Breaking News: 3rd Malloy mailing paid for with dirty money arrives in mail boxes

The Malloy campaign has been surrounded by controversy over the past couple of weeks following their announcement that the Connecticut Democratic Party intended to use money contributed by state contractors to pay for a mailing promoting Malloy’s bid for re-election.

Now it turns out that the tainted campaign funds have paid for at least three mailings, the 3rd arriving at households yesterday.

malloy brochures2 The money in question IS NOT the public funds that Malloy and Foley collected as participants in Connecticut’s Public Finance System nor is it the Super PAC money that has pouring into Connecticut in recent weeks.

The money that the Malloy campaign is using to pay for these mailings was raised and deposited into the Democratic State Central Committee’s “Federal Account” and comes from state contractors, people who have benefited from Malloy’s corporate welfare program, federal political action committees and wealthy donors from around the country.

Note:  Please read the following to understand how unethical this action is.

After former governor John Rowland was sent to prison, Connecticut adopted a sweeping campaign finance reform law.  As a result of that law, “State contractors may not contribute to a party committee, nor may they contribute to a candidate seeking office in the branch (legislative or executive) for which the contractor holds a contract.

The law means that a candidate for governor is prohibited from benefiting from any campaign donation that have been made by a state contractor or an entity that does business with the state of Connecticut.

The issue is as follows: Under Connecticut law, both Malloy and Foley received $6.2 million in taxpayer funds to pay for their gubernatorial campaigns.  By accepting the public funds, Malloy and Foley were prohibited from soliciting or accepting campaign donations in excess of $100 or receiving any campaign money from state contractors or political action committees.

Meanwhile, as a result of federal law, so-called Super PACS have been funneling millions of dollars into Connecticut in support or opposition to Malloy and Foley. The Malloy associated Super PAC is called Connecticut Forward, Inc. and has spent over $4.1 million to support Malloy and oppose Foley.

The Malloy money has come primarily from the national Democratic Governors Association, the American Federation of Teachers, the Service Employees Union (SEIU) and the American Federation of State, Country and Municipal Employees Union (AFSCME). On the other hand, the Foley associated Super PAC, Grown Connecticut Inc. has spent about $4.9 million.

The Foley money has come almost exclusively from the national Republican Governors Association.

The controversy surrounding the extra Malloy mailings is separate of the $12 million plus that taxpayers have given to Malloy and Foley or the $9 million that has been spent by the Super PACS.

The issue is that these Malloy mailings are being paid for with money that has been donated by state contractors, federal political action committees, lobbyists and others and is reaching they Malloy campaign by being laundered through the Connecticut Democratic State Central Committee’s “Federal Account.”

The Connecticut Democratic State Central Committee actually maintains two accounts – a state account and a federal account.  The state account CAN NOT ACCEPT MONEY FROM STATE CONTRACTORS OR FEDERAL POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEES.

Over the decades, the state account has been the party’s sole mechanism for supporting their Democratic nominee for governor. Under Federal Law, the “Federal Account” can only be used to support candidates running for a federal position (US Senate and US House of Representatives) or for general voter registration and Get-out-the-Vote activities.

Connecticut’s State Elections Enforcement Commission recently wrote that the Federal Election Commission has determined that,

“’get-out-the-vote-activity’ includes encouraging potential voters to vote; providing information about times when polling places are open, the location of particular polling places, early voting or voting by absentee ballot; and offering or arranging transportation to the polls. The regulations go on to provide, however, that ‘[a]ctivity is not get-out-the-vote activity solely because it includes a brief exhortation to vote, so long as the exhortation is incidental to a communication, activity, or event.’”

However, in an unprecedented maneuver, Governor Malloy and his political operation are using the Connecticut Democratic Party’s “Federal Account” to pay for mailings that are exclusively about Malloy.

In fact, Malloy and his political operatives have raised more than $4.3 million into the Party’s “Federal Account” – much of it from sources that are prohibited from giving to a state campaign – AND – they are now using that money to support Malloy. This charade allows Malloy and his campaign to utilize donations from state contractors and federal PACS to fund his campaign, a move that is unethical, immoral and I believe illegal.

The tainted money includes the following:

$50,000 plus in contributions from corporate officers of Northeast Utilities despite the fact that NU is prohibited from donating to state candidates because of their contracts with the state

$50,000 plus from the owners of Winstanley Enterprises, the developers of Downtown Crossing in New Haven who directly benefited from Malloy’s decision to give Alexion Pharmaceuticals $51 million in corporate welfare payments to move to their property.

$45,000 plus from the owners of HAKS, an engineering firm that received a $8.6 million contract to conduct inspections on the Metro North power lines. $40,000 plus from the owners and senior management of Bridgeport Landing, the company that owns the property where Bass Pro Shops is opening after getting $31 million in corporate welfare from Malloy.

$30,000 plus from the operators of the Bridgeport-Port Jefferson Ferry company who recently learned that the Connecticut Department of Transportation would no longer oppose their plan to move their dock in Bridgeport

And the list goes on and on with over $1 million coming from state contractors, people who have benefited directly from Malloy’s corporate welfare program and federal political action committees.

The fundamental issue is not whether Malloy, Foley and those who support each candidate can pump millions of dollars into the race for governor.  The issue is that Malloy’s action is making a mockery of Connecticut’s historic effort to keep state contractors and those who do business with the state from buying up our politicians and our democracy.

  • msavage

    So, to all state employees (and teachers) who continue to plan to vote for Malloy–what’s it gonna take to change your minds? When does common decency and the desire to stop the relentless degradation of American society trump your fear and desire for self-preservation? What’s Malloy gotta do? What if it was revealed that he tortured puppies? Would that convince you that maybe you shouldn’t vote for him? Murder–would murder convince you? Seriously, though–this administration is flipping us all the bird. Malloy is saying, “Thank you very much for the millions of dollars you’ve given me to fund my campaign. Now f-you all. I’m gonna take a few million more from these businesses that are paying me back for all the favors I’ve done for them during the past four years. And there ain’t s-t you can do about it, peons.”

  • buygoldandprosper

    Danny attempts to divide and conquer while he whores himself out to anybody with a checkbook. The junk mail went right into the recycle bin. I did not even look at it.
    Foley is bad because he does not pay enough in taxes? That is the American way! Danny did well with his income from renting his house down in Stamford! All those corporations that benefitted from Dan’s largesse (our state debt) are good? Check their executive compensation and look at their books…Alexion did not set up an Irish entity for the good of Connecticut OR the USA.
    Danny speaks with a forked tongue and always has.
    Danny lies for the benefit of the Malloy’s and their friends and benefactors.
    That is who he is. That is what he is.

  • buygoldandprosper
  • buygoldandprosper

    How will Danny spin this, or explain the tax bills on health care that will be in the mail?

    “About 60,000 Connecticut residents have health plans that don’t meet the requirements of Obamacare. Most of them will have to find new plans for next year, and for many, that means big rate hikes.”

  • buygoldandprosper

    Bagman Danny does not see a thing wrong with this picture either:

    “One reason Himes, who is also the chief fundraiser for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, has raised more money than Debicella is that the incumbent Democrat was able to attract more donations from political action committees, or PACs.
    Himes raised $990,000 from PACs while Debicella raised $26,000”
    It is the American Way! Danny is salivating, thinking about getting in on that kind of action one day.

  • buygoldandprosper

    “Despite collecting nearly $200,000 in rent at his former Stamford home, which they leased for two years after moving into the Governor’s Residence, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and his wife, Cathy, declared just $1,795 of the rent as taxable income on their federal tax returns.”

    Who took care of the place until it finally sold in that exclusive Shippan neighborhood? Al Barbaotta, who benefits from state programs and his firm AFB that took over Stamford union custodial jobs? Will Danny keep his membership in the yacht club, where the tennis coach makes well over $200K per year??

    Can’t say it enough.

    Danny Malloy is a liar and a hypocrite.

    That is who he is.

    That is what he is.

  • buygoldandprosper

    This is Dan Malloy…
    The people get .45 cents and a sick day or two.
    Cathy Malloy gets a raise of over $100,000 raise (almost$200K per year) getting “hired” to run GHAC making self-serving and forgettable videos of herself…this in one of the worst national economies in our history. And don’t forget Edith Prague or Leslie Larson or a slew of hires making serious dough and benefits for no-show jobs.
    Enjoy your “raises”.
    Dan Malloy.
    A no-talent career politician with no shame.
    That is who he is. That is what he is.

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  • buygoldandprosper

    Sort of admitting, in a Malloy manner, a failed policy.

    No problem, Danno. The taxpayers have your back. And will get to pay back the debt with a whole lot of interest.


    Luckily his buddy Al Barbaoratta collected almost $500K in a silly trip and fall before UBS ran out of money. Yup. The same Al that snagged, thanks to Dan, all sorts of non-union school maintainance jobs.

    “For the first time since offering a $20 million incentive to UBS in exchange for keeping 2,000 jobs in Stamford through the end of 2016, the governor publicly cast doubt Monday on the Swiss bank’s ability to uphold its end of the bargain.”

  • Mary Gallucci
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