Union Leader and Public Education Champion Karen Lewis has Surgery for Brain Tumor

My heart goes out to my hero Karen Lewis and all who love and admire her.

Having seen, first hand, the impact of this awful disease I pray that the Spirits guard and protect her.

She is already one of the greatest leaders of our age and her work is far from done.

Karen, we send you healing thoughts and await your return to lead us forward in the great battle to take back our public education system and our government.

Karen Lewis, the truth teller, said during the recent effort to further destroy Chicago’s school system;

Closing 50 of our neighborhood schools is outrageous and no society that claims to care anything about its children can sit back and allow this to happen to them. There is no way people of conscious will stand by and allow these people to shut down nearly a third of our school district without putting up a fight. Most of these campuses are in the Black community. Since 2001 88% of students impacted by CPS School Actions are African-American. And this is by design.

Closing 50 schools is not grand or glorious. This is nothing to celebrate or marvel.”

To the Democrats and Republicans who support the Corporate Education Reform Industry, the Common Core and its unfair, inappropriate and expensive Common Core Testing Scheme and the ongoing effort to destroy teachers and the teaching profession – we have a threat and a warning… and we repeat it as a pledge to Karen Lewis.

Remember the words of Gandhi:

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

And know, Karen remains one of our great leaders, as does Diane Ravitch and others, and we will not be stopped.

Jonathan Pelto
Advocacy Journalist and Investigative Blogger
Wait, What? at www.jonathanpelto.com
Email:  [email protected]

More on this with developing story can be found on Diane Ravitch’s blog including “Karen Lewis Had Surgery for Brain Tumor.”

  • CTedFromTheTrenches


    Thanks for all that you do. I wish you my very best in your recovery!


  • Mary G.

    “Our work is not about one leader, one race, or one election. Our work is about building progressive power to restore participatory democracy to Chicago. The groundswell of grassroots support is a testament to the strength of our movement and to the depth of dissatisfaction that hardworking Chicagoans have with the top-down, out-of-touch leadership in City Hall.”–a statement from the Karen Lewis Exploratory committee
    My thoughts are with Mrs. Karen Lewis, her family, her friends, and everyone who found hope through her.

  • Chris Ladd

    This is very sad news. Chicago has been devastated by Rahm Emanuel’s attacks on the Chicago Teacher’s Union. His haste in closing public schools has made him one of the worst anti-public school bullies in the nation. Karen is a brilliant woman who has been a voice of reason, compassion, an understanding in fighting for what remains of the public school system in Chicago. I hope and pray that Karen will recover completely. She has been a beacon of hope for the people of Chicago.

  • Mireille Ellsworth

    Yes… Many wonderful, healing blessings being sent your way, Karen! Thank you, Jon. She has some MAJOR positive karma built up, and I’m expecting a full recovery…