Breaking News – Capital Prep Steve Perry leaving Hartford

Steve Perry, the man who described himself as the, “most trusted educator in America,” is leaving his post as principal of Hartford’s Capital Preparatory School in order to pursue his desire to join the charter school industry and expand upon on his plans to develop a charter school management company.

Hartford Superintendent Beth Schiavino-Narvaez notified parents, guardians and staff of Capital Preparatory Magnet School in a letter writing that Perry, “will be leaving the role of principal of Capital Preparatory Magnet School at the close of this school year.”

The Hartford Superintendent added, “As we say thank you to Principal Perry for his service to the Hartford Public Schools, we will engage you in finding the next leader of the school….During this period of transition from one school leader to another, I want to assure you that the district’s relationship with Capital Prep and its support of the school will not change.”

While Perry’s departure is extremely good news for those concerned about his leadership style, his excessive absenteeism and his school’s unwillingness to educate its fair share of non-English speaking students and children who require special education services, Perry’s decision to depart Capital Prep Magnet School leaves numerous outstanding issues un-addressed.

For example, the Hartford Superintendent’s letter only references the news that Steve Perry will be leaving his post.

However, there are eight other full-time Capital Prep administrators and teachers who are listed as founding members of Perry’s charter school operation and are included in Perry’s plans to open up charter schools in Bridgeport and Harlem, New York in the fall of 2015.

According to the official documents filed with the Connecticut and New York State Departments of Education, Perry’s has stated that Capital Prep’s Assistant Principal, Richard Beganski, is a key member of Perry charter school management company and will hold leadership positions at the proposed charter schools.  Obviously, as a full-time employee of Capital Prep, Beganski can’t remain in his present job and thus it can be assumed that Beganski’s resignation will be forthcoming soon.   The situation is equally true for the other seven full-time Hartford Board of Education employees who Perry has listed a part of his company and charter school management operation.

Considering that initial charters were granted based on Perry’s claim to have a team already in place, and that his applications actually listed these individuals as key players, a number of other Capital Prep administrators and employees must be planning to join Perry in the Hartford Public School System.

An even more important, but unresolved issue, is how Perry can even replicate Capital Prep Magnet School in Bridgeport and Harlem when federal copyright laws and Hartford Board of Education policies appear to make it clear that the concepts, materials, curriculum, policies and procedures that Perry has said he will be using in his charter schools actually belong to the Hartford Board of Education and the taxpayers of Hartford and do not belong to Perry or Perry’s private company as he claimed in his Bridgeport and Harlem charter school proposals.

With pending complaints filed against Perry at the state and local level in Connecticut and New York about these issues, his ability to meet the requirements of the new charter applications appears doubtful.

In addition, Perry also faces a series of lawsuits and legal actions based on his treatment of employees who have since left Capital Prep Magnet School.

And if as if that wasn’t enough, Perry and his eight fellow Capital Prep Magnet School employees must still face the issue of how there were able to spend the last two years working to develop Perry’s charter school company when, in fact, they were employed as full-time employees of the Hartford Board of Education.  The issue goes beyond the problems associated with what could be criminal copyright infringement to whether these employees improperly spent time or public resources working to provide services that benefited Perry’s private company or, through that company, were designed to provide these nine individuals with present or future earnings.  As some lawyers have noted, a case of “theft of service” could arguably made against these public employees if they were engaged in private work on public time or if their work as public school employees was designed to guarantee them private income at a future date.

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  • Dude, you ran him out of town.

  • Sleepless in Bridgeport

    As I listened to the hearings this afternoon about the CIA and wondered where they come up with all these torture techniques I thought……..”24″? And then I had a BGI (Blinding Glimpse of Insight). It sounded like they came right out of Stevie Wonder’s Bible of Disciplinary Techniques. Who needs a water board when they have the “Table of Shame”. Who needs to make prisoners stand for 7 days when Stevie practices this on his third graders. I say good riddance to bad garbage and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out. Goodbye to Pryor, Vallas, Kishimoto, Dr Sharpe, Dr Carter. Now let’s get rid of Adamowski, the whole Hartford BOE, Holy Moly……….and the Irish Rover!

    • Guest

      Let’s not forget running stairs holding weights!!!

    • R.L.

      Yes, good riddance! We had a shot at getting rid of Malloy as well but too many people who are supposed to be on “our side” became Malloy apologists when the chips were down. That and the fact that our union leadership completely sold us out. You can add Melodie Peters to the list of garbage that needs taking out.

  • Ebony in Hartford

    This was all part of the plan… they really did pull it off.

    • Castles Burning

      Ebony, might you explain further? I am not sure what you mean, given what Jonathan says about “the team” not being released from their positions.

      • Ebony in Hartford

        When I worked at CPrep in the 2011/2012 school term, Perry would use morning meeting time to drum up faculty interest in expanding Capital Prep to new cities.

        “We’re going to Miami! We’re going to Chicago! We’re going to New York! Who’s with me?”

        • Castles Burning

          For Perry, not so unbelievable but otherwise . . . So transparent about what he really wanted all along: an empire but not a true school.

  • readdoctor

    Imagine if the Hartford BOE actually read the 2010 NAACP Resolution against Charter schools. Perhaps there is nothing the city could learn from the oldest Civil Rights Organization in America? Why a Democratic Mayor has not read the 2010 NAACP resolution opposing Charters is perplexing to say the least?

  • Ladyinblack

    So, does that mean Capital Prep Schools Inc won’t manage this school or any others in Hartford? I can’t imagine Perry going without a nasty fight.

  • JMC

    And in other news Malloy has been chosen to lead the DGA, which he was aiming for all along. The NGA owns the CC standards, and by promulgating them these governors will rake in billions of dollars and be able to buy the American President and Congress. The United States of America will be run by a narrow oligarchy or 50 or so people. Look also for a renewed major thrust by Dem Govs and many Repub Govs for mandatory mutual collection of online state sales taxes by each state on behalf of the other. And then right on its tail expect a national sales tax. Google Streamlined Sales Tax to see the nefarious mob behind the mutual state tax collection thrust. Walmart is also behind it. “Fairness”, you know. We are about to become more than ever the slaves of government. This is Malloy’s entrance onto the national stage.

    • CTedFromTheTrenches

      So disgusting; Malloy is dreadful.

  • Charlie Puffers

    Good riddance to Hartford’s “Most Embarrassing Educator”

  • CTedFromTheTrenches

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  • CT Dad

    FYI: Great overview piece — “When Charter Schools Are Nonprofit in Name Only” — today at

  • WEP

    Now we learn that the Hartford Board of Education didn’t even want to keep Steve Perry when he offered to stay for $1 per year! It’s about time they caught on and showed him the door!

  • Dr E

    So how in the WORLD did a person who obviously has ZERO teaching experience even get here?