Bridgeport’s Kenneth Moales Jr. – The man who refuses to take responsibility for his actions

The Reverend Kenneth Moales Jr. wants to represent Bridgeport in the Connecticut State Senate.  As a key ally of Governor Dannel Malloy and Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch, Moales is counting on the Democratic machine to help him get elected in the February 24, 2015 Special Election.

And Malloy, who remains committed to pushing his corporate education reform industry agenda, could certainly use another pro-charter school supporter in the State Senate.

But Kenneth Moales Jr. actions continue to speak louder than his words.

As Moales as shown over and over again, he is a man who simply refuses to take responsibility for his actions.

Not long ago, Kenneth Moales was arrested for failure to appear in court on a charge that he was driving an unregistered automobile owned by Moales’ church. (See: Kenneth H. Moales… You are wanted by the Connecticut State Police (Literally) 10/21/13, Bridgeport’s Kenneth H. Moales Jr. served with arrest warrant 10/22/13,  Kenneth Moales Jr. arrested… 10/23/13)

And now comes yet another stunning example of Moales’ inability or unwillingness to follow the law or act responsibly

In September 2012, Reverend Kenneth Moales Jr. was driving one of the Mercedes Benz owned by his church along Dixwell Avenue in New Haven.  When attempting to make an illegal U-turn without signaling or giving the right of way to traffic, Moales caused a car accident.

The victim of the accident eventually filed a lawsuit (Case #NNH-CV14-6050018-S) against Moales and his church for the damage and harm that resulted from Moales’ action.

The accident report produced by the New Have police department placed the blame squarely on Moales noting;

“Upon investigation I found operator #1 [Kenneth Moales Jr.] at fault for the accident.  He was given a verbal warning for 14-243(e), Failure of driver making a left turn to grant rights to way to oncoming traffic, 14-12a Operating an unregistered motor vehicle.” (Police Case # 12-47695)

But rather than face up to his responsibility for causing the accident, the Reverend Kenneth Moales Jr. tried lamely to have the lawsuit dismissed by claiming that he was not properly served with the writ, summons and complaint because it was sent to his mother’s house and not his.

In his sworn affidavit signed on November 11, 2014, Kenneth Moales Jr. claimed that he was “not personally served with a write, summons or complaint.”   With that claim in hand, his lawyer moved to have the case dismissed on November 21, 2014.

But the unsettling fact is that neither Moales or his attorney revealed to the Connecticut Court that the certified letters containing the information were, in fact, accepted on August 19, 2014 by someone who printed and signed the name Kenneth Moales Jr. or that the secretary of the Prayer Tabernacle Church of Love, Inc. received and signed a companion certified letter on the very same day.

Instead of stepping up and facing the charges against him, Reverend Kenneth Moales, Jr actually filed a sworn statement claiming, “that that Court lacks personal jurisdiction over him as service of process was insufficient in that he was not personally served with the write, summons and complaint…”

When copies of the signed certified return forms were filed with the Court by the State Marshal, the lawsuit was allowed to go forward.

However just this week the accident victim was forced to seek an extension of time to respond to all of the interrogatories and request for production that Moales and his lawyer dumped on the accident victim once the case was allowed to proceed.

The Democratic Machine has already intervened to prevent former State Senator Ed Gomes from getting the Democratic nomination in Bridgeport’s Special Election.  The question now is how far Malloy, Finch and others will go to help put the Reverend Kenneth Moales Jr. in the Connecticut State Senate.

Any support that Malloy, Finch or others, including Connecticut’s charter school and corporate education reform advocates provide to Moales will be quite a commentary.

  • Sleepless in Bridgeport

    Holy Moly should hook up with Christina Ayala and Malloy can make them the tandem DMV Commissioners…………oops he already has Andres Ayala illegally parked there. A Connecticut manage a trois if there ever was one. Just when you think Bridgeport politics can’t get I am an optimist……it CAN get worse!

  • buygoldandprosper

    Hallelujah Brother!
    He can’t be served properly because he sitteth on the right hand of God and Danny Malloy,the man with the plan, is our current self proclaimed God.
    Give him some more state money and worry not. He will settle up in the hereafter.
    Now can you give me an amen?!!

  • Castles Burning

    I imagine very far indeed—responding to the how far will the Democratic machine go.
    Thanks for presenting more evidence of Moales’ character.
    The accident “victim” must still be wondering what hit him and why he is being “hit” again and again. There is a kind of moral in this part of the story of what happens when you happen to get in the way of Rev. Moales.

  • Mo’money

    the Feds are setting up shop in CT due to the rampant corruption that is crippling the state…

    I hope that this task force are frequent visitors of the Wait, What? Blog. Half the investigative work on some of the states biggest frauds like Mo’ Money Moales can can be found right here.

    Mo’ Money is out of control, I hope he is on the fed’s radar…

    Jon, keep up the stellar work. I will be sending you a check.

  • realsaramerica

    The news about the Fed corruption task force was the best news we’ve had for this state in a while. There’s no way we can move this state forward until we clean up the #corrupticut culture. If you’ve got money to spare, donate to the Ed Gomes campaign. Campaign forms available from [email protected]

  • WEP

    “Reverend Kenneth Moales Jr. was driving one of the Mercedes Benz owned by his church”???

    A Mercedes Benz owned by his church??

    This says a lot about the fact that this is just another greedy charlatan taking advantage of desperate people, soaking them of their money while handing out snake oil.

    What church in Bridgeport/Hartford or anywhere should be spending money on a Mercedes Benz for its “reverend.” Crooks and liars and cheats. Shame on Kenneth Moales and anyone who supports this kind of bilking!