Democrats for Education Reform (DFER) explains why Common Core testing is so important

Well, we’ve finally learned just why the Common Core tests are so important!

The “breaking news” comes courtesy of Democrats for Education Reform, a front group for the corporate education reform industry who revealed the truth in a USA article today.

Funded by major Wall Street financiers and the education reform foundations, DFER lobbies for charter schools, the Common Core testing scheme, teacher evaluations based on scores and school vouchers.  They are perhaps best known for their opposition of democratically elected boards of education.  Instead they push for mayoral controlled schools.

One of DFER’s leading directors is Gotham Capital hedge fund’s John Petry who co-founded the Harlem Success Academy Charter School chain with Eva Moskowitz.  Another is Anchorage Capital’s Tony Davis who is the Chair of Achievement First’s Brooklyn’s charter school.

DFER is also an important source of campaign funds for candidates loyal to the education reform agenda.  A number of DFER players donated to Governor Dannel Malloy’s campaign slush fund and DFER even claims to have a chapter in Connecticut.

And today DFER stepped forward to speak out against the growing opt-out movement and explained the purpose of the Common Core testing program.

The DFER spokesperson said:

“Schools are one of the biggest differentiators of value in the suburbs,” she said. “How valuable will a house be in Scarsdale when it isn’t clear that Scarsdale schools are doing any better than the rest of Westchester or even the state? Opting out of tests only robs parents of that crucial data.”

So there you go… Whatever you do, don’t opt your students out of the Common Core SBAC tests because it you do, it will rob homeowners of the ability to find out which towns have good schools….

You can read the full USA Today story here:

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  • Dodd Flea

    Housing values in CT are plunging because of the weight of all the Malloy/Legislature tax and regulation burdens pressuring the average homeowner.

    Waterbury is just like East Berlin once was. The resident property owners can’t escape because nobody wants to move in. It’s as if they are trapped behind a thick wall of economic servitude.

    It’s high time to inject some personal freedom back into the joy of owning property. Get the social engineers out of your town and tell them to go straight to hell!

    • ReTired

      You might also consider promoting the grand idea of not having political parties anymore. What good do they do anyway?

  • GetSerious5

    This has nothing to do with the latest story, but I wanted to take a moment to admit I WAS WRONG. I was convinced that Mr. Pelto was in for a plum position in the second Malfoy administration as a result of whiffing on the petition signatures last year. Now that someone else has been nominated for the Education post, I must concede that I didn’t get this one right.

    • ReTired

      Now is that Malloy or Mr. O’Mally? Remember that great day at the National Dem Conference in DC? Our illustrious president referred to his great friend Dannel O’Mally from CT…! Hilarious!

  • paulbogush

    Back off Jon…I need this data so I can tell if Fairfield kids score higher than the kids in Bridgeport! How else will I know where to move. In my town people have been waiting for years to move because this type of crucial data was not available 😉

    • jonpelto

      Lol okay you are right sorry

      Message sent via cell phone, busy at library moving copies of 1984 to non-fiction section

  • westello

    Hilarious. Scarsdale where the median family income is nearly $300K.

    • Sleepless in Bridgeport

      Don’t pick on Scarsdale! They have a non partisan school board and they think the Common Core is bullshit. (And I am a proud graduate of the class of 1962) They also don’t like the SAT and 100% of the parents are college educated (mostly Ivy League). They won’t let their schools be taken over by beaurocratic wonks. CT needs to look hard at NY where town after town is opting out of the George Bush, Barack Obama, Arne Dunkin Doughnuts, Eli Broad, Bill Gates, Danny Boy the Pipes are Callin Malloy, Stephan, no pryor experience, and their latest State BOE shill. The longer Danny persists, the greater damage will be done. If Danny gets his charters the dough re mi at the expense of the public schools and the magnet schools he should be impeached.

  • buygoldandprosper

    I guess she swallows and does not spit…always a plus with this administration. Go Yard Goats!
    “He said the biggest factor in choosing Wentzell was “the working relationship that has grown up between the commissioner designee, myself, and my administration and my understanding of her core competencies.”

    • ReTired

      Core competencies? Really? All she has to do is rubber stamp whatever she’s told to! Doesn’t take that much brain power now does it?

  • Ken Davis

    From “Is Corporate Education Reform trying to Coopt the Opt Out movement?” at Defend Public Education!

    The owner, publisher and editor-in-chief of U.S. News and World Report is Mortimer Zuckerman. He is also the owner and publisher of the New York Daily News.

    In 2009 – 2010 he was on the Board of the Broad Foundation – which also included Joel Klein, Arne Duncan (until he became Secretary of Education), Michelle Rhee (while she was Chancellor of Washington D.C. schools and she is still on the Board in the 2013-2014 report) and Wendy Kopp when she was director of Teach for America (she is still on the Board in the 2013-2014 Annual Report).

    The 2011-2012 Broad Annual Report still had Zuckerman on the Broad Board of Directors.

    The 2013-2014 Broad Annual Report doesn’t have him on the Board, but currently he is on The Broad Prize for Urban Education Review Board – which includes Condoleezza Rice, Ed Rendell, former Governor of Pennsylvania (who is also involved with the fracking industry), and Andrew Stern, former President of the Service Employees International Union.

  • teeky2

    Realty sites use this info to rate schools where homes for sale are located. Trouble is, the school ratings on these realtor sites is often not reliable, or even accurate.

  • Bill Morrison

    The unspoken truth is that no standardized test administered across district and state lines can measure a curriculum not based upon that test. Common Core is not a curriculum. Also, teachers are hounded (but not taught) differentiation . . . differentiation in how we teach, differentiation in classroom activities, differentiation in how we assess student achievement. Standardized testing is not differentiated. Finally, teachers within even the same school have different students, with different academic levels of ability.

    So, a one-size fits nobody type of testing scheme across district and state lines, each using different curricula, coupled with differentiated teaching and assessing methodologies based upon the different levels of students in each classroom cannot be measured by a standardized test!

    This entire scheme is insane, unless we realize the truth that it is not about students. It is not about teachers. It is not about schools, or the parents. It is only about corporate profits for the publishers, Microsoft, and the Charter School industry. It is obscene!

  • Once again, I can’t help wondering how many other public education issues — policies and positions — are influenced by real estate property values and development.

    Just one example — several years back, an adjunct colleague lost her job after the start of classes after raising questions about an affluent D/FW suburb high school’s Dual Enrollment program in cooperation with her employer, Tarrant County College District

  • 1. The tests have not even been researched.

    2. They have no educational value.

    3. Pearson is highly corrupt company.

    4. The tests are scored by people hired from craigslist, making barely above minimum wage, and no college degree or teaching experience.

    5. Research has shown that up to 50% of children won’t be able to read until age six and this is BIOLOGICALLY normal. CC has dozens of reading “standards” for kindergartners. Absurd.

    6.CCSS and high stakes tests were designed and heavily lobbied for by testing companies and very wealthy people who want to take over the schools for their personal financial gain.

    7. Common core math is incomprehensible and has caused tremendous anxiety and stress for children. Adults with degrees in fields such as engineering can’t even figure out the nonsense.

    8. Pearson has been caught monitoring students social media. Parents had no knowledge.

    9. Opt out of this disastrous system. Corporate education reform was never intended to help kids and hundreds of millions of dollars, our money, has been thrown away for this nonsense.