Here we go again! Malloy Administration misleads mother on Common Core SBAC Test

Governor Malloy and his administration are continuing to tell Connecticut parents that they do not have the right to opt their children out of the unfair, discriminatory and inappropriate Common Core Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) Test that begins next month.

Even worse, local school districts are using that false information to intimidate Connecticut parents.

Parents — do not let them fool you – you can and should opt your children out of these destructive tests, a set of Common Core standardized exams that are rigged to ensure that up to 7 in 10 children fail.

When Christine Murphy, a resident of Bristol, Connecticut, informed her son’s school that he would not be taking the Common Core SBAC Tests, the assistant principal, on behalf of the superintendent, informed her that she did not have the right to opt her child out of the test.

[School Superintendents!  Stop harassing parents for opting their children out of the Common Core SBAC Test]

Christine, recognizing that this is still America, reached out to the NBC Trouble Shooters who did a news segment about her attempt to utilize her fundamental right to determine what is best for her child.

Interestingly rather than telling NBC news the truth, the whole truth and nothing be the truth, the spokesperson for Governor Malloy’s Department of Education and the paid lobbyist for one of Connecticut’s Corporate Education Reform Industry groups decided that they would intentionally mislead the mother, NBC news and the people of Connecticut into thinking the mom did not have the right to opt her child out of the Common Core SBAC Test.

Sadly, NBC news fell for the trick and failed to report the truth.

Governor Malloy’s State Department of Education issued a statement which read;

“These laws do not provide a provision for parents to ‘opt-out’ their children from taking state tests. These mandates have been in effect for many years and the State Department of Education, as well as all public schools, must comply.”

– Kelly Donnelly, Connecticut Department of Education

The Malloy administration’s response is at best disingenuous and should more appropriately be called blatantly deceitful considering the reality about parental rights in Connecticut when it comes to the Common Core SBAC Test.

The FACT is there is no federal or state law, regulation or policy that allows the government or local school district to punish parents or their children if the parent refuses to allow their child or children to participate in the Common Core SBAC testing scam.

Yes it is true that Governor Malloy and his administration have been telling parents that they do not have the right to opt their children out.  But those statements are false.

When Stefan Pryor, Governor Malloy’s Commissioner of Education, was finally brought before the General Assembly’s Education Committee on March 12, 2014 to address concerns surrounding the Common Core and Common Core SBAC testing system, Commissioner Pryor admitted that,

“On an individual level, I don’t believe that there’s any specific provision in law regarding consequences… To my knowledge there are no state provisions that are specific, or no federal provisions that are specific to an individual student.”

At the same public hearing, Allan B. Taylor, the Chairperson of the Connecticut State Board of Education stated,

 “There is no law that says they can’t. Certainly no state law that says they can’t. Therefore, residually, presumably they have that right … but that is the parent’s choice, the local district’s choice. The State Department of Education will not be reaching down and sanctioning parents.”

The state and local districts will not be punishing parents and their children because they have no legal right to take any action against parents for removing their children from the Common Core SBAC tests.

What the Connecticut General Statute §10-14n(e) does say is that,

“No public school may require achievement of a satisfactory score on a mastery examination, or any subsequent retest on a component of such examination as the sole criterion of promotion or graduation.” 

This means that towns cannot promote or graduate a student on the basis of their Common Core SBAC Test score and they certainly cannot hold back a student or refuse to allow them to graduate based on their Common Core SBAC Test score.

Unfortunately, NBC news failed to do its job.

Rather than push past the political spin coming from the Malloy administration, the reporter simply accepted the misleading statement issued by the Connecticut State Department of Education.

Connecticut citizens deserve better from their government and the media.

You can see the NBC segment by going to

  • JMC

    In CT Malloy spokesflack Komrade Kelly continues to corrupt the English language and the language of political discourse. But lies are OK now. The chief liar in DC, who is the head of the privatization movement and of “the most transparent administration in history” made lying very chic.

  • bamboozledteacher


  • readdoctor

    Interesting parents can opt out their children from vaccinations for religious purposes, but not SBAC testing. What if parents started saying Jesus never took any mandated Judea or Rome test, and niether is my child?

  • riled

    All of the comments on the article are supportive of this parent’s right to refuse SBAC. I’m glad to see that. One struck me in particular: (paraphrasing) “it’s sad to see school administration do the state’s dirty work. I can imagine the lies they’re telling the teachers.” I found this to be one indicator that there are actual people out there who might just be onto the fact that my district tells me all sorts of ridiculous, harmful things all the time!

    Jon, thanks for your due diligence in investigation of the facts. I fear we’d be lost in the dark here in CT if it wasn’t for Wait, What?

  • Lee Barrios

    Can you give me a link to that specific part of the statute? I can’t find it when I google

  • optoutct

    thats one of the reasons why nbc ratings are in the toilet. i have not and will not watch anything on nbc. they seem to be following the malloy book on socialism. you may have a better chance on fox though they are all very iffy…all parents should boycott and keep their kids home…send them a real message!!!

    • R.L.

      Yes, but ALL corporate news agencies are propaganda vehicles. Fox is less than iffy. Way less. It’s not a left-right, conservative-liberal problem we are facing. It is a corporate-people battle that is waging right now and the corporate knows how to use the left-right “news” stations to fuel divisions between those who should be uniting against the corporate.

  • jaimo

    Teachers only care about their union contract and if they’ll have to prove they are as smart as their degree insinuates they are.