketeers. God Bless those who reelected him!

  • Bill Morrison

    Now, if only divine intervention would intervene to deliver him from our children’s’ misery!

  • Martin Walsh

    This is the candidate endorsed by CEA.

    Here’s a repost from October–
    “And yet, in her 10/14 email and video about Foley’s “Money Follows the Child” plan, Sheila Cohen states, “CEA supports public charter schools that are fully state funded in an equitable way.”
    Thanks again, CEA.
    Every penny that goes to these schools harms children and teachers in public schools. What about the kids who are pushed out of those schools? Is that supposed to be some kind of positive, disruptive life experience? What about the fact that charters are permitted to have many non certified teachers on staff?
    CEA…Who exactly do you represent?”

    Memo to CEA–charter schools are not public schools. The difference? Public schools are answerable to the PUBLIC!

  • mookalaboona

    No surprise. Current CEA leadership is a sham. We need to vote Walsh/Minnick in and send Cohen and Leake packing. And the first thing that should happen should be to fire Waxenburg, Malloy’s big buddy. Waxenburg poo pooed Malloy’s outrageous first term attacks. These people do not represent the membership, so OUT.