Steve Perry’s taxpayer subsidized “Education Truth Tour”

It is Tuesday, January 13, 2015 – another day of school at Hartford’s Capital Preparatory Magnet School – but Capital Prep Principal Steve Perry, who has been skipping out on his job there about 25% of the time, is off to Carrollton, Georgia for the latest stop on the “Dr. Steve Perry Education Truth Tour.”

Last month, it was another school day, and the speech was in Buffalo, New York.

Next week it is week day speeches in Radford, Virginia and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The week after that it is Indianapolis.

According to information posted by his publicist, the “Dr. Steve Perry “Education Truth Tour” will take him to twenty four cities in the coming months, almost all the speeches taking place on days when he is supposed to be running a public school in Hartford.

But despite the employment policies and procedures that must be followed by all the other employees of the Hartford School System, Perry has been gallivanting around the country while collecting a paycheck or, at the very least, collecting his pay by cashing in on vacation days, all of which has been signed off by the Hartford superintendent’s office and approved, at least by default, by the leadership of the Hartford Board of Education who have chosen to look the other way.

So who is running the operation back at Capital Prep while Perry is out collecting speaking fees on what are supposed to be work days paid for by the people of Hartford and Connecticut?

According to the charter school applications that Perry and his private charter school management company submitted to open charter schools in Bridgeport and New York City last year, Perry’s Capital Prep “management” team of administrators and teachers are not only running the day-to-day operations at Hartford’s public school, but they have been playing an in integral role in the development of Steve Perry’s private charter school management company, where they helped developed the charter school applications and will be managing the two newly approved charter schools.

As for this charade, Governor Malloy’s Commissioner of Education and his political appointees on the State Board of Education approved Perry’s proposal for Bridgeport even though there is no funding in Connecticut’s state budget for another charter school. Perry’s charter application in New York was approved by the New York Board of Regents, despite the fact that the concepts, materials, programs, policies and operations that Perry says he will be using at these news charter schools were developed in the course of the work performed by the Hartford Board of Education employees making the information the property of the Hartford Board and Hartford’s taxpayers and most definitely not the property of Steve Perry and his team.

But with the “green light” from Governor Malloy’s administration and the New York Board of Regents, the two new charter schools will mean that Perry and his private company will be collecting  approximately $25 million in management fees over the next five years.

And how have the Hartford Superintendent and the Hartford Board of Education leadership handled this entire mess?

Without even a public meeting or a vote of the Hartford Board of Education, the Hartford Superintendent announced that Perry’s privately run, but publicly funded charter schools will be “sister-schools” with Hartford Capital Prep Magnet School.

In fact, it wasn’t even Hartford’s Superintendent who “announced” the deal, it was Perry himself who told the Capital Prep parents that he and Hartford’ Superintendent had developed a plan that, “will establish ‘sister schools’ between Capital Prep and our new schools,” and that Perry himself would be playing a primary role in the selection of Capital Prep Magnet School’s new principal

See Steve Perry announces Capital Prep will have “sister status” with his privately owned charter schools (12/12/14) and Steve Perry Claims Victory – Tweeting – “Not leaving, just expanding.” (12/15/14)

While it remains unclear just what the Hartford Superintendent actually committed taxpayers to fund, Perry explained that his strategy, “will ensure that students, parents and staff from each of the schools can collaborate for the betterment of all children. Together we will create the professional learning community that so many of us wanted.”

According to Steve Perry’s New York City charter school application he has committed that the Assistant Principal at Capital Prep would become the new COO of his private school management company and that at least  seven other Capital Prep administrators and teachers are founding members of this charter school chain and will provide the administrative and academic support for the new charters schools in New York and Bridgeport.

Obviously one of the most critical questions that remains unanswered is whether the “special deal” between Perry and the Hartford Superintendent is nothing short of an inappropriate, and perhaps an illegal, mechanism to keep the people who will be on Perry’s charter school management staff on the Hartford payroll, saving Perry’s private company millions of dollars in salary and compensation costs.

The agreements associated with the two new charter schools allow Perry to collect management fees of up to ten percent of the total school budgets each year.  If Hartford is going to pay for the lion’s share of the individuals working for Perry’s private charter school management company, it certainly leaves a lot more of the $25 million in management fees for Perry to use for himself or as he sees fit.

And meanwhile, what exactly is the message of the “Dr. Steve Perry Education Truth Tour”?

According to an article published in Urban Image Magazine about Perry’s performance in Buffalo, “During Dr. Perry’s speech in Buffalo, he informed us with his witty charm and humor, there are black people in Hartford!  Who knew!”

As for Perry’s extraordinary record of achievement, the article noted that, “To add the icing on the cake, since its first graduating class in 2006, Capital Preparatory Magnet School has sent 100 percent of its first generation high school graduates to four-year colleges.”   [A statement that, like much of what Perry says, is nothing short of a lie].

And the Urban Image Magazine reporter added that Perry told the audience that they should “Shut down all the Buffalo ‘raggedy” schools!’”

She also explained that, “He went on to say our kids can learn to play football by an uncertified coach with just a whistle and learn how to coordinate complex moves on a field, but they cannot read!  What is wrong with this picture?  Dr. Perry stated our kids are not dumb!  The fact of the matter is teachers are not taking the time to teach our children…Dr. Perry believes teaching is not a job, it’s a calling!  He stated some teachers are not meant to teach or cut out for the job.  Some of the same teachers you had when you were growing up, were no good back then and they are still teaching and they are still no good now Dr. Perry said!”

The real truth is Perry is making big bucks, bashing teachers, spewing hate speech about teacher unions and calling public education advocates, such as Diane Ravitch, racists.

And while it is bad enough that Perry collects tens of thousands of dollars traveling around the country selling his snake oil, it is even worse that he is doing it while serving as a full-time employee for the City of Hartford where he is supposed to be running one of the City’s public schools.

Perry appears to believe that he plays by a different set of rules and, to be honest, he has ample evidence to prove this is indeed the case.

According to state policy, children who miss more than 10 percent of school are deemed to have “excessive absences,” and labeled truants, and if a series of required steps do not correct the student’s truancy rates, the Department of Children and Families is called in.

But when Perry misses two or three times the number of days that would define him as a chronic truant, the Hartford School Board fails to act and the Office of the Hartford Superintendent of Schools continues to sign off on Perry’s schedule, allowing him to collect his salary despite missing massive amounts of work.

Now Perry and his private company have been granted two lucrative “charters,” both of them to be paid using tens of millions in public funds, even though Perry’s school has consistently failed to educate its fair share of Latinos, those with English Language challenges and those with special education needs.

Topping it all off is some bizarre deal that Perry, his private company and the Hartford Board of Education have developed that appears to require that the taxpayers of Hartford and Connecticut will continue to subsidize what is already Perry’s massive money-making scheme.

Oh, and of course, while all of this plays itself out, the “Dr. Steve Perry Education Truth Tour” continues to take Perry away from his sworn duties at Hartford’s Capital Prep Magnet School.

The Dr. Steve Perry Education Truth Tour
The Dr. Steve Perry Education Truth Tour from Perry’s website


  • Sleepless in Bridgeport

    If you want to see Stevie Wonder Perry just get your tickets early for his May 14 visit to………….HARTFORD! Is someone paying his speaking fee for that speech or is he going to be earning his salary for a change. What a blot on common sense this snake oil salesman is. Malloy, Pryor, and Hartford Board of Ed continue to rob the people and drive this state into the abyss. Holy Moly is licking his ample chops while we speak.

  • buygoldandprosper

    If I did not know better and trust you, I would think you are making all of this up!
    Hartford is Connecticut’s Nightmare on Elm Street.

  • Magister

    Hmmm. My principal doesn’t have a publicist and he’s actually at school every day. I wonder what he did wrong?

    • jonpelto

      Next time you see him – yell LOSER!

      • Who’s the real loser?

        JP. Saw you last week. I almost did that to you… Didn’t want the people sitting next to you to feel bad though.

  • jrp1900

    The principal of a public school has enough time on his hands, during the school year (!), to engage in something called an “Education Truth Tour.” The Principal in question presents himself to the public as some kind of motivational guru or an expert in human resources management. There are also hints of Dale Carnegie, the Rev Creflo Dollar, and perhaps Michael Jackson, or some such celebrity.

    The Principal is planning on traveling the country to deliver “the truth” about education, and all this while running a school in Hartford. The Principal isn’t simply the wisest man in America, or America’s “most trusted educator”; he must be God Almighty or something of that nature. After all, he’s supposed to be running school, but he has time and energy to run all over the United States, with the truth on his lips. And he is ready to share the truth for a small fee–just compensation for his efforts to fix the American education system. We are probably underpaying him when you think that he has “the truth” that will save millions of children from educational failure. He knows something that no one else knows. We definitely should be paying him more–perhaps a million dollars a lecture. He must be omnipotent!

    I’m now convinced that “Dr. Steve Perry” is a satirical fiction dreamt up by someone to see what foolishness can be passed off on a credulous public. Steven Colbert was brilliant as a faux right wing journalist, but even Colbert has to give it to the guy who plays “Steve Perry”: if you fell into an a drug induced hallucination, where your mind conjured up the most ridiculous “educational reformer,” you still could not come up with the concept of “Steve Perry.” He is so outrageous, so absurd, so bizarre, you could not get your mind to make a person like him an educator. The rational part of your mind would be saying to your imagination: he’s so ridiculous NO ONE would believe that such a person could be in education.

    Reality bites!!

    In the old days, the Principal was an experienced teacher who made his/her way up the ranks through many years of loyal service. Principals were teachers who knew the classroom and understood children. They were people who believed in teaching as a vocation. They weren’t always intellectuals or even great teachers, but they weren’t in the job just for the money and they didn’t aspire to be media celebrities, along the lines of a Michael Jackson or a third rate Tony Robbins.

    Dr Steve Perry (the character? the actor?) says many things about the coming future in American education. Here is a man with minimal experience of the classroom, pretending that he has all the answers to what ails American public schooling. His message is preposterous, his “solutions” are imbecilic, his discourse is facile. In fact, his entire act is tiresome and fraudulent. It’s one thing for a confidence man to sell you a shitty car (one expects that in a dog-eat dog marketplace); but it’s quite another thing for a Phd–a principal no less–to get up in public and ask for money in order to share his wisdom on how to get it right in educating children. A man who pretends to have a formula for “saving the children” (when he has nothing to say about poverty, racism, deprivation, etc) is a despicable charlatan. He is only in it for himself.

    Dr Steve Perry finds his allies in the Koch brothers, and other far right activists of the 1%. Dr. Perry loves to speak of the social justice theme at Capital Prep, but it’s impossible to imagine Dr. Martin Luther King carrying the water for ultra conservative billionaires and having the audacity to call that “civil rights.”

    The photo of Dr Steve Perry says it all. If you showed that picture to one million people, without telling them who the figure is, how many of them would finger Dr Perry for an educator? Many people would probably say “motivational speaker” or “business guru,” but high school principal? Nah!! The bow tie, the natty suit and the nice touch of the handkerchief are not meant to signify high school educator: these are the general insignia of American success–you know, status, prestige, MONEY. It’s all about image. The image of a man who has ARRIVED.

    In the end, Dr. Steve Perry is not simply selling a formula. He IS a formula. The formula goes something like: two teaspoons of overweening pride, two cups of arrogance, two tablespoons of audacity and pretentiousness, a pinch of stupidity, and four or five cups of bullshit and you have at your disposal the illusion of “success.” It has the feel of a cheesy infomercial on a 24 hour home shopping TV channel. But the tragedy is: while Dr Steve Perry might be a Madison Avenue creation, he is also very real.

    One has to weep for the future of American education.

    • Mary Gallucci

      Here, here. This is so true it is tragic.

  • Tom Burns

    Biggest Ahole ever–can’t believe he can get away with this-hope he finds me so that he can start on the “heads will roll” tour

  • MH

    Plenty of comments on his time off.
    Anyone ever visit the school; see the kids ; hire some of the kids for summer jobs.? I’ll admit ; I don’t have 100% of the facts; However : I run a local business; I’ve met him; walked the halls; met the students ; hired one ; and I’ve been utterly amazed at their work; demeanor; drive; etc….. I’m not a fan; I’m a really big one fan. I wish he taught my kids. I wish him continued success. Most importantly I wish his kids the very best.

    • WEP

      I guess your child hasn’t been subjected to the “table of shame” on public view in the cafeteria. Some kids do well in any school or even in jail, then there are others being damaged. In this case, it’s also a case of taxpayers being taken to the cleaners by a man in a shiny suit, with an agent and an ego the size of the moon.

      Why are so many Black parents happy to have their children subjected to humiliation in the name of education? Parents in the suburbs would never put up with Perry’s practices. Black kids shouldn’t be, either.

      When is some investigative journalist going to expose the truth about the attrition rate of students that allows Perry to claim “100% graduation rate”?? Is every journalist under the thumb of bosses controlled by corporate money? (The same corporate money that looks at Perry and sees dollar signs instead of kids.)