Here is one of the odd things about teachers, unions and democracy

Governor Dannel “Dan” Malloy is the only Democratic governor in the nation to propose doing away with tenure for all public school teachers and eliminating collective bargaining for teachers in the poorest school districts.  His corporate education reform legislation is widely recognized as the most anti-teacher piece of legislation ever introduced by a Democratic governor.

Yet, the American Federation of Teachers (Connecticut chapter) endorsed Malloy without allowing his challengers to fill out a questionnaire, interview with the AFT Political Action Committee or address the AFT Executive Committee.

By comparison, the Connecticut Education Association held a candidate forum today, allowing teacher attendees to cast an “advisory” ballot that the CEA leadership will take into consideration when they decide whom to endorse in the coming weeks.

However, according to the latest round of campaign finance reports, in addition to the $6.2 million that Connecticut taxpayers gave to pay for Governor Malloy’s re-election campaign via Connecticut’s Public Financing Program;

  • The American Federation of Teachers has used union dues to donate $10,000 to Malloy’s campaign via the Connecticut Democratic State Central Committee and $250,000 to support Malloy through the new Political Action Committee, Connecticut Forward PAC, which was created by the Democratic Governors Association (DGA).  The Democratic Governors Association also donated $1.25 million to the Connecticut Forward PAC.

And who are among the larger donors to the Democratic Governors Association?

  • The National Education Association’s Fund for Children’s Public Education!  The same group has also donated $5,000 in to the Connecticut Democratic State Central Committee to help with Governor Malloy’s re-election.

The CEA hasn’t even endorsed a candidate and NEA is spending money (donated by teachers to their Political Action Committee) in Connecticut to support the nation’s leading anti-teacher Democratic governor.

It is Ironic, to say the least, that Malloy’s campaign has received hundreds of thousands of dollars from teachers when Malloy has earned the title as the most anti-teacher Democratic governor in the nation.

It makes one wonder – doesn’t it?

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  • Ct teacher

    Cea members donate separate funding for political actions – they do not use dues money.

    • jonpelto

      Thank you so much CT Teacher, I’ve corrected the blog to reflect your information.

      • CT Teacher2

        CT teacher I agree the NEA money is collected separately but where does the money that CEA-PAC come from?

    • 27Reasons

      CEA members donate separate money to NEA to help finance their extravagant RA every year, this is true. BUT your dues cover all three levels of your union membership; local, state, and NEA. Your local president can surely confirm this for you.

  • ReTired

    Regardless, I don’t even think twice about who CEA will endorse! If you think for a minute CT Teacher that the NEA doesn’t push their agenda on state affiliates, you’re definitely out of the loop!

  • brutus2011

    So what, NEA and CEA have separate funding? The union management does not represent teachers. Want proof? They endorse a pro-corporate reform governor, Malloy! It boggles my mind that teachers allow themselves to be used and abused. Tenure is a property right constitutionally speaking and if they succeed in having the state legislators abolish it then everything will go into the toilet, except of course for the administrators, etc. Unfortunately, the very fact that enough teachers are not protesting gives these charlatans momentum…teachers must unite or watch a bad situation get exponentially worse