Moales and Charter School Industry go down to crushing defeat in Bridgeport – Again

Despite the support of Governor Malloy’s political operatives, including Bridgeport Mayor Finch and the ConnCAN/Achievement First Inc. charter school industry, pro-charter school candidate Reverend Kenneth Moales Jr. couldn’t even muster enough voters to impact yesterday’s Special Election for a seat in the Connecticut State Senate.

The infamous Reverend Kenneth Moales Jr. came in a distant 3rd place in yesterday’s Special Election collecting only 503 votes compared to the winner, Working Families Party candidate and former state senator Ed Gomes, who received 1,504.  The Democratic Party endorsed candidate Richard DeJesus, who Finch initially supported before turning to Moales, garnered 791 voters.

According to the Working Families Party, Ed Gomes becomes the first candidate in the country to win a legislative seat running only on the Working Families Party line.

Kenneth Moales Jr. has been one of the most outspoken supporters of Governor Malloy’s Corporate Education Reform Industry initiatives.

Moales was not only a leading champion of education reformer extraordinaire Paul Vallas but has been a major proponent of Steve Perry’s plan to open a charter school in Bridgeport.

The Reverend Kenneth Moales Jr. sits on the Board of Directors for Perry’s charter school and was a lone voice on the Bridgeport Board of Education when the democratically-elected board asked the Malloy administration NOT TO approve Perry’s charter school application.

However, Malloy’s Commissioner of Education and his political appointees on the State Board of Education overlooked the position taken by the Bridgeport Board of Education and last spring and approved Perry’s plan to open a privately-owned but publicly-funded charter school in Bridgeport.

Although Governor Malloy’s proposed state budget actually cuts funding for public schools in Connecticut, the governor’s plan adds funding for four new charter schools in the state, including Steve Perry’s charter and one in Bridgeport that will be owned by an out-of-state company.

Reverend Kenneth Moales Jr. previously served as Mayor Bill Finch’s campaign treasurer and his loss yesterday marks the fourth time in a row that Bridgeport voters rejected Finch and the charter school industry agenda.

Finch is up for re-election this fall and opposition to granting him another term is gaining steam.

  • buygoldandprosper

    No problem. The good Reverend is a millionaire. He will go back to doing God’s work and stealing from the state.

    • sharewhut

      Moaley will make out fine…
      (slightly adulterated old joke)
      The Right Reverend Moley, a Catholic Priest, and a Presbyterian Minister were discussing the share of collections they kept for their personal compensation.
      The Priest said “the Church provides most of my needs, so I draw a small circle on the ground, toss all the money in the air, and keep what lands in the small circle and the rest goes to The Lord and the Church.”
      The Minister said ” I do the same, but since I’m responsible for most of my living expenses, and am married with kids, I keep what falls OUTSIDE the circle.”
      Rev. Moales said “I don’t bother with a circle, I toss the money up and let The Lord grab what he needs and I keep what he leaves to fall to the ground…”

  • readdoctor

    Add the Rev’s defeat to Chicago Mayor Rahm facing an April run off, because he could not obtain 50% of the vote. We just might be seeing an end to Ed reform policies without equity all over the nation.
    Walking to DC,

  • Wayne Jebian


  • Jim Spellman

    Voters became better educated by your blog, Jon. The results of learning truths were evident in this election.

  • truthsayer

    How much would you like to bet Finch or the Malloy finds a place for Moales somewhere?

  • Castles Burning

    Jonathan, we know that you have a “way with words, ” still there is an especial ring of clarity (the number count) and deep satisfaction in this clause: “his loss yesterday marks the fourth time in a row that Bridgeport voters rejected Finch and the charter school industry agenda.” May it not be the last. Amen.

  • Tom Burns

    and in New Haven we have said no to AF Charter Schools an won–now it is on to the state to support HB6003 to put a moratorium on Charters for 5 years–testimony is due soon and appearance on March 3rd in Hartford at the LOB at 5pm–bring it–T

    • Maria Pereira

      Tom Burns, I would like to organize a few speakers in Bridgeport to speak in support of this bill. How do you sign up to testify? Jon, please post a separate story on this very important public hearing.