Hartford and CT Taxpayers still subsidizing Steve Perry’s private Charter School Company

Steve Perry, the man who claims to be America’s Most Trusted Educator, also says he owns a “boutique” Charter School Management Company.

Steve Perry has even created a website to show off his private company:

The website can be found via http://wearecapitalprep.org/

According to the website, Steve Perry’s “family of schools” includes Capital Preparatory Harbor School, Capital Preparatory Harlem Charter School, and Capital Preparatory Magnet School.

Of course, Capital Preparatory Magnet School is the ONLY one of the three schools that actually exists and it is technically and legally owned by the people of Hartford and not by Steve Perry or Steve Perry’s private company.

Perry’s website goes on to brag about another member of his family of schools – “Capital Prep Harbor School, located in Bridgeport, Connecticut, provides grades 6–12 with a year-round, college-preparatory education that encourages students to become scholars and agents of change.”

Although to be honest, Capital Preparatory Harbor School doesn’t actually exist.

True Governor Malloy’s Commissioner of Education and Malloy’s political appointees on the State Board of Education approved Perry’s application to open a charter school in Bridgeport, but there is presently no funding allocated for the privately owned but publicly funded school and there is certainly no “Capital Prep Harbor School, located in Bridgeport, Connecticut” that is providing children in grades 6–12 with a year-round, college-preparatory education.

It is worth noting though that while Governor Dannel Malloy has proposed cutting state funding for Connecticut’s public schools by more than $70 million, Malloy is has also asked the Connecticut General Assembly to approve a new state budget that would increase the amount of taxpayer funds diverted to charter schools by more than 25 percent over the next two years.

A significant portion of those new funds would go to Perry’s private company so he could open his privately run charter school.

And as for Perry’s so-called Capital Preparatory Harlem Charter School, once again, there is an approval of his application to open a charter school in Harlem but there is no funding for the school, and the school itself wouldn’t open until the fall of 2016 if the funding is even allocated.

Steve Perry’s website also devotes a page to the Hartford’s Capital Preparatory Magnet School, although he never quite gets around to mentioning that it actually doesn’t belong to him or his private company.

Amazingly, he doesn’t even mention that Capital Prep Magnet School is a true public school, not a charter school, let alone that it is actually owned by the people of Hartford and operated, on their behalf, by the Hartford Board of Education.

Instead Perry’s website links to Capital Prep’s official website capitalprep.org, and explains,

“Located in Hartford, Connecticut, we are a family of children, faculty and parents focused on sending every child to a four-year college with a keen understanding of social justice. We believe that to whom much is given, much is expected. Therefore, it is not enough for our children to get an education. We expect them to use it to improve the lives of others.”

Oh and by the way, while Steve Perry’s company website – http://wearecapitalprep.org/ – is registered at his home address, take one guess what is listed as the website’s official Administrative Address….

You got it!

According to public records, the administrative address of Steve Perry’s company website is 1304 Main St., Hartford, CT 06103 – also known as the location of Hartford’s Capital Prep Magnet School.

Apparently when it comes to Steve Perry, “a keen understanding of social justice” doesn’t include telling the truth.

But the far bigger questionn isn’t why is Steve Perry lying to make his private company look good, the more important issue is why is the Hartford Board of Education allowing someone to use public assets for personal gain?

Then again, the leadership of Hartford’s Public Schools and the Hartford Board of Education has had numerous opportunities to protect the public’s interests when it comes to Steve Perry but has decided, time and time again, to side with Perry’s private ambitions.

Readers may remember the December 12, 2104 Wait What? post entitled, Steve Perry announces Capital Prep will have “sister status” with his privately owned charter schools.

That article explained that on December 9, 2014 Hartford Superintendent Beth Schiavino-Narvaez issued a letter to “Parents, Guardians and the staff of Capital Preparatory School” announcing that Principal Perry would be leaving at the end of the school year and a new Capital Prep principal would be selected utilizing Hartford Board of Education procedures and policies.

Less than forty-eight hours later, however, Steve Perry issued his own announcement to Capital Prep parents informing them that he and Hartford’s Superintendent had developed a plan that, “will establish “sister schools” between Capital Prep and our new schools,” and that Perry himself would be playing a primary role in the selection of Capital Prep Magnet School’s new principal.

Perry added in his letter to parents that his strategy “will ensure that students, parents and staff from each of the schools can collaborate for the betterment of all children.”

“Together we will create the professional learning community that so many of us wanted,” Perry added.

Steve Perry then turned to his Twitter accounting claiming victory and Tweeting – “Not leaving, just expanding.”

Interestingly, Perry’s announcement was silent on whether the deal included any financial arrangement between the Hartford Superintendent and his private company.

And even more interesting was the fact that the Hartford Board of Education never even voted on the deal with Perry’s private company.

To this day, the Harlem charter school application that Steve Perry submitted to the New York Board of Regents is based on the assumption that Perry will be collecting millions of dollars in management fees from all three of “his” schools, which he listed as Hartford’s Capital Prep, along with his proposed charter schools in Bridgeport and Harlem.

Now, three months later, the Hartford Board of Education still hasn’t voted on the deal between Perry and Hartford’s superintendent, but Perry has a private website up and running that claims that Hartford’s magnet school is part of “his” family…

According to Perry’s “approved” charter school applications, he and his private company will be collecting about $25 million in “management fees” over the next five years…and that doesn’t even count the subsidies he is collecting from the taxpayers of Hartford.

Meanwhile, thanks to Governor Malloy’s proposed state budget, Hartford’s school children will be facing a range of program cuts while Hartford’s taxpayers will be asked to pay even more.

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    Who is that masked man? Total Fraud Perry with his trusted Indian companion Holy Moly. The lone ranger rides again.

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    I still cannot believe NOTHING is being done……what can we do?

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    I’d say vote out the Democrats but Republican Rich Waring is leading Perry’s defense so…this is what you get with a non-representative democracy. If it can happen in a Central Anerican dictatorship, it can happen in Hartford.

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