Another Charter School bites the dust….after founder lies…

At the same November meeting that the New York Board of Regents approved Capital Prep Steve Perry’s application to open a charter school in Harlem, they voted to grant a charter to Ted Morris Jr. and the Greater Works Charter School to open a charter school in Rochester, New York.

Days later, the Democrat and Chronicle newspaper of Rochester reported that the Greater Works Charter School “will no longer open in Rochester in 2015, part of the continuing fallout over lies in the resume of its 22-year-old founder.”

The newspaper, along with fellow education bloggers led by Mercedes Schneider, have been reporting on the school and its founder, Ted Morris Jr. who  “represented himself to the New York State Education Department as a precocious businessman and educational adviser with bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees.”

However, it turns out that Ted Morris Jr. has no college degrees at all.

According to the Greater Works Charter School application,

 “Ted [Morris Jr.] is the Lead Applicant for and Founder of GWCS. He is a life-long resident of Rochester, NY. Currently, Ted is an education consultant with the Morris Firm and has previously held positions such as the Director of Operations, Finance, Development, and Assistant CEO with various non-profit youth, education, and human service-related agencies. He has 7+ years of experience in these fields. Ted has a B.S. in Human Services, an M.S.W. in Non-Profit Leadership and is finishing up his Ed.D. in Administration.

But Morris doesn’t have a Bachelor’s Degree or a Master’s Degree nor is he finishing up his Education Doctorate.

In fact, at age 22, Morris doesn’t even have “7+ years of experience” in the education management field.

But the fact that his resume was obviously falsified and the charter school application was a fraud, Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Department of Education and Board of Regents decided to give Morris and his company the lucrative charter.

In a quote worthy of Connecticut’s Commissioner of Education Stefan Pryor, when the New York Board of Regents was asked how they could have granted a charter to someone who falsified their resume and had no college degrees, the New York State Department of Education spokesman said, “We don’t grant charters to individuals. We grant charters to boards based on the application.”

Considering the fall-out with the Greater Works Charter School, it will be interesting to see how the New York Board of Regents handles Steve Perry, now that it appears that Perry doesn’t have the legal right to replicate “Hartford’s Capital Prep Magnet School” since the concepts, ideas and materials associated with Capital Prep are owned by the City of Hartford and not Steve Perry’s private company.

You can read more at the controversy surrounding the Greater Works Charter School at and

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  • CONconn

    The application got one thing right: “Ted has a B.S. in Human Services”

    Ted has clearly mastered the art of “B.S.”

    • Sleepless in Bridgeport

      and he also has a PHD…..Piled higher and deeper

  • Michael Fryar

    They’re going to…defend the process and the decision? They’re going to stick by it? Beginning to think homeschooling may be the better option – wow.

  • Mary Gallucci

    Well, take it from “Dr.” Steve Perry–it isn’t always hard to get a Ph.D. or Ed.D. degree! Morris should take note.